Ireland Government Scholarship 2021

Ireland Government Scholarship 2021

When we think of Ireland, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? Lush green meadows, enormous rustic castles, wide country roads, and beautiful mountains. Ireland is truly a place to explore when it comes to traveling and tasting different cuisines. Ireland is a house to two emerging locations, namely Dublin and Belfast. The luscious countryside and the vivacious city life is attracting hundreds and thousands of students and tourists to Ireland. Additionally, many educational institutes have grown in Ireland in the past few decades. Thus, students should look out for the Ireland Government Scholarship in 2021 and start applying to their favorite university.

Why Study In Ireland?

Firstly, Ireland institutes offer quality education. The National Framework of Qualifications (NFF) by the Irish Government monitors the quality of education. Thus, no matter where you get admission, the quality of education remains the same. If you are an international student, you must not miss this opportunity.

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Secondly, the Irish colleges and universities are famous for their scope of research. The Irish curriculum provides ample amount of scope to research aspirants. It provides a holistic environment for students to think and grow creatively on their own. Several literary figures such as Ernest Walton, John Bell, Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce are from Ireland.

Thirdly, Ireland gives ample amount of work opportunities to its students. Several multi million dollar companies are setting up their offices in Ireland. Thus, you will never run out of job opportunities after you have completed your UG or PG degree. You can easily get a job in their ICT, pharmaceutical, gaming, medical device and diagnostic companies

Lastly, the Irish community provides a safe space for students. It is, in fact, one of the safest places in the world to study and work. Additionally, the Irish people are more than just friendly and welcoming. It is a closely knit society where they wholeheartedly welcome international students.

Ireland Government Scholarship 2021

If you are a Masters degree or PhD aspirant, the Ireland Government Scholarship is a great way to fulfil your dreams. All international students from across the globe can avail this scholarship. The Department of Education for international students in Ireland organizes this scholarship program. Several postgraduate scholarships are given out each year to outstanding students. Thus, it is highly competitive in nature, with an average success rate of 18% in the past 5 years.

Students having an extraordinary academic record can pursue their own research work with the scholarship. You will be working under a supervisor, in your chosen field of interest. The authorities welcome all creative and innovative research approaches. They also encourage interdisciplinarily research approaches as it allows the advancement of amalgamation of two or disciplines.

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Ireland Government Scholarship Amount

  • While studying, you will receive a stipend of 16,000 euros annually.
  • You will also receive 2250 euros annually for direct research expenses.
  • Again, you will receive a maximum of 5750 euros annually as a contribution to fees.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All international students are eligible for this scholarship.
  • You may apply on the basis of a provisional offer of scholarship if the UG results are not declared yet at the time of application.
  • You must have a Bachelor’s degree to apply for a Master’s.
  • One must have a Master’s degree to apply for a PhD.

Documents Required

  • A CV or Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic records such as a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree
  • Letters of Recommendation
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Timeline For Application

  • The timeline for application is from 3rd September 2020 till 29th October 2020
  • FAQ viewing deadline is till 22nd October 2020
  • The deadline for supervisor and referee is 5th November 2020
  • The research office endorsement deadline is 12th November 2020
  • List of successful candidates publication is the end of March 2021
  • The scholarship start date is from 1st September 2021

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