Universities offering a TOEFL waiver in US, UK and Canada

Universities offering a TOEFL waiver in US, UK and Canada

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in universities from English-speaking nations. Many academic and professional institutions accept TOEFL test scores. However, a few colleges understand that not all students need to take these exams and offer a TOEFL waiver.

Score / grade validity: 2 years

The annual number of test-takers: 2.3 million

Scores/grades used by: More than 10,000 colleges, agencies and other institutions in over 130 countries

Knowledge/skills tested: Reading, listening, speaking and writing of the English language.

Countries / regions: 4,500 test centres in 165 countries.

Prerequisites/eligibility criteria: No official prerequisite (Intended for non-native English speakers)

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Since most university courses are taught in English, universities usually expect their applicants to be proficient in the language. This is why universities ask students to submit their scores from tests like TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE.

However, a few colleges understand that not all students need to take these exams. An IELTS or TOEFL waiver is given to the following students.

  1. Those who have attended a school where English is the medium of instruction
  2. Students willing to attend an English Language Program at the university during their course of study
  3. Worked in an English-speaking environment for a certain period

So, if you fulfil any of the conditions mentioned above, you can apply to the following universities without taking TOEFL.

The United States of America

Here is a list of universities in the United States of America offering a TOEFL waiver for its international applicants.

  1. Rice University
  2. University of Arkansas
  3. California State University
  4. University of Dayton
  5. Drexel State University
  6. University of Delaware
  7. State University of New York
  8. University of Iowa
  9. Western Washington University
  10. University of New Orleans
  11. Drew University
  12. University of Wisconsin
  13. Sonoma State University
  14. National Louis University
  15. Illinois State University
  16. Schiller International University
  17. Kendall College
  18. Southeast Missouri State University
  19. Park University
  20. Westcliff University
  21. Georgia State University
  22. Marymount California University
  23. Rider University
  24. University of Central Florida
  25. Baylor University
  26. University of North Alabama
  27. Northwood University
  28. University of Houston
  29. Lewis University
  30. University of Regina

The United Kingdom

Below is the list of universities that offer admission to international students with a TOEFL waiver.

  1. University of Bristol
  2. University of Bolton
  3. London South Bank University
  4. Robert Gordon University
  5. University of Warwick
  6. Aston University, Birmingham
  7. Sheffield Hallam University
  8. University of Central Lancashire

Although there are quite a few universities that accept students without TOEFL scores, you might need to take the test if you want a UK student visa. So, unless the visa officer exempts you from submitting these scores, you will have to prepare for the TOEFL test and score well for getting a visa for the UK.

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We have mentioned a list of universities that do not require TOEFL, but specific other requirements given below:

  1. Brock University – Study the Intensive English Language Program at the university
  2. Carleton University – Transcripts for the last three years of study
  3. The University of Winnipeg – English Language Program at the university
  4. Memorial University – English Language Program at the university
  5. Concordia University – English Language Program at the university
  6. University of Regina


Universities below have waived off TOEFL but still taking the TOEFL test will be an added advantage making the immigration process easier:

  1. The University of Queensland
  2. The University of Adelaide
  3. The University of New South Wales
  4. Macquarie University
  5. Bond University
  6. The University of South Australia
  7. The University of Southern Queensland
  8. Swinburne University of Technology

Shortlist your universities wisely, not only because they waive off TOEFL requirement. Choose the university and the course because you like the course and want to pursue it due to the college’s name.

Also, one must note that even though some foreign universities waive off TOEFL, visa application to that particular country might require it. You need to score well for getting approval for the visa to that country.

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Here, we have answered some frequently asked questions which will help you.

Q1. How much does the TOEFL cost?

Ans. The TOEFL tariff varies according to the location where you decide to take your assessment. The cost ranges from $170 to $245 from one nation to another. In the USA, it is worth approximately $185. It does not matter from which state the candidate comes from. You will need to pay the registration fees in US Dollars.

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Q2. What is the TOEFL exam used for?

Ans. The TOEFL (“Test of English as a Foreign Language”) is a standardised test that measures a test taker’s mastery of the English language. Universities primarily use TOEFL scores as part of the admissions process. Typically, those who take the TOEFL want to attend university or graduate school abroad.

Q3. Is the TOEFL required for a US student visa?

Ans. Before you can apply for your U.S. student visa, you must be accepted by a study program at an accredited American institution, which will require you to prove your English proficiency with a test like the TOEFL test.

This was our complete guide on universities that waive off TOEFL for their international students. We truly hope we were able to resolve any queries you might have had.

Good luck!

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