MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA

MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA

Browser Assistive Technologies, Customer Service Chatbots, Digital Marketing, and Google Maps are only a scant bit of how A.I. has improved our quality of life. And that’s barely scratching the surface. A.I. is a prevalent topic for international students to study overseas. The program content and format of an A.I. degree will be different from university to university. It’s pretty standard for A.I. to be combined with other subjects like CS or robotics. Therefore, keeping your interest in our mind, we have come up with a list of colleges that offer MS in Artificial Intelligence.

Top colleges offering MS in Artificial Intelligence

1. University of Southern California

The Master of Science in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) provide students with rigorous practice on artificial intelligence theories and applications. Some of them are machine learning, statistics, computer vision, NLP, and robotics.

2. Boston University

The 8-course (32-credit) M.S. in A.I. program is geared toward students with a CS undergraduate degree. The program also prepares students to work as AI Engineers in IT companies or pursue a Ph.D. The college also welcomes those with equivalent experience and students with gaps in their computing background as well. Just make sure that your academic record is good enough.

3. Stanford University

The MS program is excellent preparation for a career as a computer professional or for a future entry into a Ph.D. Admission to the CS Department is very competitive. For instance, each year approximately 3,000 apply for their graduate and post-graduate program. It is recommended that all parts of the application is given equal importance. Additionally, strong research groups exist in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Foundations of Computer Science, Scientific Computing, and Systems.

4. Northwestern University

Students in this specialization learn how to move from the traditional applied statistics models to contemporary data-adaptive models employing machine learning. Students also learn how to implement solutions in computer vision, natural language processing, and software robotics. Moreover, as an introduction to artificial intelligence, this course illustrates probability-rule-based generative models and discriminative models for learning from data. It reviews artificial intelligence applications and deep learning in vision and language processing. Furthermore, this is a project-based course with extensive programming assignments.

5. Franklin college of arts and sciences (University of Georgia)

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree program is offered by the interdisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Areas of specialization include automated reasoning, cognitive modeling, neural networks and genetic algorithms. Others include expert databases, expert systems, knowledge representation, logic programming, and NLP. International students must also submit results of the TOEFL and a statement of financial support.

Graduate assistantships, including a monthly stipend and remission of tuition, are available. In addition, Assistantships require approximately 13-15 hours per week and permit the holder to carry an entire academic program of graduate work.

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