countries where foreign graduates can stay

Countries that let Foreign Graduates stay the longest

Students often go to foreign countries pursuing higher education. This is usually because the opportunities are better and the creme colleges are few worldwide. But going out to study abroad does not guarantee a job, research opportunities, or even longer periods of stay. The last one is a problem a lot of countries are tackling as of recent years. With better policies, the country becomes better destinations for students worldwide. This is good for the country as well when bright minds come, study, and work for the country.


United Kingdom

A model example is the United Kingdom. The changes they have brought to their plans are so effective that Australians express worry that, now even more students would prefer the UK over Australia for higher education. This is because the UK extended the time foreign graduate students could stay in the UK to find jobs from 4 months to 2 years. This was because foreign students make up a good percentage of students who study in the UK. Afterall UK is the second most popular destination, after the US, for higher education.


United States Of America

Speaking of the USA, it has got almost all the top universities in the world when it comes to higher education. Here students may apply for the Optional Practical Training program while on their student visa which allows students to work for 12- 36 months depending on their area of study. But in recent years the US has increased this amount for STEM fields drastically increasing the number of students applying worldwide.

Outside of these other countries that actively involved in getting students worldwide include EU countries with a minimum post-study period of 9 months, Chile allowing a new visa that allows for job-seeking students 12-24 months, and New Zealand increased this same time from 1 year to 2-3 years. All these changes have had a positive impact on the countries and the reception their institutes have, globally.

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