MBBS in Belize – Complete Guide

MBBS in Belize – Complete Guide

You must’ve heard about MBBS in Ukraine to MBBS in Philippines to all the mainstream countries opted by international students. But ever wondered how it would be like to study MBBS in Belize- the Caribbean, Central America, the place of culture and nature’s beauty?

Does it hold any value for the degrees it produces? What’s the scope of even studying MBBS in Belize? Central America is not all drug and cartels, in fact the last few years have been a strong growth for the education sector in Central America, especially Belize as it is one of its major cities.

Belize: The Hidden Gem

What’s in it for you? Studying MBBS in Belize means you get to learn the same syllabus as the US students while having a globally accepted degree at a very cost efficient price. The medium of teaching is English hence, encouraging international applicants.

Belize is not as laid back as you might be thinking because of its world class education facilities. Though, it has recently been climbing ranks for their education. Getting a degree from Belize means it’s easy for you to land a job anywhere in the world.


AgeMust be 17-25 years
Course Duration6 years
Degree valueMCI approved (same value as India)
Average Tuition Fees4-8 Lakhs per annum
Marks obtained in 12th standard50% or above in PCB + English
NEET ScoreNeed to qualify NEET
SAT/ACT ScoresNot required
English Proficiency TestNot required

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Belize

Make sure to check the requirements for each and every individual college as it varies. It is very important to know the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Belize. These are few of the eligibility criteria one must fulfil to be able to study medicine in Belize:

  • Firstly, you need to have completed 17 years before 31st December
  • Secondly, you do not need to have a 90-95 in your 12th boards. You only need 50% in physics, biology and chemistry along with English as a compulsory subject.
  • Thirdly, there are no additional exams required to study in Belize but you need to qualify in NEET to be able to study there.
  • No need to pass any English Proficiency Tests to study MBBS in Belize.

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Documents required to study MBBS in Belize

  • Application form of the university- filled with genuine information.
  • 12th board certification and mark-sheet of a recognized board.
  • Proof of 50% score in physics, chemistry, biology and English.
  • NEET mark-sheet
  • A copy of a global passport with a validity period of no less than a year with a preference for two years or more.
  • A copy of your birth certificate.
  • 6 passport sized photos.

Top MCI-recognized Universities to Study MBBS in Belize

Here are the top Universities for medicine in Belize that are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI):

  • Columbus Central University
  • Central America Health Sciences University
  • Washington University of Health and Science

Studying in Belize requires a student visa like every other country and below are the steps on obtaining a student visa:

Fee Structure of Belize Medical Colleges

Here is an average fees structure of colleges to study MBBS in Belize:

CollegesAnnual Tuition FeesAnnual Accommodation charges
Columbus Central University  7.5 Lakhs3 Lakhs
Central America Health Sciences University  5.5 Lakhs3.5 Lakhs
Washington University of Health and Science  8.3 Lakhs3.6 Lakhs
MBBS in Belize

How to Apply

The admission procedure for MBBS in Belize is direct and needs no clearing of entrance exam (except for NEET). You need to visit the official site of the university you are applying for and fill the online application form. Admission procedure happens on the basis of your eligibility criteria as well as the availability of seats.

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Benefits to study MBBS in Belize

No entrance tests

On the other hand, unlike a number of other countries, as a medical student, you do not need to pass any entrance examination. Though, you do need to clear NEET exam. This may be one of the reasons why a huge number of international students apply to study MBBS in Belize. To study MBBS in Belize, one does not require writing any entrance examinations and can go via pathways each college is affiliated with.

Low Tuition Fees

The tuition fees to study MBBS in Belize are quite low. Indian students can easily afford tuition fees of Ukrainian medical colleges as it is lower than most of the private medical institutions of India.

World-wide acceptance

Acceptance to medical degrees from Belize is worldwide hence allowing one to practice medicine anywhere in Belize and globally. There is a total of 3 MCI approved medical colleges in Belize that you should consider taking admission in.

Quality Education

Belize provides best quality education at a very affordable price. Its high-graded research and exquisite campuses are value for the money invested. Most importantly, you will get a global experience from sharing a classroom with your peers coming from different parts of the world.  MBBS in Belize can give you all of that at a very affordable price.


Belize being a city rich with Mayan culture in its history is proving that its glory doesn’t just lie in ancient times but rather in the education of modern times. Pack your bags; ready your minds because Belize is easily accessible by any neighbouring major countries including USA and Mexico. The cost of living is not very expensive as students can opt to stay in campus hostels and apply for scholarships.

All the best to the students who wish to pursue MBBS in Belize and get a global experience of studying medicine from abroad!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the requirements for admission to the MBBS programme in Belize?

Ans. Documents necessary for MBBS studies in Belize are as follows:

  • Fill out the university’s registration form with accurate information.
  • Mark-sheet and certification from a recognised 12th board.
  • Evidence of a 50% average in physics, biology, chemistry, and English.
  • NEET grade sheet

Q2. Is Belize a decent destination for foreign students?

Ans. Belize’s geographical location among Guatemala, Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea making it an ideal tropical tourist attraction. It is also becoming a country that attracts a number of students from neighbouring nations to seek university education.

Q3. Is MBBS in Belize a good degree?

Ans. The MBBS program in Belize has long been regarded as among the world’s best owing to its excellent facilities available to both domestic and international students. It was made feasible by combining world-class technological facilities with the top clinical instructors.

Q4. What exactly are MCI-approved medical universities?

Ans. MCI clearance ensures that colleges satisfy the criteria and are suitable for candidates to study in. The Medical Council aims to keep medical standards of education high for Indian students.

Q5. Can international candidates work in Belize?

Ans. It is likely to work for particular hours during the week when attending college for higher studies. Aside from that, students can work full-time as well as make a good living on weekends. As a result, a student visa grants you the opportunity to work hard and earn money while educating in most developed nations.