Immigration In UK – Visa Processing & Travel Relaxation in 2023

Immigration In UK – Visa Processing & Travel Relaxation in 2023

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Immigration In UK – Visa Processing & Travel Relaxation in 2023

Studying in the prestigious colleges of the United Kingdom is a dream for many. Thousands of students every year not only just dream of studying in a foreign university, but also want to explore the country and its culture. But, the real question is, how many students get in? Not many, to be presumed! However, if you want to study in the UK in 2023, preparing yourself to fit their eligible profiles is not a hard task at all. All you need is immigration in UK.

First of all, you need to build a strong profile for yourself to match the eligibility criteria of UK universities. Have a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and a Statement of Purpose (SOP) ready for yourself. If you are applying for a Masters or a Ph.D. program, make a good resume too.

What’s next? After you have decided which course you want to pursue and in which university you want to get enrolled, the next thing left to do is fill in the application form of the concerned university. Once you have done that, the only thing left to do is apply for a visa.

Now coming to the present scenario, the year 2023 has been different altogether. All the education facilities were shut down due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. The airports were closed, all transportation was put to hold due to the pandemic. Now, in such a situation, getting a visa or applying for a visa is a tough job in itself. Similarly, the process of immigration in UK came to a halt.

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Visa Processing Reopens In UK

Like a breath of fresh air, amidst the global pandemic, the UK Government has decided to reopen the visa processing for students. Throughout the month of June and July, multiple visa centers are opening their gates to normalize the visa processing. If you want to study in the UK, then good news for you because around 8 new VACs have opened.

The Government is trying to clear the backlog visa applications first. The applications already submitted will receive their appointments. On top of that, those candidates who have already submitted their fingerprints to the UK visa centers will not have to book an appointment. They will be duly informed about the next steps.

How will international students be helped?

Firstly, the students on 30-day visas, having an expired visa can request a free replacement visa till the end of the year 2023. All they need to do is contact the Coronavirus Immigration Help Centre.

Secondly, the students on short-term study visas in the UK, who are unable to travel back home, can apply for a visa within the UK, till 31st July. Contact the Coronavirus Immigration Help Centre to check if you are eligible or not.

Thirdly, the international students who are stuck in UK due to the pandemic with a visa due to expire by 31st July, can apply for an visa extension.

Lastly, the universities in UK have prepared a set of questionnaire with detailed answers that the students might be asked during their visa application processing.

Travel Relaxation In UK

The UK Government is slowly opening its international borders for the rest of the world. Most of the European markets are slowly opening for locals and visitors. Under the “travel corridor”, people from more than 60 countries do not need to isolate themselves during their UK visit. Travelers from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong fall under this category.

Students from these regions of the world will not have to quarantine themselves while entering the UK. The students will submit their contact details to the immigration officers in the UK. Apart from these regions, travelers will self isolate themselves for a period of 14 days after arriving in the UK.

In addition to this, the UK Government is encouraging students to study in UK. The UK Government is offering students the post study work rights as announced in 2019. Graduate students can work for two years and PhD students can work for a period of three years. The UK Government is only encouraging students to take up distance learning programs. The Government also relaxes the normal limit of 20 working hours per week for students. Tier 4 students with work right are in a vacation during the Covid 19 situation.

New Visa System For Immigration In UK

International students will experience a few new systems in their visa application process from January 2021. However, students from EU will require less documents than international students. Students can apply for a visa in the UK six months prior to their course start date. Post graduate students can stay as long as they want in the UK for the purpose of their research.

In the new system, Tier 4 Visa applicants will need these 70 points –

  • 50 points for study elements (offer from an approved educational institution, proof of approved qualification)
  • 10 points for the candidate’s English Language Proficiency
  • 10 points for adequate funds demonstration

To conclude, the UK Government is trying to make the study in UK process easier for international students affected in the times of the pandemic.

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