Best and the most affordable MBA universities abroad

Best and the most affordable MBA universities abroad

Studying an MBA abroad is a dream of many. It is, in fact, an experience of a lifetime. Moreover, with all the exposure, credibility, and networking opportunities, an MBA abroad is surely a big shine on your CV and can take you closer to your dream job. On top of that, an MBA degree is a valuable decision of your life which will reward you for the rest of your life.

While all of this looks gold and glitter, there are some challenges that one might face while realizing their dream of studying for an MBA abroad. Moreover, there are rigorous degree requirements and scheduling conflicts, one of the most common barriers to study an MBA abroad is still the financial aspect that is the total cost and other expenditures incurred.

Why Study MBA?

MBA is a well sought after degree course. But before jumping right into MBA, let us consider a few reasons why MBA is the right fit for you.

Firstly, develop advanced management skills. MBA will help you hone skills necessary to make a business successful. Moreover, it will help you improve your leadership skills.

Secondly, get connected to an extensive business network. An MBA student is blessed with networking opportunities. Moreover, you will interact with fellow students and teachers who all have competitive business minds.

Thirdly, the salaries fetched by an MBA graduate is higher than the contemporary jobs. on an average, an MBA graduate in the USA gets a salary of $102,100 per year. Isn’t that great? Moreover, in two or three years, you will be able to recover the money spent on an MBA degree.

Lastly, if you are interested to have your own startup at some point in time, an MBA degree will help you immensely to understand the finer details of a business.

Is an MBA degree economical?

First of all, the overall cost of studying an MBA abroad is surely a valid concern, and there’s a certain amount of ambiguity and confusion that surrounds this question “how much does it cost to study abroad?”

Secondly, let us tell you something. The scenario is not the same as it was before. Moreover, we do have some of the best B-schools offering an MBA program in an affordable range. So now your question becomes: “What are the top and most affordable MBA universities abroad?”

Perfect! We have sorted this for you and here are some of the insights on affordable MBA degrees from foreign universities.

First things first, when it comes to the costing of an MBA abroad, more than the university it more so depends on the course that you are applying for. Therefore, it is very important to select your MBA program wisely and estimate the expenditure accordingly.

However, there are a lot of economical MBA programs abroad. Some are more economical than the other. So, here’s a comprehensive list!

Free Education

There are a few places like Norway that provide stellar opportunities for free MBA education. moreover, the great part is that the fees do not depend on the nationality or level of study. The applicant only has to pay a nominal amount as the registration fee at the starting of all semesters respectively. However, there is one thing though – the staying cost in countries like Norway is generally extremely high and might equilibrate your save on the investment for no fees.

Scandinavian Countries

The most affordable MBAs in the world are offered here at exclusively low prices. Finland is one of the most renowned places for studying an MBA abroad and is also top-ranked by various educational magazines for the same. Thus, the investment for an MBA program in Finland  is as economical as INR 98,208

University of Agder

This university offers a dazzling MSc in Business Administration in several specializations running for two years. For this,  the university does not charge any tuition fees from the student, only a registration fee of something close to INR 29,000 is required.

The University of Hamburg and European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

These MBA universities provide students who want to seek an MBA in a very economical range of 230-375 Euros.

Master of International Business Administration

This is a course that is affordable yet has promising future prospects in terms of salary and ROI. The cost of this program excluding the living expenditure can easily range up to 375 Euros.

These are some of the best and affordable MBA universities and programs that you can grab and take hands-on advantage of. Therefore, your dream of studying an MBA abroad can be fulfilled with these programs that prove to be highly beneficial in the financial aspects. Lastly, take a note of the tuition fee of the respective universities.

Affordable MBAs at Top Business Schools

We have made you a list of top 10 MBA universities in the US with good rankings and affordable tuition fees, as affordable as under US$50,000.

University of Cambridge$49,000
The University of British Columbia – Sauder School of Business$47,724
ESMT – European School of Management and Technology$41,276
University of Mannheim-Mannheim Business School$39,106
University College Dublin – Smurfit Graduate Business School$37,482
Erasmus University-Rotterdam School of Management(RSM)$36,935
University of Houston (Bauer)$23,638
San Diego State University$22,868
The University of North Carolina—Wilmington (Cameron)$17,300
University of Hawaii—Manoa (Shidler)$14,934

Here is the list of top 10 affordable MBA universities in the UK: 

University of West London£ 15,050
Buckinghamshire New University£ 10,300
University of Wales, Trinity Saint David£ 10,000
Leeds Beckett University£ 10,000
University of Ulster£ 9,965
 University Campus Suffolk£ 9,900
University of Birmingham£ 18,996
Institute of Education University of London£ 7,570
University College Birmingham£ 7,500
 The Open University£ 2,632

Pursuing an MBA abroad is a dream that is not distant enough today. Moreover, if you’re serious about flaunting a bold and bright MBA degree on your CV, that too within your financial capacity, Foreign Admits can help you achieve it. Get in touch with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. In which countries is an MBA affordable?

Ans: The affordable destinations to study MBA are Germany and Norway. They do not charge a tuition fee.

Q2. Can an Indian work in another country after earning an MBA in another country?

Ans: Yes, after finishing an MBA program in a country that supports it, Indians can work abroad. Most nations give you three to six months to locate work and get a work visa.

Q3. Which nation has the finest MBA programmes and fees?

Ans. The United States is unique within top MBA study locations. Its colleges and institutions are frequently ranked among the top 10 in worldwide rankings.

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