Everything You Need to Know about Oxford MBA Scholarship

Everything You Need to Know about Oxford MBA Scholarship

Many Oxford MBA Scholarship opportunities are available from Saïd Business School, Oxford University, Oxford’s colleges, and external sources, for MBA. A variety of sources fund Oxford MBA Scholarships. 

Oxford MBA Scholarship under the domain of Executive MBA

  • Scholarships for Women (additional application required)
  • Executive MBA Director’s Awards (additional application required)
  • The Hasmukh Patel Scholarship
  • Oxford Alumni Scholarships

The above scholarships are explained in detail below:

Scholarships for Women 

There are two types of Oxford MBA Scholarship available for exceptional female candidates at each Executive MBA program intake.

The Forté Foundation Fellowships for Women

Saïd Business School is also a Forté Foundation memberForté Foundation member, a non-profit consortium of large companies and leading business schools. They partner to introduce women to a better future through access to business education, opportunities and a successful women’s culture.

The Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women in association with the 30% Club

Along with the 30% Club, these scholarships’ further aim to help female candidates merit and promote women in senior leadership positions.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

Executive MBA Director’s Awards

The Executive MBA Director’s Awards also enable the university to enhance the diversity of each EMBA cohort. Moreover, it is open to candidates who can demonstrate how they will enhance their learning through their diverse experience. Thus, these awards cover a portion of the course fees.

The Hasmukh Patel Scholarship

Hasmukh Patel is an alumnus of the Saïd Business School who completed the EMBA program in 2019. Born in Kenya, Hasmukh is also the founder/CEO of AgeCare in Canada and a firm believer in the benefits of continuing education. Hence, it is vital to increase geographical diversity by promoting and providing opportunities to students from Africa.

Furthermore, the Oxford MBA Scholarship is only tenable at Kellogg College. As a result, the successful nominee will be put at Kellogg College.

Executive MBA Oxford Alumni Scholarship

The Oxford University Alumni Scholarship is open to those Executive MBA candidates, who have previously completed a degree-bearing programme at Oxford University.

Oxford MBA Scholarship under the domain of MBA and 1+1 MBA

Any of our MBA scholarships are subject to set eligibility deadlines. Hence, the remainder shall be awarded at each level of MBA admissions. Both qualifying offer-holders are further considered at each MBA admissions deadline. Still, we cannot guarantee the availability of these scholarships later. So early application to the MBA program is advised.

Alumni Annual Fund Scholarships

AAF scholarships are available via the MBA and MSc programs in Financial Economics.

These scholarships will, hence, not be available without the sponsorship of alumni of the Saïd Business School. It makes a valuable donation every year to support the school’s mission. It also promotes entrepreneurial thinking, teaching, scholarships and lifelong learning.

Dean’s Africa Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholarship is sponsored by Peter Tufano, Dean of the Saïd Business School. It is then presented annually to one candidate showing outstanding leadership qualities in the African continent.

Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship

For Eni, Africa is the past, the current and the future. Besides, Africa is the continent Eni encountered as a visionary. Eni has further built lifelong partnerships, knowledge and appreciation for African communities. A presence on a continent that provides more than half of Eni’s crude oil and natural gas supply. It is a share that is rising thanks to the successes of recent prospecting campaigns. In these busy times, the energy sector also faces a dual challenge. Firstly, it has to make sure that the world’s growing population has access to low-cost energy. Secondly, it has to ensure that this is done in an environmentally friendly manner.

Moreover, Eni contributes to the SDGs’ objectives in line with its mandate under the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It does so through strategic alliances. These are based on youth jobs, value chain agriculture, green energy, and energy conservation, especially in Africa.

Scholarship Exams for Engineering Students

Eni also has a long history of funding scholarships. The “Scuola Enrico Mattei” further opened the way for postgraduate education in Italy. Moreover, it proved to be a pioneer in managerial studies in Europe. Since 1957, the “Scuola” has given scholarships to about 2,600 young graduates from 111 countries. These are to participate in the Master MEDEA oil and energy industry programme. The programme has also extended the legacy of Mattei throughout the world. Training and information management of Eni is additionally supported and applied by Eni Corporate University. Eni has a long-established partnership network with the most renowned universities to improve the company’s experience in its business fields. Among these revered institutions are also the Oxford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other Italian universities.

