Top 10 places to study literature & language abroad

Top 10 places to study literature & language abroad


One of the main reasons why students want to study overseas is that universities abroad are not like universities in India. The fact that students can select the subjects they are passionate about just adds to the attractiveness. Different course names, on the other hand, raise a different kind of concern. There are various alternatives, even if a student in India can just choose to pursue a BA or an MA in English language.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 places to study English literature and language abroad and also well known courses in English language that you can apply for. 

Columbia University 

Location- New York City, United States 

QS World University Rankings- 22nd 

Postgraduate program- 36

Columbia University offers PG programs in various fields like Business & Management, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences & Medicine, English language & Literature, Natural Sciences & Social Sciences & Management etc. 

University of California

Location- Los Angeles (UCLA), United States 

QS World University Rankings- 44th 

Postgraduate program- 1

University of California offers Executive MBA, Computer Science, English Language & English Literature, Econometrics and quantitative economics, Electrical and electronics engineering, Business administration and management etc.

The University of Edinburgh 

Location- Central Campus, Edinburgh United Kingdom 

QS World University Ranking- 15th 

Postgraduate programs- 314

The University of Edinburgh offers 300 masters courses and 135 research areas. The courses offered are Biological sciences, Chemistry, Law, Mathematics, History, Physics etc, in English language. 

Princeton University 

Location- Princeton United States 

QS World University Ranking- 16th 

Student opportunities to pursue hobbies outside of academic study, such as writing for a literary publication, learning the science of beekeeping, or singing with an a cappella group, abound at residential colleges, which provide a variety of academic, social, cultural, and recreational programmes.

Stanford University 

Location- Stanford United States 

QS World University Ranking- 3rd 

Postgraduate programs- 13 

With 18 interdisciplinary research institutes and seven schools, including the Graduate School of Business, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Comparative English, Graduate School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Humanities and Sciences, Law School, and School of Medicine, Stanford has one of the largest university campuses in the US, spanning 8,180 acres.

Yale University 

Location- New Haven United States 

QS World University ranking- 18th 

Postgraduate programs- 131

More than 70 major options are available at Yale University. Students declare their majors at the start of their sophomore year, and these options vary from the sciences to the humanities, from physics or applied mathematics to classics, art, or African-American studies.

University of California

Location- berkeley United States 

QS World University Ranking- 27th

Postgraduate program- 1

The University of California, Berkeley offers 100 graduate programs with fields of study including: Architecture, Art, Business administration, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, Comparative English, Education, Journalism, Law, Mathematics, Social Welfare, Urban Design etc. 

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Harvard University 

Location- Cambridge United States

QS World University Ranking- 5th 

Postgraduate program- 24

There are 49 concentrations available at Harvard, many of which are interdisciplinary, and there is no set curriculum; instead, students have the freedom to design their own to pursue their own academic objectives.

University of Cambridge 

Location- Cambridge United Kingdom

QS World University Ranking- 2nd 

Postgraduate program- 131

More than 65 subjects are covered by the 30 undergraduate programmes Cambridge provides, ranging from chemical engineering to English language, mathematics, medicine, and classics. Unusual for a UK university, undergraduate programmes initially cover the field fairly broadly before providing a wide range of opportunities for specialisation later on.

University of Oxford

Location- Wellington Square, Oxford United Kingdom

QS World University Ranking- 4th 

Postgraduate program- 350

There are four academic divisions within Oxford University: Humanities, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences; Medical Sciences; and Social Sciences. The university’s particular strength is the sciences, and it is ranked number one in the world for medicine.


The beauty of studying in a different country lies in the freedom it offers. For now, the world is your oyster and you can decide what kind of story you want to tell by choosing the right course. There are many top-notch institutes that offer courses such as Modern English Literature and Creative Writing. Make sure to research carefully before enrolling so that you don’t end up spending time on a course that doesn’t give you what you hoped for.

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