Study In Italy Without IELTS – All you need to know!

Study In Italy Without IELTS – All you need to know!

Italy has a wide range of excellent academic institutions with good quality of education. It provides students with great exposure and opportunities, and that is one of the primary reasons it had become a choice for many international students .the country has excellent architecture. Some of the world’s oldest universities, furthermore the tuition fee is meagre compared to other countries.  The primary factor that attracts international students to study in Italy is that many universities do not require language tests such as the IELTS or TOEFL, making it easier to secure admission to an Italian university.

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There are various scholarships available for international students pursuing bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degrees. The Italian government sponsors these scholarships on an annual basis.  However, few colleges require an IELTS score. So before applying to any university, make sure to check their requirements detail.

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This article will provide you with a complete guide on how to study in Italy without IELTS. We shall provide you with a list of the best universities in Italy that take admission without IELTS.

Application process

  • The first step in the application process is to decide the degree course you are interested in and start looking up for universities that take admission without IELTS.
  • You can also lookup the ranking of the universities.
  • Then you must apply online for the colleges you have chosen through their online portals.
  • No language proficiency will be required if your previous degree or high school education has been in English medium.
  • The Students must submit an official declaration or certificate printed on headed and stamped paper as proof that their previous education was conducted in English.
  • Once you clear these all steps, some universities might take an online test or video interview. This step is done once the university has approved your application.

The main aim of the interview is to check your ability to communicate in English. This interview will be of utmost importance as through this interview. The university shall evaluate you and give you admission.

List of Universities to Study in Italy without IELTS

Tuition Fee Costs and Scholarships in Italy

One of the primary reasons international students choose to study in Italy is its affordable living compared to other countries. The tuition fees in Italian universities are very low, ranging approximately between 250-300 EUR. Many universities and the Italian government offer a variety of scholarships for students wishing to study in Italy.

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Scholarships offered by some of the universities

EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

Students including non-EU international students enrolled in a full-time Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Single Cycle Master’s degree, or PhD Degree courses at one of the Universities of Piedmont

Application Fee Waivers
Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

The University of Bologna offers up to 48 study grants to deserving international students who wish to register for Single and Second Cycle Degree Programmes at the University of Bologna.

University of Pavia International Scholarships for Developing Country Students

The Fund and the selection of the students are managed by a Committee of students, professors and officers. The Committee will select – among the applicants – the students who will receive a scholarship for the Academic Year.

Bocconi Merit and International Awards

Bocconi University offers merit-based scholarships to international students enrolling in any eligible Bachelors Program or Master of Science Program at Bocconi. The scholarship includes a half to full tuition waiver worth up to €12,000 per year for the Bachelor’s Program and up to €13,000 per year for the Master’s of Science Program.

Politecnico de Milano Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students

Politecnico de Milano offers many merit-based scholarships to the most talented international candidates admitted to a Master of Science programme. Students obtaining a scholarship will have to pay only an administrative fee of about €200.

University of Padova Scholarships for All Degree Courses

The University of Padova can handle regional funds to finance low-income students, both Italian and foreign, who have an excellent academic record and pursuing a degree at the University.  The scholarship consists partly of money and partly of services, such as accommodation or meals at the university canteens.

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Important FAQs

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1. What are the opportunities for studying in Italy?

The universities in Italy give students a wide variety of opportunities to study almost anything. Art and art history are popular fields of study in most of the universities in Italy. Also, the tuition fees of Italian university and colleges are amongst the most economical for both domestic and international students.

2. Is Italy an excellent place to study?

Yes, it is one of the best places to study abroad; it is pretty affordable and has a high quality of education. Moreover, Italy has world-class cities. It is also an excellent place to learn about art and an international centre for education. Italy also has other places like Florence and Milan, central in fashion, art, commerce, history, and architecture.