How to get admission in a foreign university?

How to get admission in a foreign university?

Getting enrolled in a foreign university for your dream course might seem a little overwhelming initially. Still, we have it all covered for you in this blog. Though the procedures are different for different universities, these guidelines are essential when you want to enter an international university. We will go step by step and explain you each procedure in a way easily understandable. Read on to know how to get admission in a foreign university.

When should I apply to get admission in a foreign university?

The universities circulate its dates of application well in advance, so it is beneficial for you the sooner you apply. Early applications also stand a chance for various scholarships provided by the universities or governments.

High-ranking universities have an application deadline of one year. For example, The University of Cambridge closes its application in October for the course starting in October the following year. This makes it easy for international students to apply for attending the university.

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Ordinary universities also keep the deadlines for their applications for six months before the course begins.

Nonetheless, it is always good to apply early to get ample time for other things like passport and visa approval. In countries like the USA and Japan, visa interview time slots are significantly less. Hence, you should keep an eye on those dates, so you get an appointment on time.

How many schools/universities should I apply to?

It’s always recommended to make one good application rather than making many bad ones. Given below are some tips on how to get admission in a foreign university.

You’ll mostly get a reply from the applied university within a month. You still have time to apply in other universities if you do not get a positive response. All universities and schools charge you an application fee. As a foreign university, the charges may look more than usual. It is advised not to apply for a large number of institutes.

You still have to check on the date sheets issued by the universities you are aiming for. Accordingly, decide how many universities should you apply for.

How/where should I apply to get admission in a foreign university?

Nowadays, the application process is straightforward through the internet and quick payment gateways.

All foreign universities have an official website, where you can directly apply after logging in. You may also contact the given helpline email, and they will get back to you on your queries.

In the United Kingdom, most university applications are made through UCAS.

What is the eligibility criteria?

This is one of the most common questions that we receive. Each school has its own requirements and eligibility criteria that you can access on the official website of the particular university. 

To apply for undergraduate programs, you need to have graduated from high school with a percentile acceptable to the university and meet the language requirement. You also need an additional entrance test for universities. For admission in the United States of America, you need to take SAT for undergraduate program and GMAT or GRE for post-graduate programs.

To apply for a Masters program, you need a Bachelors degree with a percentile mentioned by the university. For PhD and post-doctorate programs, you need a Masters degree with the same percentile requirements. However, if your scores in Bachelors and Masters degree are not attractive, that would not be a problem. Your entrance test scores will cover-up for it.

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Which documents should I submit or carry?

What documents you need to submit will vary from college to college. You will find this information on the university’s website.

Here are some standard documents generally required by all foreign universities:

  • The university gives the application form. It contains necessary details of the applicant.
  • Your high school (10+2) mark sheet and certificate of passing
  • A Bachelor’s degree if applying for a Masters program
  • Your Master’s degree id applying for PhD and post-doctorate programs
  • A copy of your visa of that particular country where the university is located
  • A copy of your passport in case you do not have a visa. The university then issues the visa letter for an appointment.
  • Official scorecard of English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE
  • Official scorecard of standardized tests like:
    • SAT for an undergraduate program
    • GMAT, GRE for post-graduation in the United States of America
  • Your financial statement to see if you are eligible for any scholarships
  • Letter of recommendation from a past workplace or previous university or school attended.

These are the basic steps you need to follow if you are aspiring to get enrolled in a foreign university.

We hope we could solve your queries on how to go about how to get admission in a foreign university. Furthermore, suppose you need any help in applying for foreign universities. In that case, you are welcome to contact our counselling team. They will guide you through all the processes of applying to your dream universities.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it difficult to gain admission to overseas universities?

Ans. Applying to a university abroad is considered the most challenging undertaking for a candidate who want to study overseas, although it is not always true.

Q2. What qualities do international colleges seek in Indian students?

Ans. Most foreign colleges will assess your language abilities through your application, statement of purpose, and an application statement.  You must also provide the relevant financial documentation to demonstrate that you can manage to pay the program costs.

Q3. Can an ordinary student gain admission to a foreign university?

Ans. Yes, an ordinary student can study overseas.   When it comes to studying abroad, there are several colleges and programs that appeal to each individual and propel them into a bright future.

At ForeignAdmits, we understand how important this decision is. We are here to help you every step of the way, from finding the right school to getting admitted and securing scholarships.