One year courses in Canada

One year courses in Canada

Time has always been a limited constraint in this world and we should make use of it as much as possible. Every minute is extremely valuable and should be used to the full. But why are we saying all this and what has one year courses in Canada got to do with it?

There is a reason behind everything. And the reason here is that some intellectuals actually found out that certain things can be taught within 365 days instead of 730. And this is how one year courses were born.

But which country was the flagbearer of it?

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Many were there but Canada often topped the list. The one year courses in Canada are designed in such a way that students will learn the same volume of knowledge as they would garner within, let’s say two years, where the second year is often spent in thinking about where you should take your crush out on a date.

We have a great solution for that. Take her out to the library.


Less humans and more intellect. That’s what a library is all about.

Coming to libraries, did you know that Canadian universities have some of the best libraries in the world?

But for that, you need to move there, right? And in order to do so, you need to get admitted there. For that, all you need to do is keep on reading the blog to know more about the one year courses in Canada.

Why one year courses in Canada are better than two year ones?

More knowledge in less time

Do we actually need around 730 days to learn something? Does it make sense to spend that much time on learning stuff, which after some time will be forgotten? Isn’t the idea of getting a degree is to get more knowledge in less time? Be it any course, you know that a lot of knowledge can be earned within a year.

These one-year courses are designed in such a way that they are some of the best in the business. The amount of knowledge that you will gain from one year is more than sufficient for you. The rest, you can learn while at your job.

Exams aren’t scary anymore

No need to worry about semesters and trimesters because the one year courses in Canada are made up of the same amount of study material that would have been covered in two years. Lesser workload, lesser exams. Just one year is what it takes to get the best out of the blue.

The fewer exams you take, the lesser the stress, the happier you will be. You start your job after a year and get your first appraisal within a year. Isn’t that better than two solid years of grinding in the classroom?

Lesser tuition fees

One of the most important reasons why people study abroad is because studying in foreign countries is expensive. But for those who don’t know, Canada has some really low tuition fees as compared to other countries like Australia and UK.

So now you can save a lot of money by choosing to do one year courses in Canada as opposed to two years abroad.

Brighter future with work visas

The job market in Canada is literally brighter than that of any other country. Not only is the education system better but also, one year courses in Canada are more valuable than two years ones in most countries because employers prefer to groom their candidates in their own way.

Also, almost all Universities in Canada offer work visas along with their courses which enables international students to get work experience even if they are not Canadian citizens.

Best one year courses in Canada

McMaster University

This university has consistently ranked in the top 100 of all the universities in the world and is one of the best research-intensive universities. The university consists of three Nobel prize winners and some amazing business leaders and technological innovators. It also ranked first in Good Health & Well-Being, Decent Work & Economic Growth and Partnerships.

MSc. Computer Science

This computer science degree is a one year programme that focuses on the fundamentals of the subject and how it contributes to society. The course comprises subjects that focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspect of things.


The Masters in Management degree is basically a one year programme focusing on newbie graduates with minimal work experience. More economical than a traditional MBA degree, this MIM course is a great way to enter a management program in a shorter time.

Technology Diploma

A diploma for people who want those additional skills out there in the market, this one year course in technology is the newest offering by McMaster University. This programme focuses on all aspects of technology and helps students to get a career in the industry of their choice.

Carleton University

The cultural diversity at Carleton University is immense with students from over 100+ countries out there. It has over 65 degree programs with over 50+ disciplines. It is constantly among the top-ranked universities when it comes to undergraduate teaching methodologies. With a beautiful campus and amazing faculty, this university actually feels like home.

M.E. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a booming field and this one year programme is filled with practical courses, seminars and field trips. The programme focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects of engineering and is a great gateway to the industry you choose.

Graduate Diploma in Health

The growing need for public health has opened up great job opportunities for aspiring health care professionals. This one year graduate diploma opens the door to your dream career.

M.A. in Communication

This course analyzes the diverse ways in which communities are mediated, creating multiple windows for understanding the world. It has specializations like African studies, Data Science and Climate Change as well.

M.E. in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is an exciting career that focuses on the application of science and mathematical principles to aircraft, spacecraft, satellites as well as missiles. This one-year course opens up a great career in this field.

University of Toronto

If you are reading multiple blogs on Canada, this University has definitely caught your attention. A public research university, it is one of the oldest universities in Canada and can be recognized as a global leader in education. You name a great course and this university has it all.

One Year Executive MBA

If you have got enough experience and want a stellar increase in your CTC, then this course is for you. The robust business training and leadership skills will accelerate your career to levels you can’t even imagine.

Masters of Arts in Psychology

This training in psychology will help you in areas like behavioral neuroscience, perception and cognitive abilities and societal and personality development.

M.E. Civil Engineering

The civil engineering course here will teach you advanced tactics for recent graduates looking to get right into the industry. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for real-time problem solving and students can customize their degree by choosing from multiple areas of emphasis.

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