MBA In Canada Without GMAT

MBA In Canada Without GMAT

Doing an MBA is a dream for many. MBA is a great opportunity to jump-start your career in business administration. If you have always considered yourself to be good at understanding the metrics of businesses, doing an MBA is the right decision for you. With MBA becoming more and more popular, several universities across the globe are offering an MBA degree to international students. Canada is one such country that is popular for its MBA universities. However, in order to get admission, most universities will ask you to take a GMAT. But Canada houses several prestigious universities that don’t require a GMAT score. If you are eager to pursue MBA In Canada without GMAT, here’s a list of top universities in Canada.

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Queen’s University Smith School of Business

The Queen’s University Smith School of Business is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. If you are pursuing an Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates, GMAT scores are not required. Instead of GMAT, more importance is given to your application, resume, cover letter, and interview. This program is available in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton. Applicants must have two years of working experience, and a UG degree in business, or digital marketing, accounting, etc.

Schulich School of Business – York University

The Schulich School of Business is well known for its MBA programs. You will get flexible study options and several specialization options. If you meet certain criteria, the authorities can overlook the GMAT requirements. Firstly, if, in the past 5 years, you have graduated from the Schulich BBA or iBBA programs, you don’t need a GMAT score. Secondly, if your GPA must be higher than or equivalent to B+, then a GMAT score is not required. Check the requirements for an MBA before applying.

Lakehead University Thunder Bay and Orilla

Faculty of Business Administration offers a Business Skills Development Program. If one successfully completes this program, he or she can join the MBA program without a GMAT score. The course duration is 1 year and consists of 3 terms. Students will learn comprehensive and integrated knowledge of business and management over this time. This MBA program will teach students skills such as communication, decision making, and analytics. Read all the requirements for an MBA before applying.

Thompson Rivers University Business and Economics

Having a GMAT score is completely optional for an MBA degree at the Thompson Rivers University Business and Economics. Instead, more focus is put on quantitative and computing skills. The university offers a full-time program of 2 years as well as a part-time MBA program of 5 years. Students can also choose the 1 year accelerated MBA program too. Instead of GMAT, you must have TOEFL scores. Check for all the other requirements for an MBA program.

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New York Institute of Technology

Located in Vancouver, the New York Institute of Technology offers a Finance MBA and Management MBA. Both programs don’t demand a GMAT score. The Management MBA is an AACSB-accredited degree. Students learn leadership skills and professional experience in the course duration. The Finance MBA is also quite popular at the university. You must have a UG degree from an accredited college and a 3.0 GPA.

Thus, here’s a list of universities for pursuing an MBA In Canada without GMAT scores. Hope you had a good read.

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