Top Private Universities in FRANCE

Top Private Universities in FRANCE

France is one of the best country to study. Both Private as well as Public Universities are there. Moreover, the culture, food and easy living makes it an ideal place to go for higher studies.

Why consider Private Universities?

Although private universities costs you a lot still many people choose them over public universities. There could be some reasons why this happens-

  • Good infrastructure.
  • Better facilities
  • Good faculties
  • Large area for sports
  • Bigger classroom sizes
  • Better co-curricular activities and many more.

Are Private Universities worth?

No doubt ! Private universities offers great quality education with top class faculties and facilities. They also promote higher extra activities apart from education. Moreover, they are more focused towards research and have well equipped, world class labs or at-least better labs than the Private ones.

Private Universities in France:

There are many private universities in France but the tuition fee is higher .

Here is the list of top 10 Private universities region-wise-Curious about Private Universities in France


  1. ESCP Business school – It has total 6 campuses in whole Europe and is among the best business schools in country. It offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA degrees.
  2. The American University of Paris – It is an institute with multi-disciplinary courses and believes in student’s intellect, therefore, improving a child’s critical thinking.
  3. Catholic Institute of Paris – It is one of the oldest institutes and offer Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as Doctoral degrees. It follows Liberal ideology and is recognized by European higher education. The degree are accepted at both National as well as European level. Moreover, it offers Canonical as well as it’s own diplomas.
  4. HEC – It is one of the top business school in France located close to Paris. The faculty teaches Bachelor’s, Master’s and different kind of MBA by keeping in mind the outside world.
    It is a large campus with 6 restaurant for students to have their meals and great infrastructure. It offers large sporting grounds and a lush green environment .


  1. Higher school of Economics and Commercial Sciences – It teaches courses in both French as well as in English language. It is one of the prestigious institutes and offers degree in Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA. It promotes innovative ideas and productive thinking.


  1. Grenoble school of Management– It teaches students the skills and innovation to lead their way in corporate world. One of the finest institute of Management, it offers the students high quality education. They mold the person according to the world through innovation and research.


  1. Emylon Business School – It is ranked among top 3 business schools in France and it offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA degree. It promotes high level of education and focuses on entrepreneurship approaches.

    *It has 3 campuses in total and these are located in Paris, Saint-Etienne and one in Ecully (outside Lyon).


  1. KEDGE Business School – It is a triple accredited institutes and ranks among top 10 private institutes in France. It has more campuses located in different areas of country. It keeps in mind the international approaches and therefore, it design their syllabus accordingly.
    The admissions are done on the basis of entrance examinations and the selection is not easy and to lower the tuition fee, many scholarships are there for students.


  1. SKEMA Business School – It is a medium sized institution with students around 7-8k. It is a co-educational institute which offers degree courses in Bachelor’s as well as Master’s. It also provide financial aid, housing facility, exchange programs, distance education and many more facilities.
    The selection for students is through entrance exams.


  1. NEOMA Business School – It was formed in 2013 and is one of the top business schools in France. The language of course is English and there are 3 campuses in total in different areas. It has a record of great employability and teaches the students necessary skills for jobs in corporate world.