MIM for Non-Engineers – A good career choice?

MIM for Non-Engineers – A good career choice?

The majority of MIM programs demand that applicants have a bachelor’s degree in any subject. The huge influx of engineers in our country has made us believe that non-engineers don’t have a chance in this degree but that is not true. MIM for Non-Engineers is an equally good choice for engineering grads. Students with a background in the arts or social sciences can also apply for a MIM degree.

Why MIM for Non-Engineers is a great career choice?

There are numerous benefits to earning a master’s degree in management. For example, as part of the admissions process, you are not required to have years of work experience. Students pursuing a MIM degree get a wealth of leadership and management skills through internships and practical experiences.

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The Master of Management (MiM) is a wide business management degree that teaches the bread-and-butter leadership and technical abilities — strategy, accounting, and so on — that top companies regard highly.

Although the employment market has been bleak in recent years especially in India, MIM degree, particularly for non-engineers has given fresh graduates a new option: continuing their education for a second degree. Many recent grads who can’t find full-time work with just a bachelor’s degree are enrolling in the program.

Time and opportunity to enroll in a master’s degree in arts are not the only factors at play. Traditionally, graduate students aspiring to a  business management degree have flocked to MBA schools. However, as many find it difficult to manage program admission criteria and costs in good MBA schools, they welcome an alternative: MIM. 

Popularity of MIM

The main reason for the popularity of the MIM program is that the program fee is only about 50 percent of the fee for a traditional MBA from a reputed school. Another reason is that many schools offering the MIM degree do not insist on any minimum work experience as an admission criterion, compared with the traditional MBA course, where work experience is essential. 

Many MiM programs include personality development courses, too. Case studies teach students how a manager in a decision-making role can make a difference to a business situation, and how, by using well-developed interpersonal skills, he or she can ensure effective teamwork. 

A MIM degree also makes sense to those who want to work in supervisory positions and those who are already working in these positions, as fundamental principles are included as part of the program. The knowledge and skills gained through this program teach managers how to resolve organizational conflicts, how to enhance team-building and how to participate, for example, in ethical decision-making cases. 

MIM graduates are valued by recruiters because they are younger and therefore more “mouldable” and can quickly embrace the corporate values ​​of a particular company. They also learn quickly and have a better risk taking ability. By being younger, they are also able to adapt more quickly to different cultures. 

Advantages – Summed up in 5 Points

 1. So this is the first advantage you get if you want to use the best MIM program. You have the opportunity to earn a degree from some of the best b-schools in the world! 

2. Then comes the second advantage of a great international experience. Since most of the top B-Schools are located in Europe, you have the opportunity to explore the entire continent, its rich history and cultural heritage, and gain significant global experiences that can help you in many ways! 

 3. The third benefit of studying with a very talented pool of students allows you to open up new possibilities. Studying at the top of the MIM program gives you the privilege of making special connections! You will make friends with other students who have very unique lives and experiences, and you will share your experiences with them. The number of exchange students was huge! 

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 In fact, in some countries, you can earn a MIM degree for as little as €20,000 of tuition! Imagine this ROI! 

 4. Fourth point is that you can start a global career with it. If you want to tackle the situation with your career, there is no better place than Europe to start. Point to whatever field you want to work in, the MIM degree is an ideal choice for you. There are many leading companies in the world that call Europe their home and will be happy to hire you! 

5. Fifth! The MIM degree is designed for a much younger demographic than the MBA program, this difference is best explained by looking at the difference in tuition fees of the two programs! While almost any good MBA program can burn a hole in your pocket, a MIM degree can save you a lot of money in this regard as it is cheaper and much more affordable.


So, if you are one among the many non-engineers who wants to settle for a MIM degree, then it would be a great option for you to choose UK as your destination. Worry not as ForeignAdmits is going to help you with each and every step of your admission process. Connect with us today.

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