Highest paid part-time jobs in Canada

Highest paid part-time jobs in Canada

Canada is a high-valued study destination for many international students who wish to graduate from a Bachelor’s or Master’s program from a high-ranked university. Although while studying in Canada, many students also look for employment options during their education program. Making ends meet can be difficult, mainly if you live in a big, expensive cities like Toronto or Vancouver. The cost of living increases, and salaries are not always keeping up. Therefore we have come up with a list of the highest paying part-time jobs in Canada.

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1. Editor

A good freelance editor, who may work on anything from books, to magazines, to websites, will earn about $40-$60 per hour. A career in editing goes beyond a love of language. Successful editors turn that interest and skill into a way to earn a living and impact the world around them. They work in publishing, sales and marketing, manufacturing, government, law, education, and many other fields.

2. Dog Walker

A dog walker charges $16 for an hour-long group walk and walks 3-5 dogs at a time, once a day, four days a week. For private half-hour walks, you can charge $20-$25. You should check the laws for licensing and insurance in your city, as cops hand out tickets for infractions. For private half-hour walks, you can charge $20-$25. You should check the laws for licensing and insurance in your city, as cops do hand out tickets for infractions

3. Cab driver

This job role depends on certain factors such as the province of the study, vehicle, etc. You also have to meet minimum age requirements to be an Uber driver as an international student in Canada. One can make $16-19 per hour by being a cab driver in Canada. Although you might also need a local driver’s license for driving in Canada.

Highest paid jobs for international students in Canada

4. Waiter/Bartender

Plenty of bartenders can make about $1000 working three nights a week. You can do well on minimum wage plus tips if you get a good gig, certainly topping $20 an hour. Primary duties include greeting customers, taking orders, delivering orders, processing payments, and refreshing food stations to begin the cycle all over again, but there’s more finesse and skill involved in waiting than you would think

5. Receptionist

The primary qualifications for becoming a receptionist with no experience are a high school diploma and some familiarity with an office environment. Employers prefer a college degree or experience as an intern. Generally, the average salary would be 16-18$/ per hour. Joining a receptionist can be an exceptionally fulfilling career path, with significant earning potential and development prospects. It is a simple job with a good work-life balance, low-stress level, and broad prospects to advance, get promoted, and earn higher salaries that make many receptionists happy.