M.Sc. in Business Analytics in UK

M.Sc. in Business Analytics in UK

As we know that UK offers many degrees in many disciplines. From under-graduation to post-graduation, the combination of subjects is vast. One such subject which UK offers is M.Sc. in Business Analytics. There are many top universities that give an M.Sc degree in this field. As a result of increasing demand in every field possible and also since the business has a high growth both nationally and internationally, it is beneficial to acquire this degree.

What is Business analytics?

It is a field that uses a set of regulations to solve the problems that come with the business. In other words, it uses skills of technology, data analysis, statistics to counter business problems.

Business analytics plays an important part in the growth of the company by providing the strategies to outshine in the competitive world. While there are many courses coming up in Data Science, AI, a person’s decision-making sense is tested by this course. In order to be successful in the corporate world, a person needs to have knowledge of both business and analytics.

Now, the main job of a Business Analyst is to

  • analyze the historical business data
  • to interpret the patterns, trends assciated with it
  • and to make correct decision based on those findings
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Is M.Sc. in Business Analytics from UK a good choice?

Well, it is no doubt that Business analytics is a required skill if you want to grow in a business field. It is the best option if you want to increase your decision-making power, solve complex problems or apply the theoretical knowledge to practical work.

Some of the ways in which this profile will boost up your career are listed below-

Firstly, it will increase your influential power- You will be able to win people by your communication as well as business skills which is a must in today’s competitive world. Secondly, it will open you many doors for your future career like in Finance, Health care. Thirdly, many reputed companies would hire you based on your business as well as your analytics skills. Fourthly, it will help you in growing your professional networks so you can grow in your future career. And Lastly, it instills in you the confidence and competence to deal with the problems.

What UK offers in M.Sc Business Analytics?

UK is now coming up with this course and around 20 institutions in the country offer this course. The job prospects after this degree are high and a student can earn quite a high amount after completing this degree. The fees for BA in UK is somewhat between 18 to 30 Lakh INR but the job can offer a salary of around 62 LAkh INR to a fresher. So, it is both financially as well as career-wise, a good option to consider.

Top Universities with M.Sc. Business Analytics in UK

There are many top institutions that provide a master’s degree in Business Analytics. Some of them are listed here.

  1. Imperial college Business School – It ranks 5 in Business analytics in QS universities ranking 2022. One of the best colleges to study, it offers M.Sc. in two modes : 1 year full time program available in Lomdom campus and 2 year online program (part-time). The business analytics program comes under specialized master’s program in this university.
  2. Alliance Manchester Business School – This university provides master’s only as a full time course. It helps you to discover approaches and skills to analyze the data. It is ranked 10 in QS rankings and 2nd in the country.
  3. Warwick Business School – It ranks 12 in QS rankings. The master’s course offered here covers the three kinds of business analytics while also providing knowledge of Python. SQL, etc. It helps the student to work in complex data driven environment.
  4. University of Edinburgh Business School – It prepares a student for corporate roles such as Business consultants, Data analysts, Solution architects and many more. It ranks 18 in the QS rankings. The duration of course is 1 year with compulsory as well as option courses per semester. It also encourages students for dissertation in final semester.
  5. Durham University Business School – The M.Sc. in Business analytics is a 1 year full time course with admissions in September for the year 2022. It focuses on implementing the knowledge on practical models. It also develops the understanding of data complexity so as to creatively come up with the solutions.

These were the Top 5 institutes in UK that offer masters in Business analytics. In addition to these, there are some more institutes offering this course. These are-

Other Universities in UK

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  1. Nottingham University Business School – It is a full time program of 1 year with International fees of £26,500. There is a collaboration with MNCs so that a student can acquire the essential skills to become a business oriented data scientist .
  2. Lancaster University Management school – It offers both Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree in Business analytics. For a master’s degree, it is a 12 month program that teaches the data-driven methodologies and tools. It also teaches the three aspects of Business analytics.
  3. University of Bath School of Management – M.Sc. in Business Analytics is a part of a specialized course with a one year duration. It helps you in interpreting the real data by allowing hand-on oractical experience. It is also partnered with IBM, SAS and the women in OR and Analytics Network.
  4. Leeds University Business School – The program is of 1 year duration available in a full time mode. A student needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in the same discipline. However, it offers no work placements.

In Conclusion, UK has got top universities in the world that offers M.Sc. in Business Analytics and that too with great academic recognition. This degree earned in UK prepares you to do well in your corporate business world and to excel in your future endeavors.

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