Cost Of Living In Brisbane, Australia

Cost Of Living In Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is known for its exquisite beauty. The Queensland capital is an excellent place to live and study.  It has an abundance of world-class universities and has seen an increase in international students approximately; students from 160 countries have made Brisbane their home. So if you are planning to study in Brisbane, let’s guide you on the cost of living in Brisbane, Australia.

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The cost of accommodation in Brisbane

If you go for living in the city’s significant parts like it will be more expensive than it is to be living in the suburbs. The city could be divided into two: Inner-city and suburbs. Let’s discuss the cost of living in both.

If you choose to live in Brisbane city, you’ll probably be spending $565 (INR 32,000) per week for a room in a shared apartment, $359(INR 20,370) per week for a serviced apartment, or $620 (INR 35,175) per week for a one-bedroom unit all to yourself.

In the suburbs around Brisbane’s, .a one-bedroom unit is affordable at an average of $330 (INR 18,720) per week, while a room in a shared apartment outside the city goes for around $205 (INR 11,630) per week.

If you decide to live in the inner city, it will offer nightlife, restaurants and public transport, but in the suburbs, you will have more space, and it is likely to be a bit quieter.

The cost of public transport in Brisbane

The city’s transport network is called TransLink. You must purchase a go card for all travel purposes – it works on trains, trams, ferries and buses, including extended trips to the Gold Coast.

And if you are a student, you should know that most of Brisbane’s university campuses are located within or just out of the inner city and are all easily accessible by train or bus. Simultaneously, some of the universities are easily accessed by the city’s excellent ferry network. Each campus has a terminal right outside.

Students are entitled to a 50% discounted fare. This discount means a single trip can cost as little as $1.66 (INR 95) during peak times and $1.32 (INR 75) in off-peak times. This means your weekly travel costs will rarely reach more than $23 (INR 1,300).

The cost of food in Brisbane

There are plenty of great cafes, restaurants and bars in Brisbane, as well as a significant number of cheap eateries. If you choose to cook and eat at home, you can generally expect to spend around $2(INR 113) per breakfast, $5(INR 283) per lunch, and $11 (INR 624) per dinner, but these prices may vary according to your grocery preferences.

However, if you are fond of food and prefer to eat out, then the breakfast at a cafe in Brisbane will cost around $15 (INR 850). For lunch, you will likely spend about $16(INR 907). Dinner will be slightly more expensive at around $25(INR 1,418) a meal. Unlike some other places, such as the United States, Australia does not have a tipping culture. Sites may ask if you would like to tip, but it’s not necessary.

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Entertainment in Brisbane

If you head to a bar that features music, burlesque or other live entertainment, it will likely enforce a cover charge, but usually no more than $10(INR 567).

If you like going to concerts then remember in Brisbane, it can be more expensive than any other city. On average, $42 (INR 2,382) per ticket is expected to pay for live music. But if it’s in a more vast stadium or arena, over $100 (INR 5,673) per ticket is typical. Other events like dance or theatre performances will usually cost $49(INR 2,779) or more. A movie ticket in Brisbane will likely cost around $17 (INR 964).

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Important FAQs

1. How much does it cost to live in Brisbane?

 If you are a Four-person family, monthly costs: 3,013.86$ (INR 1,70,989). A single person monthly costs: 838.77$ (INR 47,586) without rent.

2. What is the population of Brisbane, Australia?

Brisbane is the capital and most populous city of Queensland and the third most populous city in Australia. Its estimated population is 2.5 million as of 2018.

3. Is Brisbane expensive to live in?

If you like the thought of studying in Brisbane, then remember, like any of the major capital cities of Australia, it is going to be more expensive to live directly in the city than it is to live further out in the suburbs.