Difference between MBA and PGDM – Which One is Better?

Difference between MBA and PGDM – Which One is Better?

After every step in education comes a crossroad. You need to make decisions and ensure that you are choosing nothing but the best. For that, you should have a thorough knowledge of everything. Here, we have compiled a blog on the difference between MBA and PGDM. In the end, we have also resolved which one of them is better. Be sure to stay tuned.

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One similarity between these two is that they both are Management courses. Also, they are both postgraduate courses. Now let us see the differences between them.

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1. Diploma vs Masters

First and foremost, PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management while MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. The name itself clarifies that they are different courses. One is a diploma while the other is a full-fledged Masters’s program. Though they are different courses they are equally valued. The notion that a diploma doesn’t hold a value when compared to a degree is age-old. Here, in fact, PGDM is industry-oriented and focuses on skills. Further, it provides better exposure to the industry. Hence in my opinion it is better than an MBA but there are several other factors to compare.

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2. Difference between MBA and PGDM- Accreditation

While the MBA courses are accredited by the affiliated university the PGDM courses are accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Also, the PGDM courses are available in autonomous institutes like IIMs, MDI, XLRI, etc. Since PGDM courses are provided by autonomous institutes and small colleges. There are chances of fraud. You need to make sure that the college has the required accreditation. On the contrary, there are fewer chances of fraud in the case of an MBA.

3. MBA vs PGDM Expenses

Another difference between MBA and PGDM is the expenses. Usually, the MBA courses are far cheaper than PGDM. But this is not true for all institutes. You will find many expensive MBA courses too. Since the universities receive financial aid from the government they tend to be economical for students. In the case of investment in your, education an MBA is better than PGDM.

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4. Curriculum of MBA vs PGDM

The curriculum for MBA is designed by the university and hence it is very rigid. Meanwhile, there is flexibility in the PGDM syllabi as it keeps changing with the change in the requirement of the industry. However, the core subjects remain the same in both. In terms of the curriculum, PGDM is a clear winner.

5. The main focus of MBA vs PGDM

Though they have the same core subjects their focus is different. MBA focuses more on theoretical knowledge rather than practical skills. While PGDM focuses on practical skills and imparts industry-related knowledge. The chances of greater learning are in PGDM as they emphasize marketing-related skills. Once again PGDM has proved to be better than an MBA.

6. MBA vs PGDM- Duration

MBA takes 2 years while PGDM duration varies. It is approximately 1 to 2 years long.

With this, we come to end with the major differences between MBA and PGDM.

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Which is better- MBA or PGDM?

As you all are now familiar with all the differences you can decide for yourself. Several factors govern this decision but the most important ones among them are the curriculum, focus, and fee.

The curriculum of PGDM is fast-paced and industry/market-oriented. Though it has the same core subjects as the MBA, it is flexible and upgrades according to the demands of the market. Hence it is beneficial to take PGDM over the old-school MBA.

The focus of PGDM is on skills and it develops the student for the industry. The course is far better in terms of the focus and curriculum. Both the MBA and PGDM have direct placements. Industries look up to students for better practical knowledge and performance which is achieved in PGDM. In contrast, MBA is theoretical. It has less focus on developing skills or connecting the gap between students and industry.

The most important factor is the investment of both time and money. Though PGDM is less time-consuming, it is expensive as compared to the MBA. Considering the placement history and salary of PGDM students, the ROI (Return Of Investment ) is high and the fee can be covered easily.

One con of PGDM is that the chances of fraudulence are present. This means that you need to be careful while applying to the college and check its accreditation. Apart from these factors, there is no difference in getting a job for both MBA and PGDM. If you have opted for a reputed B school then you are bound to get a good start at jobs and recruitment.

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In the end, it all comes down to the individual’s circumstances and financial status. Thus, to get personalized opinion and counseling contact us. Deciding on further studies is a serious matter. Hence, chose wisely and enjoy the fruit of it later.

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