Is it hard to get a job at Microsoft?

Is it hard to get a job at Microsoft?

There are usually a large number of applicants who are highly qualified in all open positions applies for giant companies like Microsoft, so you need to be cut more than others to qualify for the interview. Once selected, the interview process becomes longer. You will have an HR screen, and then a technical phone chat to see if you qualify.  Therefore, if you have not read this blog, it may be difficult to find job with Microsoft.

What qualifications do you need to apply to Microsoft?

Candidates must be in their first or second year of college and enrol in a bachelor’s degree program in the United States, Canada, or Mexico with a proven interest in studying computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or a related technical officer.

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How much does Microsoft pay?

The average annual salary, including basic and bonus, at Microsoft, is $ 120,662, or $ 58 per hour, while the average salary is $ 162,818, or $ 78 per hour.

Can you get a job at Microsoft without experience?

Getting a job at Microsoft without a college degree is possible – even if your name is not Bill Gates. This is because, in most entry-level positions, Microsoft does not require candidates to have a college degree, instead of encouraging anyone who believes they are eligible to apply.

Microsoft- Academic Criteria:

Minimum 6 CGPA in pursuit qualifications. For Graduates, a minimum of 70% in UG. No more than two years of education gap. There are no deficiencies in applying for the Microsoft hiring process.

Does Microsoft hire freshers?

Microsoft makes 4 to 5 rounds of new choices like SDE in their organisation: Internet Cycle. Onsite Round.

What are Microsoft employees called?

Microsoft employees— “Microsofties” or “Softies” as they call themselves — begin celebrating their M&M’s mileage each year at the company.

What skills does Microsoft require?

They look for a strong desire to learn, wisdom, a passion for technology, a willingness to work hard, strong skills, a business spirit, and a desire to be the best they can be. Be prepared to talk about how you solved a specific problem-solving problem, design question, or problem-solving puzzle.

Is Microsoft Interviews difficult to get Job?

Microsoft encoding conversations are a real challenge. The questions are complex, directly related to Microsoft, and cover a wide range of topics. The good news is that good preparation can make a big difference.

My tips for clicking on an Microsoft interview:

Be yourself. Show enthusiasm and interest in answering questions. Think aloud. Express doubts about the question. … Cover all test cases in your code. Do not disturb. Have the latest information about the company. … Do not write about things you are not sure about in your resume.

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Is working for Microsoft worth it?

Is it worth working for Microsoft? Microsoft has long been known as a labour-intensive company. That’s gotten better under Nadella, with many employees saying the working life balance is huge. In all, Microsoft employees gave the company 3.3 out of 5 stars with a working life balance at Glassdoor.

How to Ace Microsoft’s hiring process?

To ace Microsoft’s hiring process, make sure to do detailed research about the company from its official website and get ready to be asked about absolutely anything like the culture, principles, or vision of the company. Be aware of the words you choose and also be exact to the point and try not to wander away from the question asked. 

How long does a Microsoft Interview go?

It generally depends on the type of Interview performed, onsite or online. You may get a call from the recruiter, hiring manager, or someone from the hiring team. Onsite interview is divided into sessions of 1 hour each, a total of 4-5 hours. 

What does Microsoft look for in candidates?

Be prepared to speak on how you approach situational problems like job-related issues or problem-solving puzzles. Microsoft hires candidates who are strong-willed and curious about the technology and company. 

What is the job acceptance rate for Microsoft?

Due to the tough competition and many rounds of interviews, the acceptance is less than 2%. No doubt why it is considered to be one of the toughest interviews to crack. 

What are the top skills recruiters at Microsoft look for in new hires?

The top skill that every company looks out for is excellent communication. The candidate should be able to communicate her/his ideas and thoughts. The second would be problem-solving ability, recruiters love candidates who solve situational issues easily and strategically. Also, time management and leadership skills. 


1.How long does it take to get a job at Microsoft?

Usually takes a couple of weeks from the time your resume makes it to the hiring manager and that manager decides to bring you in for an interview. Interviews are conducted over one day (usually) and typically you will interview with up to 5 or 6 different employees.

2.How does Microsoft decide to hire?

The Microsoft Hiring Process. Microsoft doesn’t follow any specific interview format or process – it can vary between different teams and product groups. However, most commonly, you can expect 4-5 interview rounds to test the candidate’s problem-solving, technical, and analytical skills.

3.Does Microsoft freeze hiring?

Microsoft informed Bloomberg in May that it was delaying hiring for its Office, Windows, and Teams groups to better position itself for the upcoming fiscal year and deal with the present economic climate.

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