Top Student-Friendly Locations in the UK

Top Student-Friendly Locations in the UK

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Studying in the United Kingdom is a preferred place most students choose. This is because it is world-renowned for its high-quality higher academic institutions, facilities, and worldwide connections. But with world prestigious universities having their place in different parts of the country and living costs, including tuition fees to student accommodation expenses varying from city to city, it can be pretty challenging to decide which are the best student-friendly locations for you?

To ease that confusion, we have created a new list of top student-friendly locations in the United Kingdom in 2022. So, scroll down and discover the cities that might be your home for the next few years.


Birmingham is located in the geopolitical heart of England. This location, formerly the industrial hub of the United Kingdom has evolved into a cosmopolitan urban metropolis undergoing a metropolitan rebirth. Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the UK for students who are new to the nation.

It has a thriving university student environment and is one of the best student-friendly locations. Thriving city commerce without steep price tags is another feature that makes Birmingham an attractive place to study, making it great for students on a limited budget searching for part-time work.

Birmingham student accommodation offers significantly more affordable alternatives for students than the capital city London which makes it easier for students to not struggle with their already limited budget.


Warwick is a town situated, administrative district, and the county town of Warwickshire, England, located along the Avon River. It is located to the southeast of Birmingham. Warwick is fascinating and engaging town rich in heritage and culture, with plenty of places to explore.

Students enjoy a wide range of options for affordable meals and beverages throughout much of the town. Warwick has a standard market town that maintains its own culture by providing fresh, affordable commodities, making it easier for students who are planning to cook their meals in their student accommodation.

People roaming near Warwick

Students can explore the historical treasures of the late mediaeval history of the United Kingdom and those of our past years, and the contemporary bustling life of this county town. All these together makes Warwick popular among the best student-friendly locations in the UK.


Nottingham is among the most dynamic cities in the United Kingdom, thanks to its enormous student population. There is plenty to do, regardless of preference or expense. You’ll never run out of things to do in Nottingham; with galleries, orchestras, cultural centres, movie theatres, literary conferences, live music, and nightclubs, students can rest assured that their time at University is going to be a fruitful one.

The city’s diverse economic base has ensured its long-term success; it provides students who are willing to do part-time work to sustain their education and Nottingham student accommodation expenses. Nottingham is located in the centre of a significant transportation hub providing students with travelling alternatives to the rest of the UK and the world.


The University of Leicester and De Montfort University are two of the most prestigious universities in Leicester. It’s also a historic meeting ground that has made its name in many historical events. Leicester hosts great diversity in heritage and ethnicity, making you feel like you’re at the heart of the planet.

People of all nationalities and religions have settled in Leicester for generations, resulting in a rich and distinctive tradition. This diversity is still there today and is multiplied by the already diverse student population, and it enriches the cityscape. 

beautiful scene of Leicester

Students looking for recreational activities do not have to go too far as the city hosts ‘’the Cultural Quarter’’. As its name suggests, it is a hotbed of art and culture, with scores of exhibitions, galleries, and movie theatres hosting a diverse variety of experiences.


We hope this article helps you identify and understand top student-friendly locations in the United Kingdom in 2022. Students always search for locations with an affordable, culturally diverse and recreational dynamic that also offers affordable student-friendly location for accommodation. The UK has many cities that fall just within that range.

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