Top universities for Pharmaceutical Sciences in Canada

Top universities for Pharmaceutical Sciences in Canada

Want to know about the top universities for Pharmaceutical Sciences in Canada? You are at the right place. Follow us as we give you the names of universities offering degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Canada. And if you want a full comprehensive guide, then here it is.

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What is Pharmaceutical Science?

Pharmaceutical science is a field of science that deals with the development of drugs. If we explore more about the course, we will see how scientists formulate and develop new drugs and how the courses help in it.

A degree in pharmaceutical science leads you to jobs concerned with drug-related services. You can have careers in drug designing, drug delivery, clinical sciences, regulatory affairs and much more.

This subject requires knowledge of Biochemistry, Physiology, Toxicology, Chemistry, and Pharmacology. You will learn a lot of things like how to analyze the effect of a drug on the human body and verify whether the drug is safe or not.

Therefore, if you are passionate about developing new drugs to treat the patients, this degree is perfect.

Why study in Canada for Pharmaceutical Science?

Canada is an excellent hub for international students. The country welcomes students from everywhere with the same warmth. Moreover, the education here is of top-notch. Therefore, obtaining your degree from the universities in Canada will advance your career in a great way.

Now, let us look at our topic. If you are wondering why you should pursue your program in Canada, then here is the answer.

Many top universities offer this program. Moreover, the medium of instruction is majorly English. Also, there are many scholarships available.

Additionally, the universities also offer Doctoral programs in Pharmaceutical sciences that can help you advance your career.

Top universities for Pharmaceutical Sciences in Canada

Here is the list of universities that offer this program-

  1. University of Alberta – This university offers Masters and Doctoral degrees in Pharmaceutical sciences. They also provide financial aid to students.
  2. Dalhousie University – Master of Science degree, is available for the Pharmaceutical science program. Along with a career in drug development, you can also be a part of academics and the industry.
  3. University of British Columbia – The M.Sc. and PhD program available here promote research in the concerned field. You also have a chance to work alongside renowned researchers.
  4. University of Toronto – Both M.Sc and PhD degrees are available in this university. They offer students previous degrees in physical, biological, and social sciences.
  5. Durham College – This college offers a Graduate Certificate program in Pharmaceutical sciences. After earning this certificate, you can have jobs as a Quality Control Technologist, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologist, Production Technologist, and much more.

Jobs with Pharmaceutical Sciences degree-

A degree in Pharmaceutical sciences from Canada will make your future in many fields. You can get a job as a Principle scientist, Pharmacist, Clinical chemist, Project Leader and much more. You can also work in the research/development and quality control domain. In addition to these, you can have a job in the Biotechnology sector or industries such as in companies like Pfizer, Cadila, STEMCELL Technologies, Roche, and many respected companies.

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Pharmaceutical sciences from Canada is a good choice to advance your career. You can develop many skills that will help you in your job profile. Moreover, many big pharma companies also recruit from this particular degree. Therefore, please do not waste time thinking and getting guidance from us.

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