CAS – Information about CAS in the UK

CAS – Information about CAS in the UK

Planning to study abroad is not easy. You have to go through a long process to get admission to your dream university. Along with the academic and English scores, you must submit other documents. In this journey of documents, CAS is a vital document.

Therefore, this blog will feature information about CAS in the UK so that you can quickly start your journey. You can also read our comprehensive guide for study in the UK. Along with this, you can also access information regarding affordable universities in the UK.

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What is CAS?

Short for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, CAS is a crucial document you need to submit while applying for studies in the UK. The university you have chosen for your studies provides you with an electronic document in the form of CAS.

A student needs a VISA before applying to UK universities, and CAS comes into play during your process. Without CAS, you cannot apply for a UK student visa (Tier 4 general).

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CAS in the UK

As we have already seen, the UK’s VISA process requires the CAS document. However, what exactly is in the CAS letter? Let us try to find out.

The universities provide a CAS letter, and the validity of the CAS for the student visa application is six months from the issue date. The university sends you a unique reference number that syncs with your CAS. This reference number needs to be put up in the VISA application form.

The authorized VISA officer will check the number and ensure that you have received an unconditional letter from the university for your higher studies.

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Contents of a CAS Letter

The CAS letter consists of the following information. Also, if the data appears to be incorrect, the VISA then stands canceled. Therefore, make sure all the data are accurate.

  1. The Reference number (14 digits) for the CAS
  2. Your personal information, such as your name and DOB, and Nationality
  3. The course title
  4. Tuition fees for the entire course
  5. The starting and the ending date of the course
  6. IELTS or TOEFL score required for English proficiency skills
  7. Any tuition or accommodation fees that you have already paid
  8. The university’s Sponsor License Number (SLN)- This number is of the university you are about to take admission to

Once you clear all the formalities and pay the fees, your visa will get approved. After that, you will study only in that university whose CAS number you provided in the visa.

Usually, the CAS letter arrives in 2-3 days; however, students who have applied earlier will be given preference. So, make sure you shortlist the universities as early as possible and complete the formalities beforehand.

Requirements for a CAS Document

There are certain documents that a student must provide for the application process. The students are required to submit a valid passport and the official transcripts of their UG or Master’s course. After that, you will get your CAS letter with ease.

Also, the letter’s validity is only six months from the issue date. Therefore, make sure you get admitted in the possible duration.

Here is the information on the CAS sheet for Cambridge University and Nottingham University for your reference.

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In conclusion, CAS is an important document to ensure your VISA is granted to you for higher studies. Always provide the correct information in the application forms so that your visa does not get canceled. Also, make sure you satisfy the requirements for the letter.

Remember that you choose the best university according to your future goals and give that university’s reference number in the CAS letter.

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