Hotel Management from Canada – A Guide for Students

Hotel Management from Canada – A Guide for Students

Have you ever wondered what Hotel Management is and how you can earn a degree in Hotel Management from Canada?

Not yet?

Then read this blog post and get the answers to every question regarding all kinds of Hotel Management courses from Canada. And before you do, if you are planning to save money as a student in Canada, then we highly recommend you to check this blog out as it has got some of the most handy tips for students out there.

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What is Hotel Management, and why Hotel Management from Canada?

The question is divided into two parts- Firstly, what Hotel Management is? Secondly, what Canada offers in this course? Let us see.

Hotel Management: What is it?

Hotel Management has a lot to do with management skills in the hotel industry. But what exactly? In a broad sense, hotel management is a degree you get when you acquire hotel-related skills. Moreover, in simple words, Hotel Management inculcates in you the management skills necessary for the proper functioning of the hotel.

In the Hotel Management program, you learn the management techniques in the sectors such as administration, housekeeping, catering, and beyond. People more commonly associate Hotel Management with Hospitality. However, there are some minor differences between the two of them.

Hotel Management vs Hospitality

Though both of them are very similar yet there are some differences. While Hotel Management deals with everything related to Hotels, Hospitality is not restricted to hotels only. Hospitality has many sectors such as Travel & Tourism, Event Management, etc. They take care of guests’ arrival-departure, their meetings, dining, etc.

So, to sum it up, Hotel Management is a part of Hospitality Management.

Why Hotel Management from Canada?

It is clear that the Universities of Canada always offer quality education. Furthermore, we do not think this is a loss deal.

Canadian universities prepare you for the outside world as well. They develop your skills and make you an expert in your chosen subject. A person must acquire every possible skill in today’s world because overall, personality development is a must, and this is what the universities offer to students.

You will learn the basics of management skills necessary for the hotel industry. This course from Canadian universities will make you excel in the hotel administration field, in the food and beverage sector, in purchasing and much more. In addition to these, you will learn how to handle a customer with friendly behaviour and refine your business etiquette to work at management positions efficiently.

Moreover, the universities allow working in a local hotel or restaurant to gain work experience. Not only local hotels, but you can also work in any other hotels across Canada. Also, they offer study abroad opportunities to gain a global vision.

Universities offering Hotel Management program in Canada

Here we list some universities that offer this course in their studies. Have a look-

  1. Fanshawe College – This university builds up a career in Hotel & Resort Management. They prepare a student to excel in administration, International markets, guest handling, food and beverage services. They also will have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals.
  2. Centennial College – Offers degree in Hotel Operations Management. This program will strengthen your business skills, and you can gain hands-on experience while working with leading industry professionals.
  3. Royal Roads University – The program is a Bachelors in International Hotel Management. This program will develop skills such as in Finance, Digital marketing and also improve your leadership abilities.
  4. Durham College – This university has a Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management program. They believe in hands-on experience, and thus they provide labs for working in food services. They promote teamwork, leadership, HR, Event managing and much more.
  5. Humber College – They also offer diplomas in Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management. This program provides certifications in food services, food safety, etc., that will improve your resume. Also, they offer 12-week industry placement to gain experience.

So, the above list provides the names of some of the colleges/universities that have Hotel Management courses in their curriculum. More details about the program are available on their respective websites. Kindly check all the necessary information before applying.

Admission Requirements-

To study Hotel Management from Canada, a student must have either a Higher Secondary School Certificate or 12th state boards exams.

Also, TOEFL, IELTS test results while scores can depend on each university. 

Some universities require Mathematics as one of the subjects in previous degrees. However, if a student does not possess a Math degree, he can still be eligible by completing appropriate prior upgrading. Also, don’t forget to apply for your VISA while applying to these colleges.

Cost of program-

UniversityTuition fees for international student
Fanshawe college$31,747.00 (Toronto)
Centennial college$15,385.50 (two semesters)
Royal Roads University$23,971 (Year1)
Year 2 $21,630 ;
Year 3-4 $43,260
Durham College$13977.79 (Year 1)
$13765.79 (Year 2)
Humber college$14687.67 (Two semesters)
$14991.68 (Third and fourth semester)

Note that there can be an increase or decrease in tuition fees. For instance, the tuition fees above for Durham college was in the year 2021-22. Therefore, check for the tuition costs when applying and choose the scholarships accordingly.

Moreover, these are just the tuition costs; the other expenses also need to be paid for admission. The information is provided on the university’s website.

Career Prospects

Suppose you are studying Hotel Management from Canada. In that case, you can work in major hotels and Restaurants such as Hyatt Hotels, Hilton Hotels etc. You can work as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Housekeeping Manager, Front Desk Manager, Food and Beverage Supervisor, Guest Service Representative, etc.

You can work in hotels or resorts, Cruise ships, Gaming organizations or casinos, Restaurants and many other places.

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Canada is an excellent place for higher studies. A student can choose from thousands of courses to make his career. Moreover, Hotel Management provides excellent exposure to students in the competitive world.

A student can land various jobs and work in different sectors after doing Hotel Management from Canada. The universities help students gain industry knowledge and skills to move ahead in their field. Moreover, they offer hands-on experience while working with industry professionals.

In conclusion, Hotel Management from Canada is worth it!

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