Dr BR Ambedkar Scholarship – Eligibility, Deadline, and More

Dr BR Ambedkar Scholarship – Eligibility, Deadline, and More

The Dr BR Ambedkar Scholarship is aimed at a particular group of the society that remains left out in every aspect. These are the DNT’s meaning, the denotified, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes. The people of these tribes have remained unheard and no scheme covered them for financial help. Whereas there are plenty of schemes, scholarships, and reservations for the SC, ST, and OBC’s no such reservation exists for DNT’s.

These people were underprivileged and unrecognized until 2005 when the government decided to form a committee to understand their needs. Even the children from these tribes are often a helping hand to their parents and do not attend school. Mostly, the girls of these tribes are treated even more inferior. The survey and report from the National Commission for DNT presented before the cabinet with a proposal for appropriate action for them. From their proposal, the Dr BR Ambedkar Scholarship came into effect. This scholarship covers all DNT people who do not fall into the SC, ST, and the OBC’s and have an income of fewer than two lakhs per annum. It provides both pre and post-metric scholarship.

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This scholarship is provided by the central and the state government and monitored and implemented by the Ministry of social justice and empowerment. To view the national scholarship page click here.

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Eligibility for Dr BR Ambedkar Scholarship

All candidates from the DNT’s who do not fall under the category of SC, ST, and OBC are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Candidates whose parental income (husband and wife combined) is less than two lakh per annum are eligible. (Provided that they provide an income certificate that states the above mentioned)

In particular, the applicant cannot avail the scholarship for the same class or study twice. For example, if the candidate has failed the class or year then the scholarship will not be renewed for the same class.

Documents Required

Here is the list of documents needed to apply for the Dr BR Ambedkar Scholarship:

  • Caste certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Bonafide certificate from the current institution
  • 10 or 12 mark sheet
  • Previous years mark sheet
  • Fee receipt of the current year
  • Residential certificate
  • Passbook, bank account number, and IFSC code
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport size photograph

Deadline and Dates

To be announced soon!

Scholarship Reward

1 to 8Rs. 1000 per month for 10 months
9 and 10Rs. 1500 per month for 10 months
11 and 12Rs. 1200 per month for 10 months
UG and PGComplete non-refundable fee
Scholarship reward for pre-metric and post-metric students

The scholarship amount is directly credited to the bank account of the beneficiaries. In order to save from duplicity the bank account should be Aadhaar linked. Hence, cash payments and other modes are not allowed for this scheme.

How to Apply for Dr BR Ambedkar scholarship

Though the scholarship accepts online applications the portal is not yet open. Still, you can go to the national scholarship portal page (scholarships.gov.in) and register yourself. After registering you can keep a track of Dr BR Ambedkar’s application.

The registering process requires a few steps. Firstly, on the home page, you have a new registration button. If you are a first-time applicant then you need to fill out the form and upload your documents. The list of documents that should be uploaded is mentioned in the above section. Scan them and keep them handy.

If you have already availed the scholarship previously and are willing to renew it then click on the” apply for renewal” button. Enter your login Id and password to continue. However, you need to keep in mind that in case of course completion you cannot renew the scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who can apply for Dr. B R Ambedkar scholarship?

All those students who come under the category of DNT i.e. denotified, nomadic, and semi-nomadic tribes, and whose parents income is less than two lakhs per annum are eligible for this scholarship.

Q2. How to apply for Dr. B R Ambedkar scholarship?

The application process is online but the portal is currently closed. Meanwhile, you can register yourself at the national scholarship portal (NSP) (scholarships.gov.in) and wait for further news. The registration process is mentioned in the previous section.

Q3. Who provides the Dr. B R Ambedkar scholarship?

It is provided by both the central and state government. The finance is shared between the two and thus, the former to latter ratio is 75:25. The Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment implements and monitors the scholarship .

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Q4. How is the payment done?

Payment is made by direct transfer of money to the bank account of the candidate. Besides, the bank account should be Aadhar linked to reduce duplicity. Any other mode of payment is not possible.

Q4. How much money can be availed through this scholarship?

Pre-metric students can avail around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500. Whereas, for post metric students, the entire non-refundable fee can be availed. For more details check the table mentioned above.

For more information read this brochure from the Ministry of Social Justice.