Job opportunities after MIM in the UK

Job opportunities after MIM in the UK

Explore the job opportunities available after MIM in the UK with this article. There are many popular degrees that UK universities offer. One top-rated course is Masters in Management (MIM).

What Is a MIM Degree?

MIM or Master’s in Management is a 1 or 2 years program that mainly addresses the Finance, Marketing, and Accounting sector. This course is specially designed for students who want to build their career in the Management field. Though we have an MBA degree, this program has attracted many students. In the upcoming parts, we’ll be focussing on the duration, eligibility, and the jobs after the degree.

All About MIM Abroad

MIM Can Be a One Year or a Two-Year Program

As we all know, most Master’s degrees are two years duration. In the UK, one year is to explore the industry for work experience. Similarly, MIM is also a master’s program, but the total duration can be one year or two years. 

Usually, the MIM program is for one year, a full-time course, but it can become two years if you enroll as a part-time student. There are benefits of each which you can know more about by clicking here.

Job Opportunities After MIM in the UK

After getting a MIM degree, a student can work efficiently in Management, Finance, Product Management, and more. MIM is the perfect degree to get into entry-level jobs, have a promising career, and offer a decent salary to a fresher.

Since the program covers the finance and consultancy subjects in the degree, a fresher can get a job mainly in these two sectors. Moreover, they can prove to be good Business Consultants who bring their company to a new height. Apart from this, they can be well adapted in the role of Management trainees, Graduate Research Analysts, Product Managers, Financial Analysts, etc. They can also work in the Logistics, Sales, Accounting department.

In addition to this, they can work in the Healthcare sectors, IT sectors, Digital media, Banking because there is no emphasis on the undergraduate degree. In simple words, a student of any subject can pursue a MiM degree. And therefore, they have the basic knowledge of their original field. Moreover, they gain the required skills and expertise to work in the above roles after their MiM degree.

The primary benefit of this program is that the freshers are the prime candidates for entry-level jobs. Although, a student needs to be good in overall performance, academics, and multiple skills. Nowadays, many big companies look for candidates who can work in various domains, have a young mind, and know multidisciplinary subjects. As a result, they offer jobs to fresh graduates as they feel they can think creatively to help in the company’s growth.

List of public universities for MiM in Germany

Eligibility for MiM

  1. A person must have an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 60% or equivalent to the UK Honors system.
  2. English proficiency test results: TOEFL and IELTS are the two most common exams.
  3. GMAT/GRE score- Although these are not mandatory, some universities can ask for them.

MBA vs. MiM

Both the courses are best for growth in the Management field. However, for freshers, MiM is a better option than MBA because, if you choose MBA, you need to have work experience of at least three years. But this is not the case with MiM. For admission to MiM, you only have to have a Bachelor’s degree in any field with a good percentage from recognized institutes. Moreover, the cost of studying MBA is comparatively higher than MiM.


In conclusion, a MIM degree is a remarkable degree for students who want to make their career in management. Furthermore, you do not need work experience before applying for this program.

Many job sectors are open for you after the completion of the program. There are no limitations in the jobs, and it does not matter what your previous background was.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the scope of MIM in the United Kingdom?

Ans. MIM graduates can perform the following tasks after getting experience:

  • HR Manager 
  • General Operation Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Sales Manager 
  • Business Development Manager

They can also work in senior managerial positions after having extensive job experience.

Q2. What is the average pay for a MIM graduate in the United Kingdom?

Ans. Jobs for those with a Master’s degree in management are plentiful and well-paying. Different organisations provide a variety of responsibilities. The average master’s in management income in the United Kingdom is 35,000 GBP (Rs. 3,498,607 yearly in India).

Q3. Can I find a job in the UK after completing a master’s degree in management?

Ans. MBA graduates in the United Kingdom can find work as project managers, business analysts, relationship managers, consultants, etc. 

Q4. Which nation has the finest MIM jobs?

Ans. Currently, the MIM is mostly focused on Europe, with top nations providing MIM degrees including Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

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