Is a career in analytics and research good for you?

Is a career in analytics and research good for you?

Living in a data-driven world is amazing, isn’t it? With data present in every aspect of our lives, it has become an important preserving object. The field has one of the most sought-after jobs in the world. With a few numbers of data analysts present in the market, there is a high demand for them. And even an entry-level data analyst can bag a high paying job without any hassle. Thus, let’s analyze whether a career in analytics and research good for you or not.

Data analytics or Big Data in the internet age is very complex,  growing exponentially, and posing greater challenges for organizations. Thus, this has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Moreover, it assists in improving business, decision makings, and providing an edge over the competitors.

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Data analytics is more about extracting insights expected from big datasets. For example, “forecasting that demand of oil will peak by 2030” or “coronavirus would affect at least 1 crore of Indians by the end of September” are both the results of data analysis. 

Future Of Analytics & Research

Firstly, the story must be in the form of pictures like graphs and statistics for the information to be processed quickly. Moreover, you have to have good communication skills. Analytics is the key to competitive resources for many companies.

While data analysis is a process used by researchers for minimizing data into stories and interpreting it to derive different perspectives for a solution. Additionally, the process of researching while converting data into stories include data organization, summarization, and categorization, which helps in data reduction.

Researchers depend heavily on telling a story or on solving a problem. From finding interesting patterns, data mining to creating vision guides for the audience that depicts a story from the reduced data, are all the works of a researcher.

For example, according to the ‘Peer Research – Big Data Analytics’ survey, Big Data Analytics is one of the top priorities of the organizations. Concentrated widely on data and Big Data, all organizations came to the conclusion that Big Data Analytics improves the performance of their organizations.

Looking for a change in career?

Maybe financially we can interest you. The annual pay hikes for Analytics professionals in India is on average 50% more than other IT professionals. For example, 14% of analytics professionals have a salary higher than 15 Lakhs per annum. 

Moreover, jobs in the analytics sector are present on a large scale. We have already mentioned above the enticing high salaries, amazing perks but did we tell you about the abundance of career paths to choose from. Additionally, the field offers a lot of opportunities across corporate levels and industry levels. 

Talking about abundance, flexibility is also a perk. Flexibility in the choice of research topics might help as the research would be in close proximity to the student’s professional requirements. For example, a person can research analytics to solve the problems that can directly impact their organization.

Moreover, the advanced techniques and solutions in analytics are driving the industries to use more and more of the analytics to drive productivity, transform business, and increase competitiveness. Additionally, this requires the organizations to demand for professionals with high skills and the ability to work in both traditional and emerging industries continues to grow. 

Moreover, with high-level analytical skills, you can make a significant contribution to their organization. Thus, a career in analytics and research is highly in demand.

Career Opportunities In Analysis & Research

Business analyst, management reporting, corporate strategy analyst, actuary, and many more roles can be taken up by an analyst and a researcher. With proper experience and expertise, you can earn more than any other profession. The organizations are always looking for ways to exploit the power of Big Data which in turn leads to opening up more opportunities for the technology professionals. Thus, a career in analytics and research has increased substantially over the last few years. The apparent surge in the positions is due to the increased number of organizations implementing Analytics and hence the many opportunities for Data Analysts.

Do you know about the ‘Moolah Marathon’?

It is basically a strong demand for Data Analytics skills that are boosting wages for qualified professionals and is making Big Data pay huge amounts of dollars for the right skills. This phenomenon is being seen globally where countries like Australia and the U.K are witnessing the ‘Moolah Marathon’. 

With Big Data Analytics providing an edge to the competition, the rate of implementation of the necessary Analytics tools has increased exponentially. Many of the respondents of the ‘Peer Research – Big Data Analytics’ survey reported that they already have had a strategy set up for dealing with Big Data and those who are yet to come up with a strategy are also in the process of planning for it.

Business analyst, management reporting, corporate strategy analyst, actuary, and many more roles can be taken up by an analyst and a researcher. With proper knowledge and experience, you can earn more than any other friend with another profession.

Ready for a data-driven career?

Introducing PGDAR

A PG Diploma in Analysis and Research could be an all-kill skill. Being able to analyze a problem and critically appraise different aspects and solutions is a part of the package. This includes defining and reviewing the work of others, applying theories, and explaining your thinking to others.

