Shape Your Future with Arden University in Berlin

Shape Your Future with Arden University in Berlin

Studying in a foreign university is a dream for many. Many people dream about it since their early days of education. While others dream about joining a foreign university to fulfill their wanderlust soul. No matter what your reason for joining a foreign university is, we all will agree that such an opportunity comes only once or twice in our lifetime. So why not make this once in a lifetime opportunity a memorable one indeed? If you are keen to join a foreign university that not only provides quality education but global exposure too, then, the Arden University in Berlin is the right fit for you.

Berlin is well known for its rich history, mesmerizing architecture, and diverse culture. Being the capital of Germany, Berlin is one of the most emerging cities in Europe. Moreover, the city has strong international ties with globally renowned universities. Thus, Berlin has become one of the leading locations in the field of higher education. If you want to study in Germany, Berlin is the right choice for you!

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If you want to study at a European university without having to shell out all of your money, Arden University in Berlin is the university you need to take into consideration. According to several types of research, Berlin is known for its affordability in comparison to the rest of the Europian cities. In respect to the other cities in Europe, Berlin’s cost of living is exceptionally less. Due to this reason, the student population in Berlin is higher, which allows students from different cultures to meet and interact.

The Course Fee for Arden University is €15,000. However, if you join the university now, you will save a whopping 20% with an Early Bird Discount. Thus, the course fees will reduce from €15,000 to €12,000.

Quality Education

The quality of education is by far the best when it comes to Arden University. The University faculty shows high-end teaching skills and the University offers internationally acclaimed degree courses. Moreover, the good thing about the University is that it teaches all the courses in English. With nearly 30 years of experience in providing higher education, Arden has supported over 50,000 students from around the globe.

Job Opportunities

Germany has the second-best unemployment rate in the EU** and the fourth-best starting salary for graduates at £40,650. Moreover, Berlin is a growing hub for startups and international corporations. Thus, students will get plenty of job opportunities once they graduate. A student can easily extend his/her stay in Berlin to explore career opportunities in several fields.

Courses Offered

Choose from a diverse range of courses which the university offers. The Postgraduate Courses offered by the university are as follows –

Firstly – MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management

Secondly – MSc Data Analytics and Marketing

Thirdly – MSc Engineering Management

Fourthly – MSc IT Security Management

Lastly – MSc Project Management

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Arden University in Berlin is taking applications from students in the month of September and November.

Course Duration

The course duration offered by the University of Arden is 12 / 24 months.

For more details, visit the official website of the Arden University in Berlin –

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