MEM in Germany – Job opportunities

MEM in Germany – Job opportunities

If you want to know the job opportunities right after your MEM degree, stick to the blog to learn more! There is no doubt that European countries provide an excellent education. Their curriculums are based on multi-disciplinary approaches. In addition to the UK and France, Germany is one such country.

Some Facts About Germany

It is the seventh-largest country in Europe, and its currency is EUR.

German is the primary language, and English is the second most common foreign language.

The universities offer courses with a few fees or no fees at all.

They are the leading producers of cars in the world. However, the country is known for giving top performers in academics also.

They welcome people from all over the world. Students prefer to study in Germany because of the quality of education.

Study in Germany and Job Opportunities

Like any other European country, Germany provides outstanding experience in terms of tourism and education. They make students aware of many skills and expertise in the subject. From many courses, a student can choose one of their choices. The universities are pillars of good teaching with job opportunities in many fields. After that, they can earn a decent salary by either staying in Germany or moving to someplace else.

Why a MEM Degree?

MEM stands for Masters in Engineering Management. As the name suggests, it is a unique degree/master’s program designed especially for Engineering students. It is a two-year program to teach management skills to Engineering students.

This program covers the field of Engineering, Technology, and Management. After earning a MEM degree, a student can easily lead projects or design new projects and give an optimized output of the projects.

This program bridges the gaps between the three fields to make students more creative and innovative, a requirement in today’s competitive world.

Top public universities in Germany

Why MEM From Germany and Job Opportunities With MEM in Germany?

Now the big question arises – why MEM from Germany? The answer is simple  – because Germany offers a high-quality education at a low cost. It simply means that you are getting the same education, same degree but at a comparatively lower price with perfect job opportunities. Moreover, Germany provides many great scholarships to International students to study here peacefully. It sounds perfect! Doesn’t it?

MEM from Germany can be a good option if you prefer affordable education without compromising your education. Universities also provide Internships to get hands-on experience. Also, the job opportunities and salaries are not inadequate, starting from 52,000 EUR annually. You can quickly get jobs in domains like Engineer Manager, Product Manager, etc. So, if you are looking for some management skills and an Engineering degree from good universities – Germany is there for you!

Universities Offering MEM in Germany

Some of the universities given below offer MEM programs  –

  1. Technical University Berlin – It has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. It is a four-semester program in the German/English language.
  2. Technical University Munich  – It offers MEM degrees in two or three subjects.
  3. RWTH University  – The course is three years duration available in the English language.
  4. Hamburg University of Technology  – The program is Mechanical Engineering for two years.
  5. Hector School of Engineering and Management has a MEM degree in multiple engineering subjects.

Masters in Engineering Management in GermanyTop public universities in Germany

Job Opportunities With MEM in Germany

A student can get into various jobs in different domains with a MEM degree from Germany. For instance, a student can land a career in the Engineering field and the Managing field. The other profile in which a student can apply or, in simple words, the job profile of a student can be:

He can become a Project Engineer, Technical Manager, Analyst (cost system), Quality assurance Manager, Project Manager, Cost Engineer, etc.

The average salary also is good and depends on the post. For instance, the average salary of an Engineer project manager is around 52,000 EUR which is approximately 45 -46 L in INR.

Moreover, with experience, the salary takes a rise. For example, if the salary of a fresher is 2200 EUR then with experience, it can get up to 6600 EUR. That’s huge! So, if you are doing your MEME from top business schools in Germany, you’ll get a handsome salary of 50L a year to 80L a year.

Is a MEM Degree Right for You?

If you are an Engineering graduate who wants to learn new management skills and grow in your career, then MEM is perfect. Moreover, this degree will not cost you much in Germany while also giving you a career rise. It would be best if you had a Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and International requirements. Then you are all set to go.

  • Study in Germany


In conclusion, Germany offers excellent job opportunities after the MEM degree. In addition to this, Germany is fantastic as a country for international students. Also, there are top universities for the MEM programs.

Therefore, you can always choose Germany for your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the best cities in Germany for Engineering Management job openings?

Ans. Engineering Management positions are available in various places around Germany, like Berlin, Nurnberg, Munchen, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Wolfsburg, and others.

Q2. Is Germany a decent place to work in engineering management?

Ans. Germany is without a doubt the most popular study location for engineering and some other technical degrees. With fewer than two years of experience, a MEM candidate can earn at least to 27,360 EUR (24.4 Lac in Indian Rupees)

Q3. What does MEM entail?

Ans. The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program teaches you how to organize both the job aspect of the team and the visual resources. Leading a team necessitates extensive technical expertise as well as excellent communication abilities.

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