Top Engineering Universities in Germany

Top Engineering Universities in Germany

Germany is home to one of the finest engineering universities in the world. It caters to approximately thousands of students for diploma, graduate and post-graduate courses in engineering.

Besides, Germany spends almost 2.8% of the total gross domestic product (GDP) on research and development, majorly in engineering fields. Top automobile companies in this world have their origin in Germany, and they have an extremely high demand for skilled workers. Hence, you would be surprised to know that one-third of its international students are enrolled in engineering courses.

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Around 40,000 Engineers graduate every year from German Colleges, but more Engineers retire every year. Hamburg and Stuttgart further have the highest number of Engineering jobs. A mechanical Engineer with one to two years of experience on an average can make around 50,000 Euro/year.

Another reason for attracting so many students aspiring to pursue engineering is that German universities have abolished or had minimum tuition fees.

To help you decide which engineering university should you enrol in, we have this detailed list of top engineering colleges in Germany.

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Technical University of Munich

This is one of the best colleges for engineering in Germany. It has not only world-class faculty but also a fantastic research centre. Many options are available, such as aerospace, medicine, nuclear energy and so on for students to choose from.

Candidates must fill out an online application form with required details and send official transcripts to the university. If the course is taught in German or French, the candidate will have to prove their language proficiency. If the course is in English, the candidate will have to have a score of 6.5 in IELTS and 88 in TOEFL.

Technische University Berlin (TU Berlin)

Ranking on the 47th position of top universities in Germany for engineering, TU Berlin is another university that attracts many international students.

This university is a part of TU9, a student exchange program that allows the TU students to participate in student exchange programs and is a part of some of the best engineering colleges in Europe.

Candidates need to fill the online application form, attach required documents and then send the university scanned copies of your official transcripts. It should prove your efficiency in the course’s language.  

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen

Among the top Engineering Universities in Germany, this university gives its students precisely what they would expect from a world-class educational institute offering engineering courses. Options to choose from a wide variety of engineering courses, a chance to participate in the student exchange program as it is a part of the elite TU9 club like the TU in Berlin and a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

If you are looking forward to entering one of the best German engineering colleges, you must have Rheinisch on your list.

It is ranked 53rd as the world’s best engineering college.

University of Heidelberg

This university is located in Heidelberg, the college’s primary aim is to help create a future tradition. Incorporating the best infrastructure, the latest syllabus, and ample engineering students options, this university has to be on your list for choosing your dream college to pursue engineering.

Moreover, this university has invested a lot in research and development in several courses and appears in its top engineering colleges. It also has a well-known scientific reputation and a mass of highly qualified professors and faculty.

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich

This university is one of the rare ones that combines the old-world charm with 21st-century technology. Its engineering students get the best of both worlds.

It is famous for international students and also renowned for its research fields.

It ensures that the syllabus is kept updated and in sync with the official engineering syllabus.

You should have this college on your list while pursuing engineering.

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

This is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany. The university provides highly qualified faculty and world-class infrastructure.

Talking about infrastructure, KIT also provides green mobility, energy engineering.

Students seeking admission first have to fill the application form from the website and send official transcripts. Students also have to furnish proof of their proficiency in German or English language.

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Universität Stuttgart

According to the QS world ranking, this university stands at 107th position.

This university also provides everything needed to a student, excellent infrastructure, well-qualified faculty, enumerable options in this field and much more. Although it is an excellent all-round university, it enjoys a stellar reputation, especially in engineering.

The admission procedure is further similar to the other universities that we have mentioned above.

We hope this blog helped you decide on which university to opt for studying engineering.

Good luck!

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