Universities that give Fee Waiver for MiM in the UK

Universities that give Fee Waiver for MiM in the UK

Studying abroad can be very lucrative for your career. But, the amount of initial investment you put in for your studies can dig a deep hole in your pockets. Above all, dropping the option of studying abroad shouldn’t be the solution to your financial problems. Hence, we came up with a bunch of colleges that give fee waiver for MIM courses to students from different nationalities.

1. London Business School Merit Scholarships

One of the most prestigious universities globally gives out several fee waiver for MIM each year. We have shortlisted some important ones.

  • Masters in Management Merit Scholarship: The scholarship is open to all successful MIM applicants with decent scores. They should also show the ability to contribute to all aspects of the MIM programme.
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Various awards or fee waiver for MIM with a maximum value of £7,000 can be awarded to candidates. All those who receive an offer are automatically eligible for these awards.

  • Masters in Management Merit Scholarship for Women : The scholarship/fee waiver is open to all successful female applicants; Candidates recieve scholarships on the basis of merit. The motive of the scholarship is to support female candidates to help increase the ratio of women joining the London Business School. Various awards with a maximum value of £7,000 can awarded to candidates. Female candidates who receive an offer have chances to qualify for the scholarship.
  • London Business School Bursary : The scholarship is open to all successful applicants based on merit and need. Various awards with a maximum value of £10,000 can awarded to candidates. Candidates should submit a supporting application essay(s) after receiving an offer, so that they become eligible for the scholarship.
  • The Wates Bursary: Wates Enterprise Trust is the funding source of this scholarship. Wates Enterprise Trust has a long association with London Business School. Outstanding MiM student with financial need can be awarded one bursary. The award is of £7,000. Thereafter, you need to have an offer letter in hand before you invited to submit a supporting application. Writing essay(s). will be a part of clearing the eligiblity criteria.

The Monica & Navin Valrani Scholarship: The scholarship is open to all successful female applicants. Talented, ambitious and gifted Indian women who have achieved success through their own determination, ambition and motivation and have striven to succeed in their education and career. The award amount is £20,000. Indian women who receive an offer are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Applicants applying for any masters degree at London Business School will be automatically eligible for this award.

The GREAT Scholarship – India :

The scholarship is open to all successful Indian applicants. This scholarship is based on merit. The amount of one award is about £10,000. National Citizens of India who receive an offer are automatically eligible for this award.

2. Imperial College Business School scholarships

A number of £10,000 scholarships based on academic excellence for entry to MSc programmes in 2016 are offered om Imperial College. All candidates receiving an offer for MSc Management will be considered. The candidates are selected on merit. No additional scholarship essay is required for the scholarship.

Imperial College fee waiver for MiM

Scholarships of 50% of the programme fees are available for Imperial College students with outstanding academic performance. All candidates studying at Imperial and receiving an offer for the course can qualify for the fee waiver. Those candidates who fit the criteria of academic merit and the overall strength of their application qualify for the scholarship. Candidates awarded an Imperial College scholarship will be ineligible for an Imperial alumni loyalty bursary.

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Imperial alumni loyalty fee waiver for MiM

A 10% fee waiver on programme fees to successful candidates with an undergraduate degree from Imperial awarded at a minimum of the upper second class, or Master’s degree awarded with a minimum of Merit.

Sometimes, students can also email the admissions office of a University to ask for a fee waiver for their MiM course on the application form. In case the student fulfils the required criteria, the university can consider waiving off the application fee. If you meet one of the University counsellors, attend prescribed events or seminars, apply before the deadline, take an exam, or prove that you cannot pay the application fee, these universities will likely waive your fee off. Apart from this, due to the Covid – 19 Pandemic, some colleges didn’t charge students on the application fee. Universities offer complete or partial college application fee waivers. You can visit Career Counseling and Abroad Studies Guidance Platform | Foreign Admits for any assistance you need for fulfilling your dream to go to Germany.

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