What is MBA in Service Design?

What is MBA in Service Design?

Masters in Business Administration, abbreviated as MBA, is one of the most popular postgraduate courses among graduates from all streams, may it be science, commerce or humanities.

MBA is a management course, primarily a two-year course, offered by universities in India and abroad.  This post-graduate program in management offers many specializations in vast sectors. These include marketing, sales, human resources, information technology, international business, and so on.

While these are the traditional specializations offered, the World University of Design offers some specializations in design and artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Similarly, the World of the University of Design has brought you an MBA degree in Service Design. Before we see the details of this course, let us look at what is service design.

What is Service Design?

Technically speaking, Service design is a process where designers create sustainable solutions and optimal experiences for both customers in unique contexts and any service providers involved. The five fundamental principles of service design areas:

  1. User-centred – Use qualitative research to design focusing on all users.
  2. Co-creative – Include all relevant stakeholders in the design process.
  3. Sequencing – Break a complex service into separate processes and user journey sections.
  4. Evidencing – Envision service experiences to make them tangible for users to understand and trust brands.
  5. Holistic – Design for all touchpoints throughout experiences, across networks of users and interactions

 After we have understood what service design is, let us look at some details of this course.

What are the highlights of the course?

Below are some critical details you might want to know before you enrol here in this Service Design course.

Course Title: MBA in Service Design

Duration: two years

Offered by: World University of Design, Haryana

Fees (approx.):   4,72,00 INR per annum

Job profiles: Design engineer, product designer, information architect, UX researcher

Average salary: 5,00,000 INR per annum

What is this course all about?

This course focuses on creating future leaders and managers for service organisations. This degree does not target a specific sector and applies to a wide range of options available.

What will this course bring to the students?

The programme will prepare students for the following:

1.  creation of new consumer services by identifying human needs via human-centred Design, transformational services, and delivery in complex organisations, for example, in retail, banking and hospitality.

2.  development & innovation in public service and policy in transportation, health and education.

3.  speculative futures to envision radically new services and user experiences driven by technological, environmental and social challenges.

What is the fee structure of this course?

The World University of Design offered this course a fixed fee structure for all its students. It is given below in details for both years of the MBA program.

1st year: 4,72,500 INR

2nd year: 4,72,500 INR

Apart from this set tuition fee, WUD charges Rs.1000 for the application process and Rs. 18,000 for registration purposes.

How to apply for an MBA in Service Design?

Here we have mentioned an admission process to get yourself enrolled in the MBA program of Service Design.


Students will need to send a completed application form available on the website and the application fee, not more than 1000 INR.


The students shall appear in the aptitude test with the Admit Cards made available to them online. The students shall be shortlisted based on their performance, and the list of students qualifying for the next stage would be announced online.


The student will appear in a personal interview conducted by a panel. The interview panel will ask questions related to the field of study selected by the student. One may also showcase creative evidence (portfolio, drawings, photographs, crafts etc.) in hard copy for effectiveness.


Successful candidates will be made an offer of admission to join WUD. They will send the proposal via email. Details regarding payment of fees at the admission time will include allotment of Hostel and date, time, and venue for the academic session’s commencement in the admission letter.

The offer of admission will be valid only for the particular programme opted for by the candidate in the given academic session.

However, a request for a programme change may be considered after the first semester, subject to the seats.

In acceptance of the offer of admission to WUD, the candidates will have to appear in person at the campus and original documents for verification and pay the required fees.

MBA in Design Strategy and Innovation

The curriculum of MBA in Service Design

Below is the curriculum of this two-year postgraduate course in Service Design:

Academic Area1 SEM2 SEM3 SEM4 SEM
SD – Service DesignSystems thinkingService BlueprintingArchetypes & Persona DevelopmentCapstone Project
SD – Service DesignInformation ArchitectureUX & UXPMBusiness model innovationCapstone Project Documentation & Jury
SD – Service DesignSocial EntrepreneurshipDesign ResearchServicescape & policymaking


Q1. What are sectors in which jobs will be available?

Ans. Graduating students will find placements in transport, telecommunications, financial services and retail companies, leading consultancies, government departments and international organisations.

Q2. Does this university provide distance education?

Ans. No, distance education is not offered by the World University of Design.

This was our complete guide on the MBA in Service Design course provided by the World University of Design. Furthermore, we hope we were able to resolve any queries you might have had.

Good luck!