Highest paid jobs for international students in Canada

Highest paid jobs for international students in Canada

Canada embraces approximately 250,000 fresh immigrants a year.

It is easy to find jobs there, and Canada has an immigrant program. It provides the immigrants with the facility to become a citizen of Canada, which is unlike most countries.

The lifestyle of Canada is very affordable, and particularly for the people from developing countries, Canada can be believed to be Heaven.

With augmented opportunities for employment and individual growth, it is a nation for those looking for a better quality of life and work.

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1. Physician/doctor

Physicians are responsible for diagnosing and treating physical and mental ailments, seeing patients from the community, and prescribing medication. Given their importance and scarcity in the country, this is one of the best-paying jobs in Canada right now.

2. Data Scientist

A data scientist collects and analyzes large amounts of digital information, generally for a certain company or organization. They use this information to aid in making educated and thoughtful decisions to help with the growth of the business. To become a data scientist, you will need to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, data science, or mathematics. Intensive knowledge of computer programming would also be beneficial. The national average salary of a Data Scientist in Canada is $84,017/year

3. Architect

If you love designing buildings inside and out, be an Architect. These highly respected engineers are charged with the task of planning, designing, and overseeing the construction of buildings. Buildings today have hundreds of requirements for safety and structural integrity. The average salary for being an architect can be $66,000 – $95,000

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4. Psychologist

With more attention being paid to issues of mental health and wellness issues in all sectors of the population, psychologists will have one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada for the next five years. By entering this in-demand career, you could offer counseling and therapy to people struggling with depression, anxiety, and other chronic neurological conditions. The Median hourly wage is $44.29.