Jobs in Canada for International Students

Jobs in Canada for International Students

In addition to getting an education, international students also aspire that one day they’ll be able to get a job and will be able to eventually settle in Canada. The number of opportunities, evergrowing economy, and the near to the ideal quality of life gives reason to this vision. Finding jobs in Canada can seem like a task if you don’t know where to look. If you plan to study in Canada, you will not only work after the completion of your educational programme but also during it. Almost all students happen to hold part-time jobs which helps a great deal in paying bills and managing expenses as a student. Let’s take a look at how to acquire a job in Canada after studies, during studies and in-between. 

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Job Opportunities After Graduation in Canada

The kind of job that you will get after graduation is directly dependant on the field of your study. Your major, acquired skillset, and work experience will also play a role in determining your future job. Getting jobs in Canada gets easier if you fulfil the basic requirements that your employers expect. Apart from that, your personality, attitude towards work and life, etc. will also help you get the job of your dreams. 

Some of the most popular job titles in Canada include nurses, HR recruiters, physiotherapists, engineers, accountants, office assistants, etc. 

Average Salary in Canada 

The approximate average salary of various professionals in Canada is tabulated below. 

Job Title Average Pay Per Year (CAD)
Nurse $58,832
IT Analyst $68,411
Marketing Analyst $60,000
Engineer $60,200 to $90,000
Physiotherapist $31,524
Office Assistants/ Admin$35,000 to $46,000
HR Recruiter$44,000 to $52,000

Where to Look for Jobs in Canada?

While actively searching for jobs in Canada, you can take help from career centres in your colleges. Other than that, students can also look online for job opportunities. There are various websites for job postings in Canada. You can get offers upfront by maintaining a work profile on websites like LinkedIn. 

A list of websites for a job search in Canada has been provided below. 

  • Indeed 
  • Monster 
  • Robert Half
  • Jobboom 
  • Careerbuilder 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Eluta 
  • Simply Hired 
  • ZipRecruiter 

Part-Time & Summer Jobs in Canada

Getting work alongside academics is how students in Canada take care of bills and additional expenses. A Canadian student visa allows overseas students to work at least 20 hours a week during classes. However, during the holidays, students tend to work longer hours. They are allowed to work both on-campus and off-campus. Working in a cafe or restaurant as baristas and servers make the most common part-time job. In addition to that, students also assume roles like teacher’s assistant, peer tutor, cashier, library/ lab assistants, etc. 

Working part-time can make you anywhere between CAD 12 to CAD 20 an hour. This obviously depends on the roles and responsibilities of your part-time job. Similar to post-graduation job opportunities, career centres in some universities also help students find part-time jobs in Canada. 

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What is a Work Permit in Canada? 

In order to work in Canada, students need to get a Post Graduation Work Permit or PGWP. It allows you to work full time, part-time or be self-employed. You can also work part-time as a student using an open work permit. You can apply for a PGWP in Canada within 180 days of your college releasing your final marks. It is valid if you have a study permit and until your passport expires. 


Ques – What jobs in Canada are in high demand?

Ans – Jobs like web developer, HR manager & executive, financial advisor, engineer, etc. are in high demand in Canada. 

Ques – Can I apply for jobs in Canada from India?

Ans – Yes, you can. You can search online for openings in Canada that match your work profile and look up the application process. You can either use job search websites or contact a job consultant for the same. 

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Ques – What is the highest paying job in Canada for immigrants?

Ans – The salary that you get in Canada as an immigrant will be determined by the skill level you possess. Top skilled jobs in Canada include doctors, dentists, IT managers, lawyers, etc. According to, you can make anywhere between $93,680 – $312,301 by working these jobs. Some well paying semi-skilled and unskilled jobs include electricians, drivers, chefs, plumbers, cooks, farmworkers, etc. 

Ques – What jobs in Canada require no degree?

Ans – Unskilled and semi-skilled jobs in Canada require no degree. These include drivers, construction workers, cleaners, cooks, servers, etc. 

Ques – Who are the top recruiters for foreign students in Canada?

Ans – Companies like IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Amazon, HSBC, Goldman & Sachs. etc. are some of the top recruiters in Canada.