Job Prospects in UK for International Students

Job Prospects in UK for International Students

UK graduates do not have a tough time landing a job offer that they expect since a degree from the country is deemed valuable by many employers. However, getting jobs in UK while you’re studying can seem like a bit of a task. Especially when you are an international student. It is also rare to find an affordable way to study in UK. Even if you have a scholarship, working part-time during your studies can help you live more comfortably. Students, who cannot go back home, also look for UK jobs during their summer breaks and long holidays. Let’s review where to look for jobs in UK as a student from a different country. 

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Getting a Part-Time Job in UK

When you arrive in the UK, you’ll be able to drop off your resume and inquire about job openings in nearby places like stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. However, you do not have to wait till then to begin your search. The best way to acquire a job in the UK is to go online and apply ahead of time. It’s also comforting to know that you have a casual or part-time job lined up for you even before you have landed in the country. 

Working a part-time job while you study might be a good method to supplement your income if you have good time management and organizational abilities. You can work up to 20 hours per week throughout the term on a UK student visa. Apart from that, you have the freedom to work on-campus or off-campus. Given down below is a list of part-time roles you can fill in as a student. 

  • Receptionist
  • Cashier 
  • Shelf packer 
  • Barista 
  • Waiter/ waitress 
  • Library Assistant
  • Teacher’s Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • On-campus IT support
  • Peer Tutor 

You can earn up to £110 to £200 a week based on your skills and the workload. You can search for part-time or full-time jobs in UK on online platforms like Indeed, Reed, Monster, Jobsite, etc. If you’re looking for a specific career, look for a specialist job website (for example, C+D Opportunities is an excellent location to find pharmacy jobs in the UK for international students).

Most colleges in the United Kingdom include support services that can assist you in finding a part-time job (as well as a job after you graduate). The University of Edinburgh, for example, offers a careers service to international students seeking part-time work in Scotland. Similarly, the career centre at University College London assists UCL students with a variety of career-related activities, including helping international students locate part-time work in London. Look at the website of the university you’ve chosen to discover what kind of career services they provide.

Summer Jobs for International Students in the UK

Do you prefer to devote all of your time and effort to your studies? That’s fine; part-time work throughout the semester might be a suitable fit for you. But during vacations, you would want to work full time with more time on your hands. A student visa allows you to work a full-time job in UK during the holidays.

The majority of the part-time occupations listed above are also excellent possibilities for full-time summer jobs during your vacation. Over the summer, you can also work as a – 

  • Representative of the company
  • Event Assistant 
  • An operator in a call centre
  • Tutor 

You should also inquire with your university’s career development personnel about any summer internships that may be available; these can provide valuable experience while also allowing you to make some money over the holidays.

Jobs in UK for International Graduates

As your final exam and graduation date near, you’ll begin to consider your first job following graduation. If you acquire a position that matches your needs, offers adequate pay and time conditions, the UK’s immigration policy will allow you to move from a student visa to a working visa. In that case, you will have to apply well before time to switch your student visa into a working visa.

This is where your university’s career centre will come in helpful, so book an appointment with them as soon as possible after your last class. They can assist you in locating and applying for foreign graduate jobs in the United Kingdom.

Many job sites also let you narrow your search to positions that are designated as suited for recent grads. You only have to make sure you’re looking in the right place and using the right filter.

You’ll find a wide selection of options open to you, whether you’re looking for part-time employment while studying or a full-time job to extend your stay in the UK. 

List of Fresher Jobs in UK (H3)

Given below is a list of popular starting job roles and their average annual pay. 

Job Title Average Annual Salary
HR Executive 17,000-26,000 GBP
Advertising/ Marketing Executive 27,000- 36,000 GBP
Architect£40,600 – £129,000
Accountant£24,200 – £77,000
Lawyer £65,500 – £226,000
Civil Engineer£33,700 – £107,000
Graphic Designer£20,100 – £69,400
Sales Manager£62,200 – £198,000
Software Developer£31,500 – £109,000 
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Top Recruiters in UK for International Students (H3)

Some of the top recruiters in the United Kingdom for freshers include renowned brand names like KPMG, Tata Group, JP Morgan & Chase, Siemens, Capgemini, Rothschild & Co., Wates, Phoenix Group, etc. 


Ques – What jobs in UK are in Demand?

Ans – A lot of restaurants, cafes and stores hire students as part-time workers. While top recruiters for university graduates are in fields of digital marketing, advertising, sales, IT, etc. 

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Ques – Where to find jobs in UK? 

Ans – Usually, career centres (placement cells) in the university help students get both part-time and post-graduation job offers. But you can always look online by simply doing a Google Search or scrolling through websites like Indeed

Ques – What degree gets the most jobs in UK?

Ans – Masters programmes like MIM or MBA in UK are most likely to get you a job. 

Ques – Can we apply for jobs in UK from India?

Ans – The simple answer to this is yes. You can apply for jobs in UK online. 

Ques – Which jobs in the UK pay well?

Ans – Jobs like surgeons, engineers, HR managers, software developers, etc. pay well in the UK. 

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