MBA in the UK

MBA in the UK

In the United Kingdom, about 130 business schools offer MBA programs with a range of specialisations in fields such as Finance, Healthcare, International Business, etc. As the investment made in pursuing an MBA in the UK is high, salary return rates are also higher. An annual bundle of up to 100,000 GBP (~97 LPA) is provided to students looking for work in the UK with an MBA degree.

You are expected to have a valid bachelor’s degree, GMAT score, and job experience for MBA admissions provided at different B-schools in the UK. The entry conditions for seeking an MBA in the UK are less strict than for other countries such as the United States and Canada.

Tips to Prepare for GMAT

According to the Higher Education Statistics Department, the UK MBA saw an intake of over 19,545 students in 2018-19 (HESA). 8,160 of them were students from outside the European Union (non-EU) and 10,775 were domestic students. From 2017-18 to 2018-19, the number of foreign MBA students studying at UK universities rose by 1,495.

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MBA in the UK at Best Management Schools

International students often look into important factors, such as faculty, program curriculum, placement percentage, business development, and others when selecting the right place to study. A full detail of the shortlist of the colleges you can give priority to how to apply, rates, scholarships, and jobs for MBA in the UK will be given in this course guideline.

Let’s start by reviewing an MBA program offered by some of the top-ranking universities in the UK. Based on The Financial Times Business School Rankings (2020), their curriculum costs, and the period during which you will be eligible to complete the program, the best B-schools in the UK are tabulated below.

UniversitiesFT Ranking 2020Total Program Fees
London Business School7£87,900
Cambridge Judge Business School19£57,000
Said Business School21£59,490
Warwick Business School43£40,450
Alliance Manchester Business School45£44,000
Cass Business School 50£44,000
Imperial College Business School55£53,500
Durham University Business School62£31,500
University of Edinburgh Business School95£32,500
Lancaster University100+£33,000
MBA in the UK

In addition, there are more than 100 business schools in the UK offering MBA programs of various kinds. A full-time general MBA, executive MBA, professional MBA, or UK Distance/Online MBA programs may be followed.

Why MBA in the UK?

  • In the UK, top business schools allow students to customize their own programs and select subjects of their own choice.
  • Any 10 UK universities are ranked in the 2020 FT Business School List.
  • According to knowledge obtained from the Chartered Management College, 78% of executives are actively looking for professional talent.
  • The United Kingdom has a dearth of professional young administrators. The UK economy needs 1.9 million skilful administrators with new tactics urgently.
  • At the end of September 2018, Indians constituted 55% of tier 2 professional worker visas.
  • With an average salary of 133,000 GBP and 116,000 GBP respectively, the UK’s Executive MBA and MBA are the top paid degrees.
Academic RequirementsA UG degree with 2:1 qualification
equivalent to 50-60% (some schools may ask for higher scores)
GMAT ScoreRequired for most schools
600+ (minimum)
Average for 2019 Class of various B-schools 640-730
Work ExperienceNot always mandatory, but preferred
2 years (minimum)
5-6 years (average for 2019 class of various B-schools) 
Language ProficiencyIELTS: 6.5+
TOEFL: 95+
ResumeCopy of an updated CV 
LOR1 to 3
Preferably professional or from supervisor
In case only 1 LOR is required, academic LOR is not accepted. 
Essay500 words personal statement/SOP covering questions like:
short & long term career goals, how will MBA equip you for a future, describing one teamwork experience, and why you chose the program. 
VisaA student visa to pursue education in the UK
FundsProof of being able to finance your program
MBA in the UK

MBA in the UK: Admissions

It would be a life-changing chance for foreign students to learn organizational expertise through their course work. The UK MBA program is predominantly taught in the English language, so mastering these oratory and business skills in these classes would be a difficulty for foreign students. Simple academic papers and test scores are necessary in the application process for top-ranking universities in the UK.

In this section, eligibility for an MBA in the UK for entry to some of the best business schools is further explored.

MBA Criteria from London Business School

This university, established in 1964, still believes in the “Diverse minds, powerfully charged” motto. The London Business School MBA curriculum was planned to expose students to the lively global business scenario. The faculty finds it to be a course guide that will fully change the student process. The software also makes it possible for students to customize credits according to their own tastes. The basic material for the admission process is as follows:

  • Fee for application: £ 200
  • A GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • GMAT score of 701 or greater
  • Evidence of language mastery in English: TOEFL-100; IELTS-77
  • Essays on application 2 essays in 500 words
  • CV updated on one page
  • Minimum of 2 letters of recommendations (either professor or supervisor)
  • Minimum work experience of 2 years
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MBA Requirements for Cambridge Judge Business School

Founded in the year 1990, Cambridge Judge Business School left its indelible mark on the business world with its creative management skills and strength in entrepreneurship faculty. Each year, this b-school belongs to the top-ranking universities that provide society with top leaders. More than 95 percent of foreign students’ study at this b-school, 30 percent of whom are women. The method of admission to this world-renowned business school calls for

  • Charge for Application: £ 150
  • 3.3 GPA:
  • 640-730 GMAT:
  • Evidence of language competence in English: TOEFL-110; IELTS-7.5
  • Application Essays: All 3 essays in 500 words each [SOP also includes]
  • Curriculum vitae: 1page CV revised
  • Relation: Need one supervisor reference
  • Job Experience: 3 years minimum

