How do I convert my marks or CPI to GPA?

How do I convert my marks or CPI to GPA?

If you are looking to convert marks or CPI to GPA, there are a few steps you can take. First, divide the number by 100 to get the percentage. Then, multiply the percentage by the GPA scale. Finally, add the two numbers together to get your final GPA score.

CPI to Percentage

In India, grading systems might be alphabetical, numerical, or a combination of the two. As a result, students encounter enormous challenges when comparing their results to other implemented standards in India and when applying to study abroad (which is a whole another obstacle). Additionally, one must be familiar with the words and conversion techniques utilised in order to prevent any possibility of discrepancy throughout the application process. Students feel the need to convert their CGPA, SGPA, and SPI to percentage terms for admission and career-related considerations. We shall examine the fundamentals of converting the Cumulative Performance Index, or CPI, to percentage through this blog.

CPI to Percentage: Factors Involved

The university considers a number of variables when determining a student’s grades or percentage, including the relevant discipline, the type of degree (such as a master’s or PhD), the duration of the course, practicals, and credit structure, among others. Additionally, engineering and science-related colleges or departments may use slightly different methods than those used elsewhere when converting various grading systems into percentages. Let’s look at the key considerations you must make when converting CPI to percentage.

Cumulative Performance Index (CPI)

Cumulative Performance Index, or CPI convert GPA for short, is a measurement of a candidate’s total performance across all of the topics they have studied, based on the amount of credits each discipline requires. It is typically aggregated at the conclusion of each semester and takes all grades received up to the computation date into account. Additionally, you can convert CPI to grade points or percentage depending on what the institution you are applying to requires.

The CPI calculating formula is as follows:

CPI = (C1*g1 + C2*g2 + C3*g3 + C4*g4+…. +Cn*gn) / C1 + C2 + C3 + C4+….+Cn

C= credits

g= grades obtained

Before elaborating the formula of CPI to percentage, let’s take a look at how the grade points can be calculated using credits with the help of the following table:

SubjectsGrade Point ‘g’ (out of 10)Credits (C)Grade*Credit (Cn*gn)
Subject 19436
Subject 27428
Subject 38432
Subject 47428
Subject 56212

CPI= Sum of Grade*Credit/Total Credit = 130/18=7.55

How to Convert CPI to GPA?

While American colleges rate students based on GPA, Indian universities use the CGPA grading method to assess students’ academic performance. Candidates who want to study in the USA in this situation must convert their CGPA, CPI, or percentage into GPA. The table below can be used to convert CPI to GPA if you’re interested in doing so.

CPI to GPA then the table given below can help you out: 

> 8.54
8.0 – 8.43.7
7.5 – 7.93.3
7.0 – 7.43
6.5 – 6.92.7
6.0 – 6.42.3
5.5 – 5.92
5.0 – 5.41.7
4.5 – 4.91.3
4.0 – 4.41
0 – 3.90


If you are looking to make career advancement, the GPA is one of the major metrics that matter. In case you had outstanding performance in your academic life and are confident about your skills along with it, then you can use this trick to convert CPI to GPA.

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