Forté Fellowships for Women

Exceptional female candidates are selected to receive a Saïd Business School-funded Forté Fellowship. Besides, along with the prestige of receiving this scholarship, Forté Fellows get access to exclusive Forté benefits. These include skill-building workshops, leadership conferences, networking opportunities, job postings, and more. Forté is a non-profit working to advance women in business and has a community of 100,000+ motivated and inspiring women.

Additionally, all-female scholars at Saïd Business School will receive a Forté Fellow designation. Our female scholars will gain access to the excellent opportunities that engaging with the Forté network offers.

Glen Mehn Scholarship

Glen Mehn, Saïd Business School’s 2007 MBA class, was a unique and inspirational person. He was passionate about education and the need to build new ways to succeed and make a difference. He has produced all of these through his work with the Social Innovation Camp, Bethnal Green Projects and NESTA. Glen was also adamant about developing a socially inclusive and dynamic work climate in which everyone got respect. He believed that this transition should begin in the top business schools.

In remembrance of his fellow scholars and untimely death, his Saïd Business School classmates agreed to set up this graduate scholarship to carry on Glen’s tradition of providing new doors for people of extraordinary ability.

Global Leadership Council (GLC) Scholarships for Women

The School’s Global Leadership Council (GLC) represents 30 global business leaders who work together and act as the School’s Advisory Board.

In continuation of the School’s dedication to more significant gender equity, many in the Global Leadership Council (GLC) are providing scholarships for outstanding female MBA candidates.

Jacobs Foundation Scholarship

The first Jacobs Foundation Scholars at Saïd Business School began their studies in September 2018.

The Jacobs Foundation Scholarship was launched in 2018 and is open to applicants with a keen interest in youth and child growth and/or education and agricultural development in Africa. The Jacobs Foundation scholars have an entrepreneurial outlook. They commit to social causes, and typically require a minimum of three years of work experience.

The Jacobs Foundation Scholars will become active participants in the Jacobs Network, interact online and offline with other fellows through activities and conferences, and contribute to the progress of the network and the contact networks of the Foundation, such as the newsletter or the blog.

The scholars will also be invited to attend an introductory week called ‘Swiss Week’, in Zurich, Switzerland, before starting their Oxford programme.

Oxford – Adara Foundation Scholarships

The Adara Foundation, a non-profit social organisation in Nigeria, works on educating women and supporting education in Africa. The Foundation shares Saïd Business School’s dedication to greater gender equity in education and promotes our mission of cultivating a global MBA culture with participation from around the world.

In 2019, the Adara Foundation, in conjunction with the Oxford University Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund, provides a full year scholarship to an outstanding female MBA candidate from Africa.

Oxford – Grace Lake Scholarship

Ladi Delano is a two-time alumnus of Saïd Business School (MSc in Major Programme Management, 2018; Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business, 2016). In 2014, Ladi co-founded Grace Lake Partners-an investment and consultancy firm that develops and runs companies that solve Nigeria’s social needs while generating economic benefit for the company and its shareholders.

The plight of many young Nigerians who cannot continue their education is one that weighs heavily on Ladi’s heart. This conviction led to the founding of the GLP Cares Base. The Foundation has offered twenty-two full scholarships to scholars attending prestigious private and public universities in Nigeria. In 2016, the winner was awarded a scholarship to prepare for a master’s degree at Oxford University.

Upon graduation from Oxford Saïd, Ladi, through the GLP Cares Foundation, founded an Oxford Grace Lake Scholarship in conjunction with the Saïd Business School Alumni Annual Fund.

Oxford Leo Tong Chen Scholarships

Leo Tong Chen is a Saïd Business School alumnus who finished the MBA program in 2001. Tong Chen was a young entrepreneur when he entered the MBA program and became the founder of dGav Capital, a venture capital investment group focused on emerging materials, new energies, electronic cars, environmental security, healthcare, biotechnology and artificial intelligence.

