Masters in Engineering Management in Germany

Masters in Engineering Management in Germany

Germany, a country known for fast cars and great engines has another great thing as well. Guess what!
MEM colleges. Masters in Engineering Management in Germany is a course that is now in high demand. And why won’t it be? When engineering principles are combined along with management principles, the result is great. Engineers, trust us, this course was designed just for you guys out there and no one does it better than Germany.

Engineering management students are always in search of a place that would offer them quality education with good jobs. Germany is the place then. If you plan to do your engineering management course from there itself, you made the right choice.

Reasons why Germany is the place for a Masters in Engineering Management

Great industry relationship

All the major universities in Germany have a symbiotic relationship with the industry. This means that they collaborate and work along to achieve common goals. The students get a chance to learn from the experts and it becomes easier for them to adopt emerging technologies.

Great colleges

In terms of infrastructure, Germany has some of the best engineering colleges. All the major universities have beautiful campuses that are worth boasting of. They also have good libraries and other support services such as career counseling. The teaching methodologies are also very advanced in nature.

Amazing opportunities

Germany is known for producing one of the best engineers in the world. It has over ten thousand engineering colleges. What this means is that you get a lot of job opportunities when it comes to selecting your career after graduating from these institutions. The presence of big companies ensures that top class jobs are offered to aspiring graduates

Low cost of study

The cost of studying in Germany is not very high. It is one of the lowest in Europe. If you get to study in a public university, the fees is extremely low compared to their private counterparts. Even private universities don’t charge a lot of fees.

No major language issue

The language barrier could be a concern for international students but since most of the courses are taught in English, it isn’t much of an issue. Additionally, you can learn German language here as well. A lot of colleges have German proficiency courses that help them master the language.

Low cost of living

There is no dearth of living and boarding facilities when it comes to Germany. You can get hostels that provide accommodation near all major universities at very cheap rates. This makes it much easier for international students to stay there and focus on their studies.

Great immigration policies

Germany is known to be very friendly when it comes to the immigration process and Indians are more than welcome. When you study at a German university and graduate from there, you will soon hold a Job Seeker Visa and a German Residence.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Engineering Management in Germany

Getting a MEM degree from Germany has its own set of rules and regulations. The following are the list of some of the documents that you need before applying.

Diploma/4-year Bachelor’s degree in Engineering

A candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from a recognized institution. The course of the Bachelor must be four years and it needs to include a final year project and an overall percentage of at least 65%. This research-based training is of great help in your role as an engineer.

English language proficiency

All universities need you to have a good command of the English language before they approve your application for admission. This is very important since most/all your courses will be taught in English. You can take the TOEFL or IELTS test to meet the language requirement.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation must be submitted by your seniors or colleagues. The person must hold a good position in the company and give you high remarks while writing the letter. It would be great if the letter of recommendation be from your professor or a person holding a great position in a company that you have worked for.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose must accompany your application. This is a short write-up that gives an idea about what you are looking forward to achieving in Germany and what you expect from the program. You can also mention where your interests lie and how these courses will help you to turn your passion into a career.

German Student Visa

To study in Germany, you need to have a valid visa. Most of the universities have their own application process so it is best that you go through their website to get a better idea. If you belong to India or any other country of SAARC, then you can apply online for a student visa and study in Germany.

Valid Passport

Obviously, a valid passport is of utmost necessity. All students need to have their passports before applying for the courses.
It would be impossible to get into a German university if you are an international student without having the above documents. The good news is that it isn’t too difficult to get all these ready. You can take help from your seniors and colleagues and get all the necessary documents ready before applying.

For a list of the complete set of documents, click here.

Top Colleges offering Masters in Engineering Management in Germany

Technical University Berlin

Having a QS World University Ranking of 148, the program is spread across 4 semesters. This gives you a great learning experience and also helps you to get a degree from a top-notch university. The tuition fee of the program is 81k INR. That’s it.

HTW Berlin

The course is spread across 3 semesters. A Bachelor’s degree of engineering is required to take this program. The fee for the course is about 12 lakh INR. Get ready to be immersed in the beauty of Berlin while studying at this university.

Technical University Munich

Are you ready to watch the iconic Bayern vs Dortmund match while studying at a university? If yes, then you can give a shot at the Technical University of Munich. The MEM course here is spread across 4 semesters and the university has got a QS World University ranking of 50. Well, education here is of a different level altogether, no doubt. Fees is almost negligible.

Hamburg University of Technology

The fees here is almost negligible as well. The course is spread across 4 semesters and you can get a chance to study in a major port city in Northern Germany.

Hector School of Engineering and Management

Ranked 131 in QS rankings, the fee for this course is 6.7 lakh INR per semester. Leaving the fees aside, the college is one of a kind. The program is spread across 4 semesters and you can expect some real quality knowledge from the same.

RWTH Aachen University

This college doesn’t have a tuition fee. Yes, you heard that correctly. You get to study in Germany for free. No wonder, the competition would be really tough here as well. The QS University ranking of 145 is not bad either.

IUBH University of Applied Sciences

It is a private accredited university. It provides a MEM program that combines deep tech knowledge with various management principles. Additionally, you can go into research here as well as it is well known for it.

Heilbronn University

Heilbronn University has one of the largest campuses in Germany. The course of Engineering Management here spreads across 3 semesters and you can expect the quality of education to be one notch above the rest.

FH Aachen

The college offers a MEM course that focuses on solving cross-disciplinary problems. You can find a job in a lot of technology oriented companies. The course is spread across 3 semesters and there is no tuition fee involved.

SRH Hochschule Berlin University

The MEM course here is spread across 4 semesters with an overall tuition fee of 5.7 lakhs. Being a private university, the course is very much affordable. Make sure you click some good pictures around Berlin if you plan to do this course in the near future. The picturesque campus will make it all the more interesting for you.


Masters in Engineering Management can be a great course to study in Germany. Make sure you plan your time accordingly and get all the documents ready. Most of these colleges require a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and hence, if you are currently in your undergrad focus on getting good grades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Germany a decent place to work in engineering management?

Ans. While the nation is well-known for its long technology history and car education, its engineering management programs are equally well-known across the world. Germany has a variety of colleges and institutes that provide engineering management degrees tailored to your individual requirements.

Q2. Which nation has the greatest master’s programs in engineering management?

Ans. The top nations for foreign students to study a Master of Engineering Management include the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Germany.

Q3. What does a university program in engineering management entail?

Ans. Professional engineers who wish to go into management often get a Master’s degree in Engineering Management. These programs assist engineers in developing the operational, personnel, and project management abilities required to manage units and run businesses.

Q4. How long has Masters been designing Germany?

Ans, Candidates must have an undergraduate or equivalent degree in an engineering-related area to apply for the Masters of Engineering in Germany, which is an extensive 18 – 24-month postgraduate program.

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