Requirement For Study In USA

Requirement For Study In USA

According to research, every year thousands of Post-graduate aspirants travel abroad for higher education. Students from India travel to other countries like the USA and Canada for their Masters or Doctoral courses. In India, the minimum years a student needs to enroll in a Master’s Program is 12+3 years i.e., 3 years. But in countries like the USA, Canada,w, etc., that is not the norm. The Requirement For Study In USA is 12+4 years and if you are not fulfilling requirement we can help you.

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That means the Indian students with a 3-year Under-Graduate degree might have to face a one year gap. The students from curriculums like the B.Tech and LL.B are not the ones who suffer. However, there are thousands who simply remain unguided or are often misguided during this gap year. 

Often, people start working at an early stage. Later, matter how much they try, it becomes difficult for them to make a comeback to their education. You know what they say, “Once you start earning, getting back with studies is almost impossible.”

This is where you can turn the tables and remain connected to your education even after your 3-year graduation is over. Moreover, there are amazing opportunities to sharpen your skill sets. On top of that, you can increase your educational qualification right before you take off to your dream school abroad. There are Pre-master’s programmes available across all of US Universities where the gap of one year is fulfilled by these courses. Without further ado, let’s see the Requirement for Study in USA.

What is a pre-masters program?

A pre-masters program targets those students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for direct admission to the master’s programs across all US universities. Pre-master’s programmes teach a combination of subjects which helps learn the subject matters in the actual Master’s program. These programmes generally enhance a student’s academic qualities and practical experiences in any given field. 

The JK Lakshmipat University offers you world-class Post-Graduate diploma courses for students or aspirants in Analysis and Research. There are thousands of students who travel abroad for Master’s programs in data science or social science fields. The JKLU offers post-graduate diploma courses that are great gateway program for you when you apply for your Master’s degree abroad. 

This PG Diploma Program will help you hone your knowledge and gather experience from real-time apprenticeships in the fields of social and data sciences. This course blends subjects like mathematics, programming, economics, political science, academic writing, critical thinking etc. and provides you with strategic development of your core skills. Thus, a PG Diploma Program is a must Requirement for Study in USA.

This course will help you gather an unprecedented momentum in your career. Moreover, it gives added advantage over other candidates when you apply for your dream Master’s programmes across the world. 

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Why join the PG Diploma Course offered by JK Lakshmipat University?

First thing first, the faculty at JK Lakshmipat University is truly international. Your hopes of getting a world-class mentoring are going to remain intact.  

Secondly, if you want to study data and social sciences, this PG Diploma program is the perfect step forward. You can hone your knowledge about data analytics, economic policy-making etc., through the uniquely designed inter-disciplinary curriculum. 

Secondly, gain professional experience working on live projects with JKLU’s Incubation Centre, Centre for Data Analysis and Centre for Policy Studies etc. 

Thirdly, you will get opportunities to join in live seminars and workshops conducted by companies which are at the helm of their respective industries. 

Fourthly, career counselling at the end of it for your application abroad for your dream Master’s program and other career opportunities that you might be inclined to explore. 

Lastly, you will be completing the eligibility criteria of the US Universities. You can fulfil the 12+4 academic mandate without wasting a single year. Moreover, this concentrated inter-disciplinary course is going to guide you to a better future. On top of that, this course will give you qualitative advantages over your competitors. 

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Fee Structure 

With the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation scholarship advantage at your disposal, your net tuition fees come to INR 5, 00, 000/- 

Accommodation charges for AC rooms with Hostel Fees, Utility Charges and Mess advances comes to around INR 1, 37, 000/- 

Accommodation charges for Non-AC rooms with Hostel Fees, Utility Charges and Mess advances comes to around INR 1, 13, 000/-

Transport fees for pick-up and drop services from Jaipur City to the campus is INR 15, 000 per semester. (additional opt-in)

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria are to have a valid Undergraduate degree from a recognized University either situated in India or abroad. On top of that, students with meritorious records can apply. 

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