The research includes observing and systematic inquiry that entails a collection of data to come about a solution to the understanding of the problem.

Benefits of having a diploma in analytics and research

People having a degree in analytics and research are the most sought-after and earning professionals. An advantage of having a degree in Analytics and research looks good in job prospects. Having a master’s in the same field opens more job opportunities. You’ll be like the gold or even better, a diamond in the rough!

Looking for a good skill to add in the profile? 

Analysis and Research is your answer. A degree in Analysis and Research is a good way to choose among many courses to earn more with ease!

Seeking where to get a degree in this field?

There are several universities that provide you with a degree in analytics and research, among them is JK Lakshmipat University, an advent of JK organization and a top private university based in Jaipur which is passionate about building the country’s most innovative higher education institution offering a unique educational program.

Moreover, it provides a diversified field of degrees for you to be future-ready with 21st-century skills. With the offers that the college provides, one is ready to tackle the data world and have expertise in research or any other courses offered. 

Some of the advantages include:

  • Experiential learning: Learning based on live and head projects.
  • Multi-disciplinary Learning: A curriculum provided with new generation themes. 
  • Focused Mentorship: Personal mentorship and leadership provided by industry leaders.
  • Developing Personal Leadership: You would be provided with self-assessment tools, technologies to manage, help understand,  and lead yourself and your peers effectively.
  • Programs: The course programs provided with all the skill set required for you to tackle every ball that is thrown in your way.

One of the courses provided by the university is the PGDAR (PG Diploma in Analysis and Research)

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Merits of studying at JKLU

  • The university provides a 1-year long postgraduate diploma program for the students to thrive in key analytical and research fields.
  • The course is structured with a blend of areas in mathematics, programming, economics, political science, critical thinking, academic writing, and many more, under the guidance of esteemed faculty from renowned universities in the world.
  • In this course, students can focus on real-world business problems in their organizations and develop solutions as part of their research. Moreover, this course enables graduates to deepen their knowledge in analytics by researching under the supervision of a member of the academic staff.
  • The core program is supplemented by short courses, seminars, and projects. These courses provide academic rigor while using cutting-edge technologies.
  • The university even prepares you for masters from top universities in the USA! The collaboration of the university with the University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Florida, and other top global universities help accelerate careers and application for post-graduation. 

Merits in a career in analytics and research

  • To begin with, the field offers the students with definite skills. This allows them to strive and succeed in profound careers. Moreover, they even can choose from different data based career options such as data analytics or data researcher, etc.
  • The diverse perspective approach to the wide applicable skills that the students gain in the duration of the program allows students of any background to enroll in this program.
  • The greatest advantage one can gather from the program is the addition of skill gathered from infinite academic input and project-based experiential learning. Moreover, this concept helps the students to apply in the industry or in the research domain, all that they have learned in the classroom.

Opportunities in a career in analytics and research

There are new and enticing opportunities that can be incubated with different learning ways. These include:

You can start a start-up in JKLU Atal Incubation Center, or intern at top MNC in various fields of finance, tech, consulting, etc. Additionally, you can even undertake research assistant-ships with JKLU’s Center for Data Sciences, Center for Policy Studies.

To state a few proclaimed merits –

  • First of all, you will get 100% placement assistance!
  • Additionally, counseling to help each student to choose career paths and apply for the Masters abroad. To apply in top US universities for a Master’s, a complete 12+4 academic record is necessary.
  • Lastly, intimate and comprehensive classes for students to assist in intense learning. Small class sizes are one of the solutions.

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Inclusive courses

The key courses for the PGDAR include:

  • Computer programming
  • Microeconomics
  • Indian Government
  • Research design
  • Cognition and Critical Thinking
  • Seminars on Macroeconomics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Spreadsheet Applications
  • Uni-variate Calculus
  • Academic Writing
  • Critical Thinking for Developing Perspectives
  • Multivariate Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Public Policy Seminar
  • DO mim course

Are you eligible for a career in analytics and research?

  • Firstly, candidates must have an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree in any discipline from an accredited institution or University.
  • Secondly, candidates should have an above-average academic record combined with extra-curricular engagement.


The program fee costs around Rs. 8,00,000 per annum. Moreover, the J.K Foundation operates under the patronage of the Lakshmipat Singhania Foundation(LSEF). To conclude, it provides the meritorious students with a scholarship worth Rs. 3,00,000.

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