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Top Private Universities in France


France is a dream destination for students who opt for higher education. It’s because universities in France have a thoughtful and ingenious approach to attracting new students. That’s the foremost reason why universities in France are ranked within the world’s top 300. The qualification to be within the top 300 consists of several reasons, which are the academic performance of students and teachers, research impact, and much more. 

It’s easy to get lost in the charm of a university in France and make the wrong choices. We’ve provided you with a detailed analysis of each college along with their best courses. 

Paris Sciences et Letters Research University (PSL)

PSL is ranked first among the private universities in France and 52nd in the world. This brilliant college was formed in the year 2010 and consists of 9 colleges affiliated with it. 

PSL enjoys a huge and dynamic employer reputation indicator score and ranks 20th in the world. The university has strong links with prestigious universities and employers to provide the best opportunities to the students. 

To apply for PSL, do it via Parcours Up or you can also follow the Demande d’admission prealable procedure. 

Courses in Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University (PSL)

  1. Master’s degree. 
  2. Bachelor’s degree.

Sorbonne University 

Sorbonne University was formed by merging Paris Sorbonne University and Pierre and Marie Curie University. It has achieved a rank of 83rd in the world. 

The academic reputation has grown over the years which brings this university to 42nd ranking in the world. 

For university-level courses, you need to be B2 or higher in French according to CEFRL to get admitted to the top university in France.   

Courses at Sorbonne University 

  1. Bachelor’s degree 
  2. Master’s degree 

It is offered in various domains like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Computer Science, and so on. 

ENS Paris-Scaly 

ENS Paris-Saclay has recently made it under the world’s top 100, having the highest score on the faculty-student ratio indicator. 

The university has also shifted its base to the most popular “Silicon Valley” which makes the environment research and business oriented. 

It requires candidates to have studied for at least one year in a UG program of a foreign university and must have achieved brilliant marks. 

Courses in ENS Paris-Saclay 

  1. 3 years undergraduate degree course 
  2. General English language program 
  3. Program to prepare to upskill students 
  4. 1 year International Research, Higher Education and Research, Interface, and Artificial Intelligence programs. 

Université de Paris 

The location of Universite de Paris is what drives students towards it. Located in the capital of France, it is a merger of Universite Paris Descartes, Universite Paris Diderot, and The Paris Institute of Earth Physics. 

You will need Campus France authorization for studying at Universite de Paris. Along with that, you will also need passport or ID card verification done to get admitted to this top private university in France. 

Courses in Universite de Paris 

  1. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in various science-related domains 
  2. Master’s degree in Humanities and social sciences 
  3. Master’s degree in Public health

Ecole des Pont’s Paris Tech 

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech has a minimum of 2000 students studying there. It is also a founding member of ParisTech. 

Being one of the smallest French Universities, it ranks 242nd in the world currently. 

An aggregate of 55% or 2 GPA is required to get admission to Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. 

Courses in Ecole des Ponts ParisTech 

  1. Masters Programs in Applied Mathematics, Energy, Solid Mechanics, and so on. 
  2. Engineering and Technology, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Management. 

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) 

  1. How can I apply to top private Universities in France?

Each college has its specific official website where students can enrol themselves in various courses. 

  1.  Do I need to know French to study in France?

You need not be fluent in French to study in France. Various Universities provide courses in the English language. 

  1. Are tuition fees very expensive to study in France? 

France provides educational content at nominal costs, very low compared to other universities in different countries. 

  1. Is IELTS necessary to study in France? 

No, you can pursue your studies in France without an IELTS certificate. 

  1. Where to apply for scholarships?

You can do it by visiting the official websites of respective universities. 

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