Should you go for MBA after BCA? : Complete Guide

Should you go for MBA after BCA? : Complete Guide

If you have completed your under graduation in BCA, then the question that definitely arises in the mind is, Should you go for MBA after BCA? How is it useful? and What is the career path?

As a matter of fact, MBA is a post graduate course that is open to students from all the fields as it encourages diversity. If you enroll yourself in an MBA program, you will find students from all the backgrounds studying management.

But, while choosing a post graduate program, it is natural to get confused considering the availability of wide range of options.

As we know, MBA is a reputed and most sought after post graduate program among the students. So, if you have completed your under graduation in a technical course like BCA, you will have two options.

Either, go for a post graduate in MCA/MIM/MCM and enhance your technical skills or enter into the management world.

How will you know if MBA after BCA is right for you?

To be honest, it depends on your interests and skills. Let us explain.

BCA, that is Bachelors in Computer Applications is a course which equips you with technical skills related to IT world. so, if you are interested in honing your technical skills and creating a career in IT world then a post graduate in computer applications is a way to go.

But, MBA after BCA is an option worth considering, if acquiring management and administration skills is what you crave for.

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Why MBA after BCA?

MBA is a high level course that imparts skills related to business management. It evolves the personality, critical thinking, problem solving skills and administration skills of the person which in turn opens a variety of career opportunities in the future.

One of the main reasons students choose MBA is that it provides diverse set of opportunities. It does not stereotype an individual into a particular field.

So, if you complete your MBA after BCA then you will have an advantage of technical(BCA) as well as managerial skills.

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What are the specializations that you can choose for MBA after BCA?

There are a lot of specializations that an MBA offers. With more fields emerging, there are more to come. Here are some specializations that would be a right fit for you.

  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship

How to get into an MBA program?

To get into the top business schools which will fetch you a high placement packages, it is very important for you to work hard towards your entrance tests and application process.

The most common entrance test for MBA is CAT (Common Admission Test). You need to get a really good percentile to get into top business schools.

These top business schools provide high quality education and pave way for lucrative job offers.


Evaluate your skills and interests. If you find yourself more inclined towards business management then MBA after BCA is the best option for you. It provides you with skills and a lot of opportunities to put it to use. After your under graduation, preparing for entrance exam and getting into a top class business school must be your priority if you are interested in MBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is MBA a decent option after BCA?

Ans. MBA is one of the top post-BCA job alternatives. MBA has been the most common and one of the best programmes offered to students after BCA. The lucrative income that MBA job titles give is a significant benefit.

Q2. Is MBA or MCA a better option following BCA?

Ans. A BCA graduate’s salary after MCA is higher than that of an MBA. If you have attributes like business management abilities, leadership, risk management, and so on, you should absolutely pursue an MBA program. Also, if a person has lost passion in the IT field after obtaining a BCA, he or she might pursue an MBA.

Q3. Is there a future for BCA?

Ans. A BCA graduate has a wide range of work opportunities as a Web Designer, Software Developer, System Manager, Web Developer, software tester, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, etc, based on the abilities learned throughout the BCA programme

Q4. Which BCA course pays the most?

Ans. Here is a list of positions available to BCA graduates, both new and seasoned, together with their salaries:

  • Software Designer
  • System Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Network Engineer

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