In 2017, Tong Chen thought he was then at a stage in his career where he was willing to give something back. Therefore, he set up an Oxford Leo Tong Chen Scholarship in conjunction with Saïd Business School’s Alumni Annual Fund.

Oxford – Intesa Sanpaolo MBA Scholarships

Intesa Sanpaolo is one of Italy’s largest banks, with a proud corporate philanthropy record across various global goals, including educational projects targeted at driving social change.

In 2019, Intesa Sanpaolo, in collaboration with the Oxford University Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund and Green Templeton College, offers a full year scholarship to an outstanding female MBA candidate.

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship

Founded in 2014, the Pershing Square Foundation awards up to five full scholarships to benefit outstanding 1+1 MBA students in both the Masters and MBA years.

The winners are outstanding people who will show the potential and dedication to seeking scalable and equitable alternatives to global social problems. You should follow any of the Master’s degrees partnering programs and merge them with our MBA. Further eligibility information can be found below.

The scholars will also be invited to a spring ‘trek’ in New York City organised by the Pershing Square Foundation, where you will take part in meetings and seminars with leading innovators and change-makers.

The scholars will have the opportunity to attend prestigious conferences and events throughout the year, including the Ditchley Conferences and the Skoll World Forum.

Oxford Saïd-HEC Montréal Scholarship

Jean Chagnon is a graduate of Oxford University who finished his MPhil Management Studies in 1973. Jean then served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Lallemand for 34 years. Currently a member of the firm’s board of directors, Jean continues to serve as Senior Vice-President and Special Advisor to the company.

As an alumnus of both Oxford and HEC Montréal, Jean set up this scholarship to give others the same opportunities he cherished. The Scholarship then allows a graduate of HEC Montréal to participate in a postgraduate program at Oxford Saïd. A relationship scholarship at HEC Montréal will enable a graduate of Oxford University to participate in a postgraduate program at HEC Montréal.

Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) LGBTQ+ Fellowships

The Reaching Out MBA LGBTQ+ Fellowship is a collaborative initiative between Saïd Business School and Reaching Out MBA to grow LGBTQ+ and an influential ally of business leaders tomorrow. This relationship enhances the school’s reputation for inclusiveness and helps expand the number of students involved in fostering the empowerment and recognition of LGBTQ+ students in top business schools.

Saïd Business School Foundation Scholarships

The Saïd Business School Foundation (SBSF) is a charitable trust founded in 1998 to support its pursuit of excellence.

The Foundation seeks to assist the School in its pursuit of excellence in science, teaching and relevance to business professionals, to develop and sustain the School as one of the world’s best schools.

Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship Program

Saïd Business School Foundation Africa Scholarships

To ensure that it addresses the obstacles to future African MBA students, the sponsorship includes funding for scholarships from the Saïd Business School Foundation (SBSF). A charitable trust founded in 1998, SBSF is assisting the School in its search of excellence.

The Laidlaw Scholarships

New to the 2021 MBA class, the Laidlaw Scholarships inspire extraordinary women with a strong leadership ability to participate in the Oxford MBA program. They have not previously considered credentials due to financial constraints.

The Laidlaw Foundation gift will allow Oxford Saïd to fund up to eight outstanding women each year and build on its current role as Europe’s most gender-balanced MBA with currently a 47% female class. Exceptional people who show that they share the Foundation’s obligations will benefit from a grant that will cover their MBA course costs in full.

The Skoll Scholarship

The Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship is the world’s leading centre for the advancement of social entrepreneurship. Their scholarship is open to students finding entrepreneurial solutions to pressing social and environmental problems. The Scholarship also offers full support to the Skoll Scholar class, a network of individuals who have a significant effect on the world through creativity and technology reform and unique opportunities to meet world-renowned entrepreneurs, experts and investors.

Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme

The Saïd Business School Foundation is working with the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust to add to Weidenfeld-Hoffmann scholars’ grant packages to the MBA programme.

Run by the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Foundation, the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Initiative further cultivates the champions of tomorrow.

It also provides students from developed and emerging countries with a fully-funded scholarship and robust leadership development, long-term mentoring and networking programme.

Hence, the Leadership Initiative is a notable aspect of these scholarships, and more detail can be found on their official website.