MBA After BCom – Is It a Good Option?

MBA After BCom – Is It a Good Option?

If you are wondering whether MBA after BCom is the right thing to do, well you will find it out at the end of this blog. But before that, let’s get your fundamentals about and MBA right. Shall we? or Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most well-known courses in India. Also, it is one of the most preferred courses in India.

Gone are those days when a majority of the students after passing their 12th standard will go after the Science stream. Over the years, the Indian education system has seen the interest of students shift from Science to Commerce. Why so? Probably because the Indian economy has been hugely impacted by the rise and fall of trading and commerce, from time to time.

Similarly, MBA is one of the most sought after post graduate degree course in India as well as abroad. MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. It is a degree course where students learn how to effectively run organizations through quick thinking, decision making, and problem solving techniques. The reasons why doing an MBA after Bcom is beneficial are listed down below!

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Best Reasons To Do MBA After BCom

Similarity in Curriculum

One of the top reasons why one should definitely study an MBA after BCom is because of a similar curriculum. In the B.Com curriculum, you will learn topics such as finance, marketing, economics, accountancy, and business planning. Such diverse knowledge will help you get a job in fields such as accounting, banking, insurance, and advertising.

Once you have learned all this at an undergraduate level in B.Com, it will be easier for you to effectively learn the MBA syllabus too. In MBA, you will learn about how to effectively manage a business through analytical methods.

Choice of Specialization

The most amazing part about doing an MBA is you will get to choose from a lot of specializations. You can do an MBA in finance, marketing, human resources, and so on and so forth. But the more amazing part is that you have read about the MBA specializations in your Bcom course already.

What you will learn in your MBA degree is more insights on the topics you have already learnt. Thus, your learning in is perfectly aligned with your choice of MBA specialization.

Leadership & Managerial Qualities

In today’s competitive world, all an organization needs is an individual who can take on crucial responsibilities such as leading teams for optimum results. Every organization needs an MBA graduate, which makes the demand for MBA courses soaring high. Every year, this demand goes high and high with no saturation point in sight till yet. Thus, if you are planning to do an MBA, now is the right time!

Another important factor for hiring MBA graduates is because of their managerial acumen which they learn during their MBA days. This is why doing an MBA after B.Com is highly recommended. Both MBA and B.Com degrees will help you grasp leadership skills as well as managerial acumen. Such soft skills become crucial when seeking a job in the near future.

Hike in Salary

One of the main reasons for doing an MBA after BCom is to get a genuine hike in salary. Yes, an MBA does that for you! Reports reveal that an MBA degree will help you get a 30% to 50% hike to your basic pay. Thus, getting an MBA done is and always will trend as long as the world economy is doing just fine.

Experimental Learning

The 3 years long degree genuinely helps you get started in your choice of career which is related to business and management. It helps you get your fundamentals about finance and business in place. Later, when you choose to do an MBA after BCom, what you will be doing in the 2 years is polish your skills. Such finesse of knowledge that MBA renders will not only boost your career but give you an edge over the others.

Choosing the right MBA specialization is also crucial. Because MBA is all about experimental learning more than theory based learning. You will be able to learn the ins and out of managing a real business through case studies, project work, and internships.

Career Options

An MBA degree is a gateway program for a plethora of career options to choose from. Once you complete your B.Com degree, you will have a basic perspective of finance and business. It will open up opportunities in sectors such as finance, insurance, banking, and etc. However, if you still want to exercise freedom in exploring more career options, an MBA after BCom is what you need.

Doing an MBA will help you secure a job in several industries such as Marketing, Sales, Management, Operations, Analytics, and many more. All these fields are highly rewarding in nature and functionality. Thus, not only will you be able to explore more but you will be able to implement your knowledge more. Additionally, the ROI or return on investment for an MBA is really high in today’s world. Therefore, you will be able to get back the money you have spent on your MBA education pretty quickly after getting a job.

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Getting to do an MBA is a once in a lifetime affair. You give your heart and soul to your MBA and your MBA degree rewards you equally throughout your whole life. The journey of doing an MBA is an enriching one where you will learn values and gain a whole new perspective in life. Thus, doing an MBA after BCom is a win-win situation for a student altogether. Both MBA and BCom complement each other so well that ambitious students can definitely make a brilliant career for themselves out of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which B.Com degree is ideal for an MBA?

Ans. BCom provides over 30 distinct concentrations for individuals to choose from based on their preferences. If a candidate wishes to pursue an MBA after graduating, they can major in marketing or finance.

Q2. Is MBA beneficial after B.Com?

Ans. An excellent MBA or PGDM program offers various employment prospects for you. MBA programs offers specialties in areas such as human resources, marketing, and finance. Choosing a concentration in MBA following B.Com might lead to jobs in Marketing, HR, Sales, Analytics, and many other fields.

Q3. Which is preferable among MBA or M.Com after B.Com?

Ans. MBA having a far broader application and greater work options, but MCom is a preferable alternative if you wish to continue your education and research.

Q4. Which is best among BBA and B.Com for an MBA?

Ans. Project management, adaptability, office skills, foresight, and other abilities are essential for this training. Studying each specialization in depth has demonstrated that BBA is a preferable alternative for MBA hopefuls, which is accurate in the majority of circumstances.

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