MBA in Design Strategy and Innovation – Complete Guide

MBA in Design Strategy and Innovation – Complete Guide

Masters in Business Administration is a top-rated post-graduate course among fresh graduates. This program offers various specialisations to its students, marketing, sales, international business, information technology, human resources, finance management, and other traditional disciplines that students can choose in their second MBA year.

Other than the traditional options available to MBA students, the World University of Design brings to you a Masters in Business Administration course in Design strategy and Innovation. These two are very different aspects of two various industries, and this university tries to bring them together and make a compelling qualification for the students.

Before we tell you the specifications of this course, let us look at what design strategy and innovation are.

What is Design Strategy?

Strategy plays an important, if not critical, role in the success and outcome of goals and plans. This is true of business, life, career, and its foundational training for the military.

Design Strategy describes the nexus between corporate strategy and design thinking. Corporate strategy is the traditional method that businesses and other similar entities use to identify, plan, and achieve their long-term objectives and goals.

Design Thinking is a methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems by engaging the end-users.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is a process by which a domain, a product, or a service is renewed and brought up to date by applying new approaches, introducing new techniques, or establishing successful ideas to create new value.

Organisations have several options to increase their competitiveness: they can strive for price leadership or develop a differentiation strategy. In both cases, innovation is essential.

Bringing these two powerful concepts together creates a dynamic course that proves to be very attractive on resumes and helps you get into your dream company.

The World University of Design (WUD) presents this course and ensures the following skills to be acquired by students by the end of this unique course:

  • Understand and map the opportunities and design transformational strategies.
  • Manage innovation and new business development in a diverse sector.
  • Will be equipped with skills to enter any industry, enterprise or even make exceptional start-ups CEO.

Applying design and innovation in any business form will transform it, and this what will be taught in-depth in this course.

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Application Procedure

Below we have mentioned the application process of admission into the MBA Design Strategy and Innovation course provided by the World University of Design:


Students will need to send the completed application form available on the website and the application fee mentioned for this particular course.


The students shall appear in the aptitude test with the Admit Cards made available online. The students shall be shortlisted based on their performance, and the list of students qualifying for the next stage would be announced online.


The student will appear in a personal interview conducted by a panel. The interview panel will ask questions related to the field of study selected by the student. One may also showcase creative evidence (portfolio, drawings, photographs, crafts etc.) in hard copy for efficiency.


The authority will make successful candidates an offer of admission to join WUD. The request will be sent via email. Details regarding payment of fees at the time of entry will include allotment of Hostel and date, time, and venue to commence the academic session in the admission letter.

The offer of admission will be valid only for the particular programme opted for by the candidate in the given academic session.

However, a request for a programme change may be considered after the first semester, subject to seats’ availability.

In acceptance of the offer of admission to WUD, the candidates will have to appear in person at the campus and original documents for verification and pay the required fees.

Fees of MBA in Artificial intelligence, design thinking and data analytics

The fee structure of this two-year MBA course is given below:

1st year: 4,72,500 INR

2nd year: 4,72,500 INR

The curriculum of this course

The syllabus and curriculum of this specific MBA course are given below:

Academic Area1 SEM2 SEM3 SEM4 SEM
Concentration Areas (Choose one)
DS and I – Design Strategy and InnovationDesign ManagementIPR and Business Model InnovationInnovation ManagementCapstone Project
DS and I – Design Strategy and InnovationPrinciples of DesignStrategy and InnovationStart-Up and New Venture ManagementCapstone Project Documentation and Jury
DS and I – Design Strategy and InnovationDesign Pricing and Cost controlHuman-Centred DesignSystems Design 

Our complete guide was pursuing an MBA in Design Strategy and Innovation from the World University of Design, Haryana.

We genuinely hope this blog helped you make an informed decision. For further questions and assistance, you may get in touch with our counselors at ForeignAdmits.

Good luck!