Said MBA Requirements for Business School

This business school, founded in 1965, was rebranded in 1996 as Said Business School. Around 320 students are admitted to this esteemed institute every year. The MBA at Said Business School has always concentrated on the core values of business and their impact on society. The curriculum thoroughly makes foreign students very open to the diversified business community. The following documents are required for admission to the Said Business School:

  • Charge for Application: £ 150
  • Hey, GMAT: 690
  • GRE: 160 and 160 (quantitative) (verbal)
  • Proof of competence in the English language: TOEFL – 110 (with a minimum of 22 in hearing, 24 in writing and reading and 25 in speaking) or IELTS – 75 (with a minimum of 7 on each band)
  • Essay on application: Minimum of 250 words
  • Online assessment 2 questions based on motivation; 2 questions based on competency; 1 randomized written answer
  • Reference: A minimum of 2 references (professional or academic)
  • Curriculum Vitae: One Page CVV revised
  • Job Experience: 2 years minimum

MBA Criteria for Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School, which was founded in 1967, claims that business is used as the force of good. To build potential leaders, the faculty believes in researching real-world business issues in the classrooms. The aim of the interdisciplinary course curriculum is to create important relationships with world leaders. The admission process calls for

  • Request fee: £ 80
  • GMAT-The 660
  • Evidence of proficiency in English: TOEFL-100 (with a minimum score of 21 for listening and writing, 22 for reading and 23 for speaking) or IELTS-77 (with a minimum of 6.5 on each band)
  • Application essay: Needed to explain the applicant’s strengths
  • Link: Minimum of 2 letters of reference
  • Curriculum vitae: 1page CV revised
  • Experience at work at least 3 years

MBA in UK without GMAT

You should either search at business schools that accept students without a GMAT score to pursue an MBA without a GMAT score in the UK, or pursue an alternate full-time MBA program that does not have GMAT as an entrance requirement. Any of the UK business schools approving full-time MBA apps without GMAT are:

  1. University of Central Lancashire: Applicants for an MBA program should be made by language literacy enforcement, qualifications for UG entry, and any fundamental work experience.
  2. Warwick School of Business: When making applications, foreign applicants can or may not be asked for a GMAT grade. While the likelihood of a GMAT score being requested is high, this does not mean that it is the minimum criterion that must be met. You would, however have to send a minimum score of 600+ if requested.
  3. Birmingham City Business School: Offering a full-time international MBA degree, international students are not expected to have a GMAT score when applying.
  4. Management School of Lancaster University: You are expected to have either an acceptance essay or a GMAT score. Therefore the GMAT is made, not the fundamental eligibility requirements.
  5. Durham University Business School: In situations where the student portfolio or academic credentials are deemed inadequate by the university, you will be asked to request a GMAT ranking.
  6. You should search at online MBA programs in addition to these full-time MBA programs where GMAT is not the minimum qualifying requirement, or executive MBA programs.
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MBA without UK Job Experience

Business schools offering an MBA without job experience in the UK are:

University of Derby

For joining the programme, the Global MBA program needs you to meet with academic and language skills.

University of Northampton

All you need to qualify for a full-time MBA at the University of Northampton is to get a UG with second class honors and satisfying English language proficiency.

University of Greenwich

When applying for foreign MBA programs at this university, work experience is not needed.

MBA in the UK: Research costs

It is normal that the cost of the MBA in the UK would be higher with increased popularity. In selecting the right business school, foreign students make choices deliberately. The overall expense of the MBA in the UK can be broken into 2 key parts.

  • Price of Pre-arrival
  • Cost of Post Arrival

In pre-arrival prices, students have to handle funding in various fields such as UK student visa registration, application fees, and travel tickets as per requirements. Tuition fees and the expense of living while working include post-arrival expenses. The cost of completing an MBA in the UK requires the full tuition fees paid by the applicants, along with the cost of living in the UK before the course is finished.

TOEFL Fees200
IELTS Fees200
PTE Fees150
VISA Application322
MBA in the UK
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Cost of Living in UK

This segment illustrates the comprehensive arrangement of an individual’s housing, meals, and personal expenditure on a monthly basis while residing in the United Kingdom. The cost of living will depend on the housing selected in the United Kingdom, lifestyle decisions, the city in which one stays, etc.

ParticularsAverage monthly Cost( in GBP)
Mobile Phone30
Stationery Items40
Transportation45(monthly card)
MBA in the UK

Therefore the overall annual cost of living in the UK stands at around GBP 11,880/year, taking the average cost of learning and living in the UK for overseas students to around GBP 32,310/year.

The average cost of living in the UK for an Indian student studying an MBA in the United Kingdom, including the program’s tuition fees, ranges from 59 Lakhs to 1.11 Cr. It would cost you about 3 to 030 Lakhs annually to pursue an MBA in India (2-year program: 6 to 60 Lakhs). With this hefty sum, you need to research in the UK, the issue that emerges is how to support yourself. To alleviate financial pressure, you should search for scholarships available to study in the UK.

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