LOR From Employer for Higher Studies with Samples (2 Proven Methods)

LOR From Employer for Higher Studies with Samples (2 Proven Methods)

LOR From Employer for Higher Studies with Samples (2 Proven Methods)

What role does the LOR from employer for higher studies play during your application process? How important is it?

The application process to study abroad requires an extensive paperwork. Isn’t it? But, it is very crucial as it is the one that gets you to your desired university. One of them is Letter of Recommendation and it is an integral aspect of your application process.

When you apply to study abroad after certain work experience, then LOR from employer for higher studies is an influential document.

What is the Letter of Recommendation?

Letter of Recommendation, as the name suggests, is a person recommending you to a university by stating your abilities, skills and suitability for the specific program that you are applying for and the university.

Simply, It is a written document by a person (Mostly, Professor/Employer) stating your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and skills that they have observed during your tenure with them.

So, obviously the person must know you well in terms of your capabilities and skills. This will help them in writing a strong and genuine LOR.

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Why is the Letter of Recommendation Important?

Imagine yourself bombarded with thousands of applications and you need to choose few from them that are best suitable and genuine. Here, LOR becomes important along with all the other documents.

In short, LOR provides insights into your capabilities from a perspective of another person backed with some kind of evidence to the admission officers.

Generally, 3 LOR’s are needed for the application process which will provide them with an overview of your personality, abilities, and capabilities.

What are the Types of LOR?

Generally, there are two types of LOR. They are :

  1. Academic LOR
  2. Professional LOR

Academic LOR

So, you have passed out of college and planning for your higher studies abroad, now you will need an academic LOR that is, from the professors/HOD/Counselors/Principal or Dean of your college. You have to approach them and ask for the LOR.

They will highlight your academic performance, skills, projects you have worked on, co-curricular and extra curricular activities that will provide an answer to why you are a suitable candidate for a specific program at that university.

Professional LOR – LOR From Employer For Higher Studies

The Professional LOR is the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from employer for your higher studies

Many universities abroad require the applicants to have certain work experience before applying to a university.

Or you may have worked for a firm and now want to go for higher studies for various reasons. Here, is where professional LOR is of help.

A professional LOR is a written document from your Employer/Reporting Manager/Team Lead where they highlight your team work, communication skills, leadership skills, expertise and other relevant factors.

They may specify why you are a good candidate for the program and the university and how you have worked for the firm positively.

From where can you get a good LOR?

As the context of LOR suggests, a good LOR can come from people who know you well, have worked closely with you or have supervised you. These people can write a good LOR in detail presenting specific instances that will make your LOR stand out.

Certainly, It is better if you provide all the details of the program and university you are applying for.

Sample for LOR From Employer For Higher Studies

Let’s go through a sample for betting understanding (Considering you are applying for an MBA program)

To the Admissions Team

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is Neha Rawat, HR Manager at foreignadmits and I am extremely glad to recommend Swathi to your university. Swathi has been working as Talent Acquisition Specialist from 2 years for the firm. I am associated with her from the very moment she joined the firm as an intern. I have been a mentor to her and she has worked under my supervision.

She is a very hard working individual who is eager to learn new things and apply it practically. Our team was very impressed with her idea of using seminars and events as part of our talent acquisition to reduce costs. Not only did she propose the idea, but also planned and implemented it effectively.

Her patience is worth praise when she works as a part of a team ensuring that she fulfills all her responsibilities. As a mentor to her in her earliest days in the firm, I am proud to say that she had successfully understood her job role and worked diligently.

I am happy she wants to pursue an MBA to learn new things and put them into use. I am confident that she is a suitable candidate for the program and the university as she will learn a lot from the program. Feel free to contact me for any queries.

Thank you.



Name of the company

Contact Details


The LOR is a crucial document that can help you get in to your desired university. The LOR from employer for higher studies is a reliable and influential document during the decision making process. Make sure you reach out to the right persons and avoid certain mistakes while getting an LOR.

To get a detailed guidance on LOR and related queries, foreignadmits is of immense help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we obtain a letter of recommendation from our employer?

Ans. LORs can be obtained from teachers, university lecturers, school counsellors, or the headmaster for UG students. MS candidates can get reference letters from internship supervisors, college instructors, or the team leader or manager from the firm they employed at.

Q2. Is it possible to copy LOR?

Ans. Generally, yes. Letters (of any topic) are protected by copyright law. “How much copying is permissible in a letter of recommendation?” It is acceptable to copy from one’s own letter. 

Q3. Can we get LOR from co-workers?

Ans. Yeah. Anyone can write recommendation letter, but how that person’s input is valued, depends upon the receiver. A colleague has a better understanding of your abilities than a neighbour or a close friend.