MBA after MBBS – Scope, Top Colleges, and More

MBA after MBBS – Scope, Top Colleges, and More

What? Is there really a thing like an MBA after MBBS? Well, we have come up with this article to enlighten you on one of the offbeat career paths that you can take up. The highly-competitive nature of the medical field makes exploring new options a prudent choice.

Generally, after MBBS you can opt for an MS or an MD. Both of these have a huge obstacle called the PG NEET. This evil exam takes years for many to get through let alone gaining a scholarship or government seat. Here is when the MBA comes to the rescue. There are a few people who are aware of the career opportunities of an MBA after MBBS and even fewer of them dare to board the unconventional path. Which, in turn, increases your chances of getting better and higher pay.

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Why pursue an MBA after MBBS?

The question that immediately popped into your minds will be answered here- why pursue an MBA after MBBS? Let’s break the suspense and straight away get to the facts:

  • Diverse Career Options: MBA after MBBS allows you to choose an administrative or managerial position in the hospital which is fairly high-paid and less competitive than a traditional doctor’s post. Getting an MBA does not mean that you lose your doctor’s job. You can always come back to it whenever you want. But the MBA will ensure that you can switch careers and have some adventure.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: You get to start your clinic or hospital after an MBA degree. If you aspired to be an entrepreneur at some point of time then this is your chance. Or if you want to get into the business and kick start your dream chain of hospitals then this is your opportunity. Or if you are passionate about serving humanity and treating the poor at low costs then you can start your own clinic and manage them on lower finance. Whatever is your ambition out of these, it demands an MBA degree.
  • Better ROI: MBA after MBBS requires 2 to 3 years of study and gives you a far higher payment and easier job than an MBBS with an MD/MS. As we all know the PG NEET is painful to go through. Whereas, in comparison, the MBA entrances such as CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP, etc are a tad bit easier. All you need to do is get coaching for the entire math that you missed. It cannot be more difficult than cracking the NEET and getting an MBBS, isn’t it? C’mon, there is nothing a doctor cannot do. A little bit of strength and courage, and you will be able to achieve wonders with an MBA.

Scope of MBA after MBBS

First of all, the most important positions that you can hold in the hospital after an MBA are as follows:

  • CEO of the hospital
  • Managing director of the hospital or medical college
  • The medical superintendent or assistant medical superintendent
  • Clinical manager
  • Hospital administrator
  • Medical officer
  • Research manager
  • Research analyst
  • Healthcare consultant

The most impressive thing about these posts is that you can have the entire hospital under control. You may have to start as a junior in the early years. But, since there is so little competition here you can move your way up fairly quickly. Not to forget, these are highly-paid jobs and much more serene than running around the ICU. If you want to be a practising doctor alongside you can very well do it.

Next, you can choose to be the master of your business. Start your hospital or clinic and take it to heights. If you have the enthusiasm to attend to mankind and give free or cost-efficient treatment for certain people, then you can choose to be an entrepreneur.  

Which MBA Specialization You Should Opt For?

There are mainly three specialisations that may interest you, including MBA in:

  • Healthcare and Hospital Management
  • Hospital Administration
  • General management

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Top colleges for MBA

Name of the InstituteLocation
Indian Institute of Management (IIM)Ahmedabad, Banglore, Indore
Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR)Jaipur
Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration (AIHA)Hyderabad
Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)Mumbai
Indian School of Business (ISB)Hyderabad
Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)University of Delhi , Delhi
Top colleges for MBA after MBBS in India

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Eligibility for MBA after MBBS

The big question that arises here is, are you eligible at all for MBA.

  • MBA is a master’s course and hence you need to at least complete a bachelor’s in order to apply for it. MBBS is a valid bachelor’s course and hence it is considered.
  • You need to qualify an entrance exam for MBA that can be CAT, XAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, etc depending on the institute you apply for. Generally, GMAT is accepted widely.
  • Universities abroad mostly accept GRE and GMAT scores. Additionally, you need TOEFL or ILETS with SOP and LOR.

In conclusion, if you wait for an opportunity you will be waiting for in life, you have to create your opportunities. It is never too late to study. Start now so that you have no regrets later.