Low-cost universities in Europe for International students

Low-cost universities in Europe for International students

Studying abroad means new opportunities in career and social life while experiencing new cultures, attending university, and paving the way of your future. Hence, here we’ll tell you about some low-cost universities in Europe.

Europe is in such a place where students pursue their academic careers, exploring new countries and their vivid culture and learning something or the other.

Europe is a dream destination for many young hustlers and students who want to make a difference to themselves and this world.

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Although many students dream of studying abroad, unfortunately, not all can afford the life that comes with studying abroad. Tuition fees, living cost, daily expenditure and travel costs can seem to be not affordable.

So, this blog covers some low-cost universities in Europe..

Study in Europe without IELTS

Can you study for free in Europe?

Keeping the sweet talk aside, honestly answering this question is that studying abroad can never be completely free. There are many ways in which you can keep the living costs to a minimum.

Europe has a vivid culture, and hence each country has its language and different ways of imparting education. Studying in universities here, you can pick up a new language and make your CV look attractive.

Below we have mentioned top 8 inexpensive universities for international students in Europe:

 Scuola Normale Superiore

We are starting our list with one of the sweetest deals around for studying abroad in Europe. Scuola Normale Superiore is a top-rated college in Italy, and one of the best and low-cost universities in Europe.

The university has three primary programs for undergraduate students: humanities, sciences, and political science. The humanities program offers specialisations in palaeography history of art, modern archaeology literature, and linguistics philosophy. The school also has biology, chemistry, and physic focuses on the school of science.

Scuola Normale is one of the tuition fee-free universities in Europe for international students.

Location: Pisa, Italy

Tuition Cost: Free

Popular Subjects: Humanities, Sciences, and Political Science


This university earns its name on top low-cost universities in Europe for international students.

This school has two main programs: experimental & applied sciences and social sciences.

Although most of the courses here are taught in English, you need to know some Italian amounts for some courses.

This school waves off tuition fee completely but also cover the living cost of international students.

Location: Pisa, Italy

Tuition Cost: Free

Popular Subjects: Experimental & Applied Sciences and Social Sciences

University of Göttingen

As we all know, Germany is where every student wants to study. This university is the best fit for you. It also completely waives off tuition fees for all international students and provides many attractive scholarships to all applicants.

This university also has programs in humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences, some of which are taught in English.

It is also home to one of the largest libraries in all of Germany.

The only cost the applicant has to pay is the administrative fee of not more than 300 euros per semester.

Location:Göttingen, Germany 

Tuition Cost: €300 ($335)

Popular Subjects: Humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences

How to pursue a diploma in France?

The University of Vienna

Vienna is yet another great location to get your education from. This university also waves off tuition fee and only charges a small processing fee to all applicants of approximately 730 Euros, or $815 per semester.

This university offers more than 200 courses and many of them being taught in English.

Location: Vienna, Austria

Tuition Cost: 730 Euros, or $815 per semester

Popular Subjects: Theology, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Philosophy

Nord University

Nord University is a state-funded university with no tuition fee.

The only catch is that, as a non-EU citizen, you are further required to prove that you have the funds to support yourself for a year in Norway to get a visa to study there. Also, the current cost of living in Norway for a year is around $13,000.

This is slightly more most expensive than other universities, but it is worth it.

Most of the courses here are taught in the English language.

Location: ‎Bodø, Norway

Tuition Cost: 725 Euros, or $800 per semester

Popular Subjects: Circumpolar Studies, 3D art, Animation, Games and Entertainment Technology, Biology, and English.

 Nantes University 

Nantes University is a recognised university in France, like many other universities in Europe. Even this university has no tuition fee but only a small processing fee of 184 euros per semester. Also, the cost of living for international students is less and affordable to all.

Nantes University further offers various programs taught in English, biology and earth science, foreign languages, literature, civilisations, and European and international studies.

Location: Nantes, France

Tuition Cost: 184 Euros, or $200 per semester

Popular Subjects: Health and medical technology, engineering, legal and political science, and other interdisciplinary programs

University of Basel

The University of Basel is one of the oldest universities in Switzerland. This also makes it one of the oldest surviving universities. Further, its library is the biggest one in the country.

This is one of the cheapest universities in Europe.

This university also caters to many programs across many streams including theology, law, medicine, humanities and social sciences, science, psychology, and business and economics. Besides, most programs are taught in a mix of German and English.

Where: Basel, Switzerland

Tuition Cost: CHF 850, or $835 per semester

University of Würzburg

For the last German university on our list, we have the University of Würzburg. Moreover, it is one of the famous destinations for international students. Although tuition fee is waived off, they only charge a small processing fee of 130 euros per semester.

Their effective programs further include cultural and music studies and politics, astronomy, and molecular and computational biology.

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Location: Würzburg, Germany.

Tuition Cost: 130 euros, or $145 per semester

Popular Subjects: Cultural studies, musical studies, politics, astronomy, and molecular and computational biology.

So here was a list of 8 inexpensive universities in Europe for international students. Thus, we genuinely hope this helped you choose your right university for your career path.

Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Europe’s cheapest university for overseas students?

Ans. Some of Europe’s most affordable colleges for overseas students include:

  • Sant’Anna.
  • Free University of Berlin
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • University of Göttingen
  • The University of Vienna
  • Nantes University
  • Nord University

Q2. Which European country is best for overseas students?

Ans. Deutschland takes the top spot of best destinations for students looking to study overseas in Europe.

Q3. Which European country has the most affordable universities?

Ans. Italy, France, and Germany have the best and most inexpensive colleges in Europe.

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