Top Public Universities In FRANCE

Top Public Universities In FRANCE

Do you want to know about how amazing and economical the public universities in France are? If we say that France is one of the most beautiful places to visit, then we won’t be saying wrong. France depicts the aesthetic values as well as modern architecture along with low cost living. Also, there are many public universities which are cheap and affordable.

Here are some facts about France –

  • It is one of the largest countries of Europe.
  • Great tourist’s destination.
  • Amazing delicacies
  • Divided into 22 official regions.
  • French and English are more commonly spoken.
  • Currency is Euro.

France as an Educational Country:

In addition to the beauty it offers, France is an amazing country for studies. It’s colleges offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral courses. Moreover, France welcomes people from all over the countries and of diverse ages to come and attend best Universities. Their quality of education is high and the subjects are taught in both French and English.

Why Public Universities in France?

If you are someone who is looking for good education but at the same time do not want to spend a large amount of money, then the Public Universities in France are a perfect choice for you.

The Public Universities here offers you excellent education with low tuition fee. Yes, it is true. In France, though some universities may have quite a tuition fee but again many scholarships are offered to students and with that they can easily access the education

Benefits for study:

There are many reasons to choose France for education. Some of them are-

  • It offers good level of education.
  • Medium of study is both French and English.
  • Many universities in each region of country.
  • Provides full-time as well as part-time education.
  • Numerous public as well as private institutions.
  • Cost of living is not high.

Public Universities in France:

Here we are providing you with the list of top 10 Public Universities in France-


  1. PSL Research University – Gained university status in 2019. It provides Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as PhD diplomas and has 11 constituent schools.
  2. Paris-Saclay University – Offers undergrad to PhD degree courses and is recognized for quality education. It also offers financial aid in terms of many scholarships.
  3. Sorbonne University – It is a university providing range of multidisciplinary subjects. Around 53k students are enrolled in many subjects.
  4. University of Paris – Newly formed and have different range of subjects. It is home to 63k students and is very good in research work.


  1. Aix Marseille University – Favors research and trainings. Established 15 institutional institutes. Offers wide range of subjects and is home to many international students.


  1. University of Grenoble Alpes – It is a one of the largest university in France. Provides good quality studies in numerous subjects. Considered best for Science and Technology. it offers short term/certification courses in addition to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree.


  1. University of Strasbourg – Comes under largest universities in France and is a research focused institute. It covers all the fields of higher education.


  1. University of Montpellier – It is the 6th largest university in France offering wide variety of subjects. It’s main focus is on Science and technology.


  1. Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 – It is a university of personal upliftment. It provides innovative learning whereby students learn their own career path. Also a research oriented institute, it offers health and sports in addition to science and technology.


  1. University of Bordeaux – It was newly established in 2014 by integrating 3 universities. It is one of the top universities in France with quality education. It is a third largest in France with more than 50k students.


France is a country which offers. Firstly low cost of living along with high quality education. Secondly, the public universities in France are among the top universities which provide multidisciplinary courses and are highly research oriented. Thirdly, many International students from all over the world come and study here.

Moreover, the scenic beauty of this country will add to your stay and beautiful memories.

Also, the teachers teach many of subjects in English. In other words, along with French and English are two majorly speaking course languages.

In conclusion, France is one of the best choices to opt for studies and a student must look for studying in France as a good career option.