Best Resume Writing Tips For 2023

Best Resume Writing Tips For 2023

Whenever you go for a job interview or want to apply to a foreign university, a resume is mandatory. Having a great resume for yourself will bring you so many unspoken advantages. Trust us when we say, a great resume is a deal maker whereas a poorly written resume can be a deal-breaker. Thus, in 2023, when the job market or overseas education is in turmoil, grab the best opportunity with the best resume. Here are a few of the best resume writing tips for 2023.

Resume Formatting

Firstly, formatting a resume is the key to making a good resume. Formatting your resume only goes on to show how much attention you put into it. And, it gives that oomph factor to your resume. If you want your resume to stand out, make sure to format it carefully. A few of the best resume format tips for 2023 are listed below –

  • First of all, clearly demarcate the various sections of the resume with distinguishable headings. Write the headings in bold and use capital letters or a different color.
  • Secondly, leave enough white space in your resume. Leaving enough space between two sections makes your resume look tidy and clean.
  • Lastly, make your resume template nice and simple. Don’t clutter it with unnecessary graphics and designs. These decorations make your resume look clumsy and not easily readable.

Resume Summary

To begin with, the resume summary is one of the first things to put in your resume. A resume summary focuses on summarizing your aptness for the position you want to fill. Instead of focusing on the objective of your resume, focus on what you can bring to the organization in your resume summary.

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Highlight Skills

Read the course details of the university you are applying for and arrange your skill section accordingly. Highlighting your skills is important because that is the first thing an organization will see. Arrange your skills in such a way that they perfectly complement the skills mentioned in the eligibility criteria. However, don’t go on and make a long list of skills. Only mention the skills which are relevant.

Addressing Work Experience

If you are confused about whether to put your first work or internship at first or in the last, then here’s the thing. The majority of the organizations and educational institutions prefer the reverse chronology format. This means you must put your latest work first in the work experience section. And, place the first work you did at the end of the list.

Quantify Your Resume

If the above-mentioned subheading has left you confused, let me explain it clearly. Putting numbers to the various sections, e.g. work experience, skills, projects will add value to your resume. Talk about the number of projects or volunteering works you did. Or, mention the impact you brought while working in a company or during your degree program. Put numbers in your resume as it attracts the attention of people easily. Mention, if necessary, how much revenue or leads you were able to generate in your previous position of responsibility.

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