Online Courses in HRMS

Online Courses in HRMS

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is vital to the functioning of any company or organization. HR is essential for the smooth functioning and monitoring of the company’s employees. Employees are the biggest asset to any company and effective employee engagement is not an easy task. Thus, HRMS jobs will never dry up. Hence, this is a lucrative field to choose for your career in the corporate world.

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What is Digital HRMS? What are its Advantages?

So, let’s discuss digital HR and its online course. Digital HRMS is an online application that keeps track of employee data, manages payroll, manage career progression, leaves, and more.

There are several advantages to digital HR. Firstly, it’s a low budget. As it is an online platform it takes up the memory space on the cloud, and hence the company is free from investing in loads of memory. Moreover, the company need not download any app and it can access any data at any particular time through any device. Because of these advantages, digital HRMS is becoming increasingly popular. Hence, this is your chance to take advantage of its demanding field!

Most Affordable Online Courses

Here is the list of some of the best online courses in HRMS:

1. Oracle HRMS by Tekslate

Tekslate provides a 20-hour training course on Oracle HRMS. It covers various modules like payroll, SSHR, iRecruitment, etc. It also gives you the opportunity to work on two live projects at the end of the course. The training is given by experts certified in front end technologies. In the end, it provides you with a certificate that will be helpful at the time of employment.

Unlike many other training programs, all of it gives live sessions, and not pre-recorded ones. For live projects, they will provide access to the server. The course material will also be shared at the end of the training in the form of recorded videos.

2. Oracle HRMS training by Mindmajix

Mindmajix has a similar course to Tekslate. They cover the core subjects as well as any other advancement in the Oracle E-business Suite. Their course is also 20-hours long. It is curated by professionals. Further, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Their course is self-paced. Also, they provide 10 hours of lab sessions. They also claim to assist you with your job. Their next batch begins in November, so hurry up and apply now!

3. Oracle HRMS tutorial by Udemy

Udemy is not only a popular but trustworthy website for online courses. Their course is in Oracle R12. They cover the core basics of Oracle as well as the payroll, SSHR, KFF, DFF, absentee management, etc. They are moderately priced, as it is Rs.2880 for 11+ hours lectures.

Their instructor is Koduru Sridevi, an Oracle Apps Consultant, and trainer. She has completed 31 courses and taught more than 1500 students. The course is shorter than the Tekslate and Mindmajix one. Hence if you have a shortage of time you can try Udemy. It has meeting sessions for queries every Sunday.  

4. Oracle Functional Training by Ecorp Trainings

Ecorp Trainings provide the lengthiest course on Oracle HRMS. It is a 20-day course, 2 hours per day and hence in total 40 hours long. Its syllabus is designed by experts and covers all the topics. Additionally, they provide free course material at the end of the training. Further, they conduct live sessions. Their curriculum consists of 40% theory and 60% practical sessions.

They have designed three kinds of programs. First, the online training program is 20 days long. Second is the corporate training program, which is 5 days long and has an 8-hour session per day. The last one is a classroom program that is arranged on request.

In conclusion, a short HRMS training course can enhance your resume. Further, it will help you get a hike in the salary that you have been looking for. Hurry up and apply now! For any assistance with courses, admissions, counselling, and jobs contact us.