LBS MIM – Syllabus, Job Prospects, and More

LBS MIM – Syllabus, Job Prospects, and More

Masters in Management, aka MIM, is the world’s fourth most popular course. London Business School is the best Institute for MIM. Thus, LBS MIM has gained popularity recently among the youths as the requirements lax. Additionally, it has the most diverse atmosphere as it attracts hundreds of people around the globe. LBS MIM started in 2009, but its popularity struck high since the beginning.

The entire program is 12 to 14 months long. Its swift curriculum will pull through a graduate in less than two years. Further, it’s pre-requisite doesn’t demand a 2-year experience. In addition to that, LBS ranks 3rd globally in the FT (Financial Times) ranking as the best Business school. Likewise, it ranks second in the QS world ranking, 2018.

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MIM scholarships

Eligibility for LBS MIM

  • The candidate should score a minimum of 3.3 GPA in the bachelor’s program.
  • The candidate should attempt and score a minimum of 600 in the following tests, GRE or GMAT and ILETS and PTE. Both the English language proficiency test and GMAT/GRE are necessary for admission.

Syllabus of LBS MIM 

 LBS MIM is divided broadly into four terms. However, the fourth term is optional but recommended. Before these terms, there is a pre-program course that consists of online classes. The next two terms are the integrated core courses. These topics prepare you or lay the foundation of the career. At the same time, the last term constitutes elective courses.

Also, they conduct Global Immersion Field Trips (GIFTs). Further, an international exchange can be opted for in the last term. Finally, in the last two terms, students can choose from 60 plus elective courses. Click here to view the list of elective courses.

Pre-programTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
AccountingOrientationBusiness analyticsElectives and applied learningElectives
FinanceData analytics for managementFinance 2  
Data analyticsFinance 1Management and accounting  
Excel basicsFinancial accountingThe global macroeconomy  
 Applied microeconomicsStrategy 2  
 Marketing 1Marketing 2  
 Strategy 1Performing in organisations  
 Decision and risk analysis   

Admission process

The entire process is staged.

Stage 1: Application form for LBS MIM

Firstly, you need to fill the online application form. It consists of various sections. Hence take your time and read and fill it carefully.

Stage 2: Application essay for LBS MIM

An essay is an essential part of the application. It is also called SOP ( Statement Of Purpose). It has to be convincing, unique, and true to its words. Also, mention your interests, hobbies, and goals and discuss your achievements, past experiences, and success. Also, make sure that you are talking in terms of the course that you are applying to. Do not deviate from the topic at any point as it will take the reader ( mind you, he is already going through a lot of essays) only a few words to lose interest in your report.

Top MIM Colleges in the World

Stage 3: GMAT/GRE score

It is mandatory to give the level 1 Certification in CFA, GMAT, or GRE. Also, it is compulsory to hand in your score at the time of application. Further, it is recommended to score above 600 to ensure admission.

Stage 4: One page CV

It is recommended to follow the CV template by LBS.

Stage 5: Two referee

The name and details of the two referees are essential. One of them should be from school while the other from the workplace. Additionally, they should know you well and provide useful feedback.

Stage 6: English Language proficiency test

The tests accepted by LBS are IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, CAE, and PTE.

Stage 7: University transcripts

A copy of the university transcripts is required before admission, whereas after entry, you need to submit the original document.

Stage 8: Application Fee for LBS MIM

The fee of the application is £95, which can be paid online. In case you don’t pay your application fee, your form remains incomplete. In other words, it is not submitted. Hence, make sure that you pay the fee well in advance. To check the academic calendar and admission dates, click here.

Finally, after the admission process is done, they might call you for an interview. The interview is held only for the shortlisted candidates based on their application. Moreover, it will be held in London with a faculty member for those who can travel. However, they may arrange alumni members in their countries or give a skype call for the rest who can’t travel. 

Job Prospects and salary after LBS MIM

LBS claims 100% placements for all its students. Thus, making it a popular choice. Apart from that, there is interaction with a wide range of faculty. Furthermore, it gives many opportunities to socialise with alumni, companies, employers, etc., via placement programs and recruitment events. 

Top 3 sectors that you can apply for are consulting, finance, and technology. Moreover, the average salary you can expect after LBS MIM is £ 40,000. The top recruiters of MIM are:

  • Ernst and young 
  • Deloitte consulting 
  • Boston consulting group 
  • J P Morgan 
  • Barclays 
  • Amazon 
  • Oracle 
  • UBS 
  • Oliver Wyman 

Moreover, you can get the ROI of LBS MIM within three years of your earning. 

MIM Without GMAT

In conclusion, investing in education abroad is expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, several factors govern your decision. Hence for a consultation about admission, scholarship, etc., contact us. We will make sure that you are granted admission to the institute you wish to apply to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What occupations are available after MIM?

Ans. MIM graduates with skills can serve as HR Managers, General Operations Managers, Training Managers, or Sales Managers. They can also participate in senior managerial positions after having extensive job experience.

Q2. Is MIM in high demand?

Ans. MIM graduates are in high demand globally. As per GMAC’s Corporate Recruiters Survey 2019, about 70% of European and Asia-Pacific organisations, and 33% of US organizations, want to employ MIM graduates in 2019.

Q3. Is job experience required for lbs MIM?

Ans. LBS MIM is a 12-month program designed for new graduates with no more than two years of professional job experience. The program is prominent among recent graduates since it provides a fantastic fast-paced program, the school’s reputation, and an active alumni network.

Q4. Is MIM superior to MBA?

Ans. The primary distinction between an MBA and a MIM is that the MiM gives early-career individuals with the skills they need to launch their professional life, whilst the MBA offers most candidates with the foundation for a career change or a job acceleration.

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